How the Paibingbuzhen micro-blog marketing strategy matrix


What is the

microarray? I am afraid that many people even micro-blog marketing are not clear, then introduce the concept of macro array can be lost at a loss. But the macro array is one of the strategies to use the micro-blog marketing war. It is based on the surface, according to the product, brand, function and other positioning requirements established by the various sub micro-blog, in essence, it is greater ambition is to accurately and effectively cover the various user groups through different accounts. The distribution, line, surface, detonation, monitoring to achieve the effect maximization in marketing strategy, in the micro-blog world let your users but to each one takes what he needs. Since Paibingbuzhen, of course, to understand the method and the operation of the road.

can’t fight alone

with the time of users increasingly fragmented, they hope to be able to precisely and efficiently find their love information, rather than looking like look for a needle in the ocean. For businesses, an account is not enough to fight in the micro-blog world. You know, micro-blog itself has instant marketing, brand promotion, public relations and customer management of the four major functions, and each of the different functional positioning means different micro-blog content strategy. For example, companies involved in trends, and crisis management, the content tends to be serious and serious, but the interaction with the fans would require some type of care, "make impromptu comic gestures and ramarks" this function, led directly to the content, language and style are different, and this difference all by a micro-blog account reflected, it is easy to cause the micro-blog the identity of the "schizophrenia", will let fans produce content chaos, unclear orientation illusion. Light is abandoned by the fans, but the brand image is blurred.

and micro-blog, as everyone knows marketing daily release content should be controlled in a certain amount, there will be too many Shuabing suspects, fans caused resentment. For example, a real-time marketing of micro-blog, published daily amount of information about 10 more suitable, if it undertakes the brand promotion, customer management and other functions, will be in every part in planning to join the enterprise brand, news and other information, or to increase the total number of such micro-blog, or reduce the instant marketing information from 10 in either way, will cause the user experience is not good. The daily number of micro-blog fans too much resentment, while the other part of the fans can not get as much information they want. In addition, the establishment of reasonable macro array can not only meet the needs of different users, more accurate and effective radiation of user groups, as far as possible to expand the influence of the micro enterprises in the world.

How many arrows

The establishment of

micro array is not arbitrary, but should follow certain rules and skills. Micro-blog brand as enterprise office in micro world, imagine the office is a mess (interface decoration) and go to work without the law (released without law), often closed (no response, consultation) itself will give fans (potential customers) make a bad impression. So businesses must according to their own needs, consider how to establish a macro array, generally from the following angles.