Tencent mobile advertising alliance is a low-key beta or the market will reshuffle

many mobile developers told reporters that the Tencent has long been rumors in the industry wide point of mobile advertising alliance, has recently started secret online, a total of 100 developers participated in the beta App.

, according to informed sources, in 2013, wide point of mobile advertising revenue will be developers at all, Tencent do not participate in sharing, Tencent is still on the business maintained water mentality.

for a long time, Tencent has been regarded as a major game and membership fees to make money business. But the fact is unknown, with 700 million users of the Tencent, the advertising revenue is already very alarming.

Tencent reported that Tencent in the fourth quarter of 2012 online advertising revenue was $947 million 300 thousand, an increase of 58.3% over last year. Tencent 2012 full year online advertising revenue reached $3 billion 382 million 300 thousand, although the total revenue in Tencent accounted for only 7.7%, but the growth rate of up to 69.8%, exceeding the industry average.

Tencent advertising business to make a huge contribution to its new social advertising system, which is based on the data mining Tencent 700 million users of precision advertising now has tens of thousands of advertisers.

listed in the process of Facebook, social advertising was once the biggest story of Facebook to the capital market, and now, Tencent is doing the same thing as Facebook.

in fact, in addition to the game, the advertising business is becoming a new Tencent cash cow income, compared to other advertising platform, the biggest advantage of the huge advertising advertising Tencent based on social relationships chain.

Tencent will be moved to the mobile phone social advertising business, there will be much room for imagination?

100 App in


reporter visited several participating in the beta APP mobile phone, such as "guess king," answer the king ", the mobile phone application can already see the Tencent to provide advertising — mostly App download class advertisement.

The first to participate in the closed beta App characteristics of

is typical, many users through the QQ log in directly to the mobile phone APP.

guess King product director Zhang Wei said, guess King mobile phone APP users are now 100% login QQ number, the reason is the original guess king in the PC open system inside Tencent has made a long-term operation, now if the user login QQ number in the mobile phone can directly open guess king, and user data the PC, for example, mobile phone users can challenge to PC users.

therefore, these APP seems to be an independent mobile phone APP, but in fact is still included in the Tencent system. Because the user logged in through the QQ number, the past user long

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