The satisfaction rate of 93% Xining city 100 shops promotion interview style construction

recently, Xining City Administration Bureau organized a "hundred shop interview", on the first half of the four district law enforcement officers work style, the performance of their duties, the administrative law enforcement and solicit the opinions and suggestions of the service object, accept the supervision of the masses of the people and the review.

activities with "learning oriented, service-oriented, efficient, honest and innovative" as the theme, take the way of questionnaire and symposium, administered questionnaires to the four district 500 commercial stores, visited 180 households due to violation of the laws and regulations of urban management and subject to administrative penalties for business, management, environment the health City city urban administrative law enforcement work of investigation.

interview results showed that Xining city law enforcement work by the broad masses of the respondents understanding and recognition, the overall evaluation of the city, environmental health and law enforcement team satisfaction rate of more than 93% of complaints for the satisfaction rate reached more than 90%, compared with last year, the satisfaction rate increased. The event also through the discussion and questionnaire to solicit opinions and suggestions 19, mainly concentrated in the urban management administrative law enforcement officers to strengthen capacity building, strengthen urban management and quality of law enforcement personnel and administrative enforcement of "humanization" etc..

interview after the event, the Xining municipal law enforcement bureau held a briefing, a careful analysis of the public opinions, suggestions and problems, and asked the district urban management departments to strengthen urban management from the education and training of law enforcement personnel, strengthen supervision and inspection, strict implementation of the management system and other aspects, one by one rectification. Xining four district urban management department is also based on the views of the situation, combined with the actual, to develop a specific corrective measures, these measures will be earnestly implemented in the practical work in the future.


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