Shanghai craft gift network case analysis

site name: Shanghai gifts network


didn’t do 404 pages, recommend re >

webmaster tools Shanghai Longfeng comprehensive information, can see the love of Shanghai included 2020 chain 8200 Google is the 20 thousand and 500 chain 40 PR 3 YAHOO included 2845 chain and 1346 key words, describe your own look.

let me first to introduce the basic information of the website, the domain name is established in 2005, is an old domain name. Open space speed can also be relatively stable, this experience is good for users. In general if a website within a minute not open, customers wait for you to close the page will display the estimated, which do good.

Shanghai Shanghai craft gift gift company net 300 yuan gift 500 yuan less than the most awesome business gifts website

Title: gift gifts network

2, URLThe website

Shijiazhuang Shanghai dragon advisory site name on the front and behind the title of the main keywords, because the title can not show in the search engine, the first name of the web site is considered the first impression to strengthen users, should have a brand awareness. But now you don’t move, easy to fall right on the first such.

analyzes two domain names, with 3W and without 3W domain name, with 3W included most of the links are pointing to it, suggested a 301 redirect, weight.

open web site content from the view of the site location is the gift sales, not just local Shanghai. We look at the key words of this is brother, I check the data of gifts (index of the national 90010 pages later) gifts (index of the national 1000 keywords page 10) Shanghai gift company (Shanghai 140 index keywords first) 300 yuan gift, less than 500 yuan (national index very few keywords Shanghai gifts network (first) the first few words) the main keywords ranking is not very good, why, 5 years old domain name do stand PR3, the weight of the main station is justified, should strengthen the construction of the chain

address: 贵族宝贝gift181贵族宝贝

gift to send what good? Business gifts to send what? The meeting to send customers customized gifts? What gift? What gift to send to the opening ceremony? Leadership gifts to send what? Member what gift? What promotion send best wishes for your new home? Bank points for gifts gifts souvenirs group purchase small gifts promotional gifts gift gift card integral will the new year’s Day Spring Festival Mid Autumn Festival gift gift gift gift gift gift gold and silver bars in 2011 the year of the rabbit custom

1, the title and keywords positioning

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