20 minutes 100ip combat let us witness together

20 minutes 100ip, let us witness

this is a process to tap your potential, this is a process to improve your execution.

today to see the "free day to earn 50 yuan, you can take over the website operation" title, the content need 100 IP to obtain, practice the project itself is not known, but for promotion suddenly want to try long before their views, have tested single post flow 100ip/, see this article feel is a new challenge, we are interested can do the experiment.

you see here may think I am very bothersome, I do not know what is said here, here I put it 20 minutes before doing things down.

in order to facilitate you to track records, we can use the following user name and password to log in to view the record. (note here)

here, the first way to use soft Wen promotion, the specific time to send this article I think the system will automatically generate, we pay attention to look at.

below is how to operate in 20 minutes 100ip specific skills:

1, Title:

skills: everyone is tired of a topic, but the title is very important, because we are a technical article. So there is no way to use the edge of the title, but can use explosive and unbelievable headline. I am not what language, so select a keyword in the title and then slightly modified it.

2, write content

skills: or technical articles, for example, when we write articles to stand in the perspective of reading the article to consider. Readers can learn things from the article is a good article, not to be bothered. And the meaning of the article is also easy to be reproduced. In fact, the difference between technical articles and soft Wen is that the soft paper on the product for better packaging.

3, select channel:


a) relevance: do not say, you just think about if I go to a yellow forum to send this article, I am sure a lot of people say my brain into the water, or simply ignore.

b) look for channels: if you know a certain area, often go to the field of the site, then you are not a difficult problem, if not familiar with, then use the search engine. As long as people are not too stupid or pretty easy to find these sites, we give some of the characteristics of high quality channels, 1, large flow – the bigger the better. 2, high activity.

4, conversion tracking:

whether it is soft or naked advertising (it can be said that the soft is a naked advertising clothes) have a conversion rate, some of your articles may be deleted executives, here is lost >

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