Japanese robotics expert creates incredible transforming RC car

first_imgFalling squarely in the “shut up and take my money” category, Kenji Ishida’s transforming car will evoke a geeky tear as you watch it change from a car to a fully working robot just like you remember Optimus Prime doing back in the day. You can almost hear the classic transforming sound from the cartoon as it unfolds itself to do battle with any Decepticons that might be in the area.While the idea of a transforming, remote-controlled car is nothing new, what’s interesting about Ishida’s creation is how smooth and fast it switches between its different modes. This was accomplished by using 22 high-quality servo motors that allow precise control of the model as it moves. You especially see where these servos come into play as the robot punches and moves around its invisible foes, the lifelike motion is a bit eerie (but awesome!) and makes you look to the sky to see if Skynet is orbiting above your house.Currently living in his home country of Japan, Ishida attended the University of Indiana for a semester to study robotics after graduating from the Kanazawa Instititue of Technology. He has been working on his transforming car project for over four-years, with the current model being version eight of the process. His original idea was to develop a bot to participate in robotic slugfests against other inventors, but obviously has grown into something more as his experience has deepened over the years.Currently Ishida’s Twitter profile says that he’s seeking employment, although it has been rumored that he’s done some work with JS Robotics. There is no mention of him on its site however, so we’re not sure who has snatched up this young talent to create awesome toys to make loads of cash. We’ll be watching this one closely, version nine is supposed to release in a month or so according to Ishida and it promises to be even better that the current generation.Read more at Ishida’s blog (Japanese), via The Verge, NicoNico.jp, and Plastic Pals.last_img read more