How traditional enterprises to nternet plus Road on the site to be qualified

if you just stare at the Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu’s success, or that Internet plus equal to the electricity supplier, so, for traditional businesses, embrace the Internet, go Internet plus road is only dongshixiaopin, that Shanghai website construction, a traditional enterprise is really to embrace the Internet, the website construction attitude can be seen, because, as the song that "what kind of love is what kind of love"


said the site, most traditional enterprises have their own web site, but when it comes to the quality of your web site about the role of 95% of the corporate Web site are the existence of such defects, a site worth? Ali market capitalization of $205 billion 100 million, Tencent, $195 billion 500 million, $76 billion…… And most of the enterprise website, the market value is negative, because not only did not create value, but the money decoration, exactly where the difference? Shanghai website construction from internet marketing and website construction technology and share with you, what kind of enterprise website will have value.

website construction technology

talked about web technology, traditional business thinking, often say, it is a technology live, to understand people do it, I do not know now in the construction site, sometimes very simple, little technology, find a template, half a day can make a beautiful website that is because many companies are holding this attitude to the template site, website, website, website has a free market space.

if the construction site so simple, then let it produce value, want a little bit, is impossible, for the enterprise website, should have this attitude, to lay a good foundation, and then take the train, and finally to create value. Simple and crude launched a website, just casually without effort to, perhaps, from the beginning, do not know how to cherish, so, this site, it is difficult to estimate future, just copy the junk food


, an enterprise website that requires user and search engine approval, needs to be focused on. Many business owners often have such complaints, my website spent how much money, what effect is not, in fact heart and how much money is difficult to sign, the Alibaba’s first venture team, in the worst of times, in Beijing "mixed" do not go, "disgrace" back in Hangzhou, have thousands of users of Tencent, 1 million wanted to sell itself, when Baidu has just started, mainly by the four major portals gain…… The passage of time, today, the Internet Co "fortune", and their first intention and now acts in court, this is why? Because they are hard to do, feel the Internet, exploring the future direction of the internet.

is also site building. Some websites have designed flas programs when they are open, which not only cost more, but also have no eggs, because from the point of view of SEO

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