Overnight detonated detonated circle of friends how to detonate a social network with a trivial matt

[introduction] a period of time before the explosion of red foot, and before the magic diffuse camera, surrounded by nervous cat. Almost all of a sudden detonated in a circle of friends, a small matter how to detonate a social network


1 "not fun content can’t spread"

Internet era content marketing, by a lead out interesting topic, as before is no longer hard.

is best to use the event without a designated brand. Recently, the "DUANG" is a good example, we feel very fun, there will be interest to continue to pay attention to, or forward it to your friends, and the nonlinear propagation appeared viral.

in the process, the brand can be implanted into the content of this, consumers can naturally accept.

further, a content to attract consumers, you can maintain long-term interaction to increase stickiness, help to improve brand loyalty.

2 "a fun marketing is designed"

popular on the Internet event, the majority is not accidental, behind the scenes of the planning team contributed, a fun integrated marketing can be summed up with 4 C.

first C: creativity. You have to interview people, to find the leveraging of consumer behavior button.

second C: content. Translate ideas into words that can be accepted and understood.

third C: spread. The use of all available channels, big V, star, micro-blog, WeChat, web, TV news, newspapers and magazines, etc., one thing in different channels to use the same tone to spread.

fourth C: commercialization. Finally returned to the sale itself, in the topic of embedding the brand, enhance the conversion rate and reputation.

3 "how to use a trivial matter, detonated social network?"

example: Gillette manual razor.

Chinese men are more use of electric shavers, rather than manual wet shaving. One reason may be that the work is busy, another reason is that the Chinese people do not have such a dense white hair, better shave, which are from the perspective of the needs of men.

but after a lot of interviews, we found that women are more interested in men who shave their hands because it’s sexy. Sexy, is a very interesting topic.

so we found a sexy and topical actress – Sora Aoi. She proposed an open problem in micro-blog: her composition teacher long beard, she wanted to send him a razor, but do not know the man, manual and electric which is more sexy? Then, with a series of participation and interactive play invited everyone to participate. The whole process revolves around "sexy shaving" as the topic, and finally the introduction of the product

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