Discussion on how to use the new media assistant operation strategy of Taobao shop

is now the era of new media, the four traditional media on the Internet under attack, the development is already weak, while the mobile phone media and other new media representatives began to gradually become the focus of mining businesses, compared to the mobile phone media, as the Internet under the Taobao shop how to carry out the operation and marketing in the new media, and can according to the established, has become the focus of Taobao business operation strategy now, and the mobile phone media is the core tool to spread non WeChat perfectly, the focus of this paper is the WeChat as the core, to say how to operate taobao.com shop in WeChat.

Although Taobao has developed

development and deal with WeChat and WeChat, but also playing a lawsuit, let WeChat screen Taobao link, but it is very difficult to shield WeChat pictures and text related web site, so the use of WeChat Taobao online marketing is still feasible. So how can we improve marketing skills in WeChat


is the first to make it clear that WeChat is a kind of mobile phone media media, no matter what you do should pay attention to one of the core is to use the tools for their own shop to pull customers, how can let users from WeChat to Taobao online web site is very important. The other is to pay attention to their product positioning on WeChat, WeChat account should not only be released product tools, but their content products and perfect integration, can achieve a better flow conversion rate.

now Taobao shop is the largest sales of clothing, the following clothing store as an example to analyze how to use WeChat marketing strategy. There are many clothing segments below, such as foreign trade, Korean, if you are a foreign trade clothing store, the general target population relative to the high-end target audience, mainly for some white-collar workers, then to white-collar popular brand promotion strategy in the online account settings, such as clothing boutique, named the world’s name. Do not be able to name certain foreign trade shop, this name, it is easy to be Taobao screen, but also has very obvious advertising too, is not conducive to the promotion of the shop.


to determine a good WeChat account, it should also be possible to promote their WeChat account, allowing more users to add the WeChat account, WeChat and QQ will be the best binding, using the group of users on the QQ expansion of WeChat account users, so as to bring accurate potential users of their WeChat account on.

when a certain user account with WeChat, the WeChat content is not easy to shop on the clothing is full of information, but to explore foreign trade clothing purchase skills and the majority of WeChat users, China export advantage, foreign brands such as Versace, Montagut and other brands are actually at home the OEM business, with the corresponding OEM site, and analyze the advantage of OEM products, let everyone gradually accept the foreign brands are the domestic production of ideas, so as to continuously enhance the recognition of users to export products.

and then interact with you at the same time, gradually introduced to their own

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