The first batch of 1600 parking spaces in the provincial capital to start public temporary parking l

Although the distance from the Xining public temporary parking lot construction management approach is less than a week’s time, but the existing public temporary parking lot remediation, planning, construction has started. Yesterday, reporters from the Municipal Transportation Bureau, 26, 4 parking lot along the road to victory as the first batch of remediation objects start construction, which also marks the public temporary parking lot renovation of Xining city officially entered the implementation stage.

area west of Xinning road to Tongren Road, victory road to 54 street, surrounded by more than 1600 parking area, as the whole Xining city public temporary parking lot rectification of the first object, re planning and construction, is expected to be completed in the first half of next year.

the parking lot located in CyberMart square, people’s Park flower market to the provincial reserve bureau, victory road, electronic city, Huarun vanguard supermarket 4 locations have been from the beginning of 26 re construction, the construction time for a month. During this period may have some impact on pedestrians, I hope the public to understand.

the public temporary parking lot planning and construction, give full consideration to pedestrians on the principle of parking spaces shall be set along on the road, no longer set up access control system, and the use of geomagnetic induction system, and the establishment of electronic guide cards, to facilitate the driver about parking lot information.

for the convenience of pedestrians, who set up a temporary public parking lot pavement, must set aside at least 3 meters wide walkways, which contains not less than 2 meters wide blind. Parking floor is still laying floor tiles, but the laying of the standard will be higher than the current standard, the entrance of the parking lot paving asphalt to facilitate traffic.

, will take the implementation of standardized construction. Parking spaces will be based on the current situation of different sections, the implementation of different forms of parking spaces, and the implementation of the corresponding transformation of the floor, the establishment of signs and other signs.

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