Earth people education network April promotion program

The staff responsible for the contents of the editorial department of the earth the person to write the website, publicity department daily processing of traffic statistics, mainly for new visitors and add up to lead course of daily add headings and links to on-the-job technology research promotion page title, keywords, description and other related changes; in the process of promoting cooperation. Promotion group 1 daily 30 forum registration publicity, and organized into a table, to facilitate future long-term promotion, promotional content to introduce bianjizu write website; 2 daily in the 10 famous blog site registration and publicity, publicity content for the course add related content groups submit daily; 3 daily collected 50 excellent website the mailbox and send the intention of cooperation. According to the feedback of the website to change and improve; 4 through a variety of ways to achieve promotion goals.

first, the site as a whole preliminary analysis:

1 people on earth to education network education as the core of e-commerce development goals, set all the good schools and excellent courses, supplemented by examination of the latest information, the examination of learning materials, and occupation planning guidance to students, and provide all-round services for students, while providing mutual communication between the forum platform to facilitate students the exchange and learning. After the early efforts, to the present (09 April 3rd) so far, the number of course information reached 1300, the number of information close to 7000. Can be said to have made a great breakthrough.

Analysis and comparison of

2 competitors; by keyword, description, included in the number of comparisons, once again involved in confidentiality (hidden content).

3 advantages: compared with competitors competitive advantages and disadvantages, weaknesses. (implicit).

two, the site’s existing problems and solutions:

1 web page in the FIREFOX browser page font garbled, according to the analysis of the Google website statistical tools, by the percentage of the Firefox browser to access the total number of visits was 1.55%.

solution: art set font to modify.

2 according to the Baidu webmaster to suggest that the keyword of the website there is no targeted page description is not a word, let the user through the search engine to search for relevant content, to attract users to access the site.

solution: modify the home page description, at the same time the site editor to add the content of the page to add the contents of the page keyword and add content description.

3 according to Baidu to the site of the proposal, the site dynamic page content more, is not conducive to the search engine grab, lead to the site, although the content is much, included a small number of natural flow small.

solution: the need for programming related personnel to modify the background to achieve static pages, or pseudo static.

three, website promotion target:


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