Novice Adsense website optimization method example

I am a novice webmaster, build your own web site only a few days time, on the website promotion very much, but these days for their website promotion to more friends, I spent a lot of time in the promotion efforts, there are also some achievements, there are the following some methods, step by step, to be patient, I believe it will get better soon.

method one: BBS post promotion

you see this method, be sure to say, this is the method of old. Good! We all know this, but how many people use the conscientious this method? I believe, must have a lot of friends are sent directly to the Forum on advertising posts, but direct advertisers and can attract many people? I am afraid no one could see it is the forum moderators deleted! So, I said the forum posting, not advertising posts, but in some sense, can attract people post, propaganda website use the forum signature function, this method is very effective, as long as the card is good, more natural looking people, there is always people pay attention to your signature, then flow to. But, in a large forum post, easily indexed by search engines, I post these days basically are included, the accumulation after you can increase the PR value. Now I have just a few days to do the site, but now my external links are constantly increasing every day Oh!

method two: build blog to write articles

I built the main station, not long after I downloaded a blog on the Internet program, I built a blog I insist on writing articles every day, are writing original articles. To write a blog, it is necessary to write the original, to copy other people’s articles will not have their own website how good, new things are good. Every day I only write 1-2 article, but adhere to the original, to each big BBS to written and published, I published the article basically all in one hour or so will be search engine, search engine has many visible love original things


in addition, I also have some big blog site to open a blog, add their own web site links, write an article promotion. Open the blog to find high popularity of the website, such as NetEase, Baidu, Sina, POCO and so on, in front of three websites I had a blog, so now this is added directly to the POCO, I just built (, I also feel very good blog, you can go to apply for a popular. High. I just opened the blog above POCO, I wrote the original articles are published up, and then moved to the previous blog above, actually in a few hours, my blog was included!

short, blogging, writing original article is very important, don’t need articles, only need to be original, instead of refined

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