Decryption site more domain name for that 48 yuan.Wang domain name registration is the opportunity


website to replace the opening of the new domain name thing is the new domain name such as It is often seen., replacing the shorter Jingdong, shop No. 1, 37 games and other well-known sites have made the. Recently there has been news, Chinese information exchange and advertising has the most extensive influence in the release of the Singapore Chinese Singapore Forum change new domain name, the acronym sgchinese enabled domain name, the domain name is more easily compared to the original input memory, realized from net to com gorgeous upgrades.

frequent replacement of domain name event, the webmaster who is for this kind of


is known to all, the short domain name is certainly more conducive to people’s memory and input, but also more conducive to the promotion of the site. So often the site will replace the new domain name for three reasons:

one, that the original use of the domain name is not good enough;

second, the domain name is difficult to remember, not short enough;

three, domain name registration and corporate brand does not match.

domain name can not be replaced, ".Wang" domain name registration is only 48 yuan is the opportunity!

is generally recognized as a good domain name of a short domain name, many have been registered with the Lord, especially the frequency of resources exhausted COM domain name. The webmaster how to get better than the original domain name? Why.Wang domain name registration is a good time to change the domain name?

one, rich in natural resources: the ".Wang" domain name just open registration, domain name is extremely rich in resources, mining more easily registered to the brief and easy to fit their own brand, the good domain name;

second, low cost: after the opening of the registration of.Wang domain name price close to the people, the domain name registration fees and COM domain name is almost the same, so that enterprises, individuals to achieve zero burden. Such as domestic eight well-known domain name registrar linkage of the world ".Wang" domain name registration is only 48 yuan


3, a wide range of applications, easy to promote: "Wang" is the "net" Pinyin, highly consistent with the Chinese website "so and so" cognitive habits, more conducive to the optimization and promotion of the website rankings.

will replace the domain name great influence to the site in the search engine and web traffic, so the linkage of the world ( reminder: in the webmaster to replace the domain name before, we must consider whether it is short enough, in line with the website content and website brand, whether there is conducive to the latter part of the optimization problem.

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