On World of Warcraft’s network marketing from the Jia Junpeng event

Jia Junpeng incident from

16, Post Bar Warcraft a high-profile, looks very logical post title "Jia Junpeng your mother calling you home for dinner, even more unbelievable thing is that it is very common for a sentence has created a miracle of the internet.

6 hours to produce a miracle

"Jia Junpeng your mother calling you home for dinner" in Jia Junpeng became the netizens concern people, short time netizens know in Baidu and Sina have posted a reward to ask "who is Jia Junpeng?" "Jia Junpeng who?" at the same time, a large number of users will form a Jia Junpeng family name changed to "Jia Junpeng mother, grandfather, aunt Jia Junpeng Jia Junpeng" etc..

then users have also launched a "human flesh search" will be upgraded to a Jia Junpeng event to massacre "finally locked the 2 person, we do not discuss how to find the human flesh search whether it is real, because I think that we can find the reality is not important, whether there is a" Jia Junpeng "reality needs further existence but the real existence is confirmed," these 3 words Jia Junpeng "is popular in 6 hours.


Jia Junpeng event we going to stop here, because we only need to do a general understanding of the Jia Junpeng event theory, more important is to see our World of Warcraft network marketing program through the Jia Junpeng event.

Jia Junpeng event why choose Warcraft stick

many SEOER have tried to use the Baidu product promotion, from this point can be seen on the promotion effect of Baidu products, and Baidu Post Bar is Baidu products in the most stringent one, of course, his strict can fully experience its high value, it is no doubt that the use of Baidu Post Bar is undoubtedly a knowing the election, Baidu CEO Robin Li said: "Baidu users 300 million", this is not a joke.

"Jia Junpeng, your mother wants you to go home for dinner"

let’s analyze this sentence:

1, "Jia Junpeng" and "you" can be summed up here as the word "son" (I have always regarded "Jia Junpeng" as a word);

2, "mother" commonly known as mother;

3, "shout" verb commonly known as "call;

4, "home" here is the meaning of return;

5, "eating" verbs, one of the most important things in a person’s life.

through this analysis we can see that this word is full of loving care for the mother of his son, see this sentence because users also saw the mother of the love, and to do what impulse for the mother, this impulse is mainly reflected in the following two points:

1, a large number of users will be changed to the name of Jia Junpeng’s mother, the master of the, aunt Jia Junpeng, etc., the formation of a Jia

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