The success of nternet marketing needs more than SEO


It’s a bit strange to say that the title of

can’t come from a person who is working with SEO, but the fact is that SEO is not the only solution to your online marketing success. While SEO is one of the most important things to help your online business grow and succeed, it’s just a puzzle in your online business landscape. The combination of search engine optimization, content marketing and social media marketing is the cornerstone of a strong internet marketing campaign. Pay attention to one or two a good, but if the long-term value, I would suggest that you should pay attention to the three aspects. I have three reasons for this:

one: ranking first does not necessarily have enough conversion rate (including the click rate)

A recent study by SlingshotSEO

(famous SEO provider) survey shows that in the past five years, Google ranked first in the website from the hit rate of 42.1% down to 18.2%, imagine it will lose much of the conversion rate. For the author, this is a sign that searchers are getting smarter. They know that your site is through SEO or other online marketing strategy to make yourself in the search engine rankings, but ranking first does not mean that you are to meet the needs of their best website. Searchers will not be afraid to find exactly what they need by more than a few pages. Obviously ranking will not be able to make your online business survive. Number one means that your site is trusted by the search engine, but does not mean that your brand awareness and online business has won the trust of your target audience.

two: content driven social signals, social signals are SEO fuel

in the SEO world, most of the search engine trust comes from how many links you have and how these links come from. More high quality links to your website for the search engines more value, one can earn high quality links is one of the newest forms through social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Visitors to your blog will be able to share your blog posts on their social networks as they choose. Every time your content is shared on the social network, you will get a link. But if you don’t have a lot of content to share, you can’t let social signals tell the search engine that your content is useful. It’s like a ladder, if you miss a class, how can you get to the top?

three: a contact does not convince people to become your customers

The owners of the

site often forget that. We buy online gift for birthday, ordering lunch and so on, is what drives you to take action? How many times you drive through restaurants, hear their advertising on the radio, then you will see them out. You are not a passive

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