Personal summary of the 5 soft Wen title of the creative thinking

self website (shop mother) on-line since I’ve been with soft Wen maintained a good cooperative relationship, from the bottom of my heart I hope to achieve further development and soft, more understanding of each other is something deeper.

familiar words, everything is hard in the beginning, at the time to arrange a soft, often not a good start, let the soft light lose title and a long time can not sleep, I believe that a good title can return me more attention and trust, how important it is for me and my website.

I would like to share my recent experience with you. I hope you can encourage each other and make progress together.

personally, I think:

one, title big and empty, only make people laugh over the face of

"the train is not pushing, the leather is not blowing", praise and criticism are the same, excessive will be counterproductive. "Wangpo saying, puff", she is nothing more than to boast of his fruit is sweet, the word "most" big? I think it is normal and right, but "my sweet watermelon" and "my universe is the most sweet watermelon" together, I think most people are on the latter will frowns and laugh, of course, this analogy is not put in what’s reliable.

two, the blank title will only get one. Good bye,

network information has not only to describe the mass, with so many information, to deliberate pursuit of the title of the "literary model" or "novelty" makes headlines make people confused, will The loss outweighs the gain. Not all users will have interest and patience to read an article title even cannot read the information carefully, of course, I can’t deny that there is no curious users to read, but no matter if you pick up the sesame lost watermelon, then I have no matter. Therefore, the focus of the title is to highlight the theme of the product or website you want to promote, so that people can see what they have inside, otherwise, the title will lose its meaning at the top. This paragraph I used watermelon, but also please forgive me.

three, the title is the title, don’t make it too long,

remember inadvertently on the Internet to see a government report title, is fresh, because it is very long, long to I am interested to remember it, but don’t take me for example, I admit that I have some sick.

The original title is "

at the plenary meeting, the Jiangxi Provincial Communist Youth League Secretary Wang Shaoxuan made" to create a new pattern of Jiangxi is the work of the Communist Youth League Central region characteristics of the thrust of the report to unite and lead the youth play an important role in the construction of "Ecological Economic Zone in Poyang Lake." ", how long? I will not comment on the policy of things, if you want to give your product or website soft to write such a long title, I think most people will remember the title, but never remember the information below the title of the article. Personally, I think the number of words in the title is within 12-15 words

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