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learned how to do the website from the beginning, and then made the enterprise website, until now, it was engaged in the enterprise website promotion, optimization and some website operation research work. Can more or less witnessed the enterprise website from the beginning of the few to the current flooding. We started the construction of enterprise website, it was selling to the customer network website construction company said the most is the site on behalf of the corporate image, symbol of the facade, what is said to have their own company website and email with your company after at least in their own name card. In doing so, the company will build its own corporate website. This is the purpose and starting point of most website construction and enterprise website construction.

now, we can see that some companies do not have the deep mountains and forests unless the site, as long as can the power network where the network company, can be said to be engaged in the construction site or the bombing again and again, have their own web site, the majority of enterprises even if not, may also buy a similar credit the members of the Alibaba. Now if you like them to sell the construction site, may not be so easy, although there are now some weenies farmer entrepreneur not too understand. Therefore, our network company to survive, our personal freedom occupation to orders, to change the way to get money". We can sublimate and subdivide the website. Offering appreciation services.

There are many kinds of value appreciation services offered by

. In the end, there is nothing more than economic benefits for enterprises. In this way, enterprises are easy to be cheated". Otherwise, only "cheated" once. This is called e-commerce marketing. There are many kinds of marketing, similar to the most common website optimization ranking, making the enterprise website in the relative bidding ranking cost is too high, at the same time bring them long-term marketing program. That is website optimization, for what is the website optimization, if the website optimization. Let’s not talk about it today, but later I’ll spread it out and analyze it.

also provides multi-channel marketing, whether it is B2B, or B2C, in short, no matter what approach, the customer as long as the final effect, to bring orders and economic benefits.

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