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network promotion way, the enterprise can pound heavily in advertising, the promotion of Firefox can spend a lot of money fund Mozlilla, network overwhelming all Firefox download link. Here to talk about the promotion of the site’s reputation, if the user uses the product to get a pleasant experience, it is natural to be recommended to friends around, this experience has been a lot of people have it.

word of mouth promotion itself is also the process of the accumulation of brand value, word of mouth is to focus on their products and services. From the user’s point of view, to improve the performance of the product and service, so that the product more in line with the requirements of users, the performance of the product to achieve first-class.

in a sense, the domain name itself is a word of mouth promotion. I use zhuaxia subscription blog, is to accept the recommendation of the colleague, at the time that the domain name zhuaxia is very interesting. Baidu Pinyin domain name, in the depths of Chinese memory that "he found the degreeses, suddenly look back that person but in the lights dim" in Baidu doing promotion. search engine of the domestic senior netizens are aware of, because the word Ask itself has the meaning of search engines.

but not every webmaster can have such a quality domain name, word of mouth promotion can not be carried out?. As long as the site provides products and services in place, can also play a role in the promotion of word of mouth. Take the blog for example, as long as the quality of blog is high, people will go to reprint your article, write mouchangqing experience in network promotion and unreserved sharing, making mouchangqing in the webmaster circle of little known. Google itself does not have the meaning of search engines, but it focuses on allowing users to have a good search experience, the results become the world’s largest search engine.

talk about the next, personal webmaster should do a good job of promotion of a few things. 1, try to choose a high degree of domain name associated with the domain name, the Chinese name is to reflect the theme. 2, the page design should be very beautiful, do not affect the user’s good experience in the case of appropriate advertising. 3, the content of the best original, appropriate reprint excellent article. 4, in the key site prompt users, if you like this site, please recommend to your friends.

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