Ali mother quickly rise, how long can you walk

came in more than a friend to express their views on Ali mother ah

Hello everyone, maybe I am not sure to say that in this case, because I do not contact the station soon, the experience is not comparable to everyone, but I am a person who has their own ideas to say.

said that this is not to say that I do not support Ali’s mother, I have absolute letter to the network to make money, but I hope there is a real platform for the future development.

feel that if I was not good, I want to offend, posting an apology. However, judging from the position of the webmaster.


nonsense not to say, first of all, we refer to a few posts, you tell me about your views.

1: Tid=32843& extra=& page=1; Member: yeshuzeng previously published in the money exchange now in the comments and suggestions: "don’t do anything wrong, afraid of ghosts knocking at the door. A number of you put my post turn away is what intention?" post.

raised the problem is still not resolved, we read from the beginning to the end of the reply I think you will have an idea. Here, the problem with gourd into dinner discussion post, high! Not that I hit you, your credibility is playing out of the signs, although it is a virtual game, the game you, you set the rules, game player is us, according to the rules of play, play too good for the rules, playing well you shout come on, what is your honesty, game boss, leading roles what you say, not as good as your own play. It’s a matter of attitude. —

tid=31911& extra=& 2: Page=1 membership: Phoenix life published in the mother: "O mother service integrity, I see is pure liar! ~" post.

is the same, we put the post reply from A to Z see, other than that, he’ll think of it.

quoted Phoenix life for after treatment review:

: I want to laugh, I laugh! ~ I ask ah, if the audit station which has ranked 500W within the station, is not able to work and I caused economic losses of dereliction of duty, grounds to sue! I try to ~ two 800W, through the audit, I just my family all out, did not sleep for two days before the end of the event, want to catch a small fortune! ~ the results you play with us is not misleading?! we are not justified to sue you, if you are going to sue, the staff negligence blame innocent workers ~! So good ~ ~!! no problem, I will accompany you to play! ~ I see Ma after.

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