Open platform wars Amazon VS eBay

is not partial to help Amazon, but its quality and service is really high, so in the open platform for electronic business, compared with eBay, e-commerce services companies are more optimistic about the amazon. For the sake of objective performance, list the following six reasons.

Trust: Amazon eBay


in terms of confidence, according to a well-known market research company’s data show that eBay is better than the amazon. If you compare the two electricity providers from the physical store, Amazon is more like a shopping center, and eBay is the low-end consumer market. Because the location is different, so the two are not the same in the minds of consumers. If you want to come from the background, Amazon to business background, and eBay is a personal auction business started, so it is difficult to compete with Amazon in terms of quality. From these aspects, consumers are more willing to believe Amason.

Amazon platform to operate more convenient

in the late 90s, the purpose of serving the Amazon website is the user experience, that is, to the site in the form of shopping. When the user opens the site, there is only one or a few goods, and these mountain apple is exactly what the user needs. Therefore, in the future, Amazon to let users shopping more convenient, with a different commodity businesses must introduce the use of the same product, so it can make consumers more rational decisions; on the contrary, the development goal of eBay is to store, so the same products in different shops will display different the name and content, thus increasing the cost of consumer choice.

Amazon website design is more conducive to the user experience

in website design, Amazon is unified and organized, it gives people a sense of simplicity and eBay arranged in good order, the details page is not restricted, all businesses decide, so the page is a little messy. In this way, this sharp contrast shows the effect of Amazon’s imagination, so give a more professional visual effects.

consumer experience Amazon better

in the purchase process, the simple operation of the Amazon impressed me deeply. First registration, but a few seconds. Amazon also has a key payment feature, so many of the cumbersome details can be avoided, which is very helpful to improve the user experience, to promote the purchase rate. Of course, for eBay, its shopping process, from the entire election to the next single, the operation is very complex, and if it is the auction product, the auction can be paid in the end, we must also use PayPal to pay.

Amazon do better promotions and promotions

in store promotion, Amazon is more flexible, delegated to the seller a lot of power so that they can set their own preferences according to their own needs, free combination of incentives. EBay can only buy the appropriate tools from the third party platform in their own background >

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