Talk about some of my feelings on the Links

is not discussed in this article, not to say how to change Links, not to say Links skills, just talk about feelings. Those things about Links.


glad we can change the Links, Links merely reflect the Shanghai dragon, is a kind of spirit and atmosphere, is a kind of mutual hand in hand. Through the exchange links, I know the webmaster is not a person in combat, at least in our website webmaster webmaster industry, in the industry, there are our brothers and sisters together in the fight, so that we in the struggle, no longer feel so lonely. Change link, acceptance of each other, I think only about your station, the other party will take the initiative to contact you, and your exchange, this is a must for our own work, the webmaster from peer recognition, is the best encouragement, I would like to exchange links, give you, just better rankings and improve the weight, it is a genuine power, encouraged, there will always be a better strength to do better. Promote each other, improve together, this is a kind of precious wealth and pure joy.

link integrity lies not only in our long links, there are some aspects such as some adjustments to our website or change, is likely to lead to their website weight fluctuations, encountered such a situation, I think it is necessary to each other and say hello, this also is the webmaster between politeness and respect, don’t let the other in the dark. Furthermore, to prevent the acquisition chain sites own content, especially the original content of each other, not even the quality of the collection, again good, the original degree is high, we must respect the friends of the chain website. Except for the cooperation between website reproduced situation. Especially the other website weight is not high, common.

second, unstable chain has lost

finally, after the exchange Links for their own requirements and constraints

first, I love exchange links, because it tells me is not a person in combat


of this loss, credit problems usually come from one website. In daily work, always tell the people responsible for the chain link, to be honest, do not delete the It is without rhyme or reason. link to each other, even if the site is indeed a problem, also must first say hello to each other, according to the facts, and in each other good communication, in both awareness and prerequisite next, before deciding whether to delete a link to each other, otherwise, try not to delete the initiative. Other form if the link from the home page to page and we may meet, this situation also do not claim, or to communicate, and make a decision, because we care about partners. But in practice, often encounter each other we delete the link, and is quiet, perhaps is the website of the other side of a certain adjustment or a link to the new plan, or because we own websites, can not stand to the same starting line, but I want to explain is at least respect.

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