Reasonable design of web page structure to improve search engine experience

1. ensure website loading time, text clear, grammar text is crucial details page.


first, web page design

2. requires a reasonable navigation, allowing users to quickly locate a good page position, quickly find the information they need.


we all know that the search engine spiders crawl has a certain depth, when the site directory is too deep, it is often difficult to be grasped, which requires a large number of the chain to a supporting role, then it can be included in search engines. But if we add a link to this deep directory on the home page, so in fact is equivalent to two clicks can access to the page, also can achieve the purpose of included.


for a small website, needs only a best cengzi directory, to search engine, the most ideal, for this single directory structure called: flat structure. If you encounter a large number of sites, you need two to three level directory, but it is best not to exceed 3, otherwise it is difficult to grab the contents of spider. In order to facilitate the search engine spiders crawl and crawl will usually use tree structure, which is in the root directory is subdivided into a plurality of channels or columns, and then in each of the following directory storage belong to the contents of this directory ". In addition, also need a reasonable name of directories and files, when the owners of keywords named group, need to use a separator. The commonly used hyphens separate, also often appear in the URL space code"". These are convenient for the user’s memory.

Shanghai dragon

second, website directory design clear

3. for web content for the reasonable layout planning, reasonable arrangement of internal links style, and other details of site column planning.

Er all know different search engine ranking mechanism and law is different, so the optimization for different search engines need to adopt different ways. In order to make the website ranking and traffic has increased, Shanghai dragon Er need to meet the search engine to exhaust all the skills experience, experience is the search engine website to the search engine friendly degree, is the most important factor in ranking sites, meet the search engine experience is also in order to better meet the user experience, search for the most effectively, the most suitable information. There are many factors influence the experience of the search engine, such as server stability, access speed, web design, correlation and so on, this paper is mainly about how to make your web design meet the search engine experience.

4.flash station can use SWFObject and sifr technology makes the flash easier to read file search engine. Overall to minimize the use of multimedia file form ", because this will cause search engines to quickly index.

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