What are the reasons for poor management of kindergarten

kindergarten has now become the children’s education market can not be a lack of institutions, because of this, there will be more and more investors choose to open a kindergarten. However, as more and more kindergartens enter the market, many parks are caught in a vicious circle. Fierce competition – low fees – teachers instability – not go to school – parents turn to the park. The parents of students and teacher management problems, problems, problems, problems, emerge in an endless stream, too busy to attend to all. The principal’s work every day, as if it was a fireman, press the gourd from the gourd, tired, but still can not solve the fundamental problem.

so what is the root cause of these problems? Summed up three reasons:

first run with his opponent

here is the fundamental positioning and strategic issues of kindergarten, is to choose to do the market leader, or follow suit? Interesting phenomenon is that the market leader seems to have no matter what you do, how all sorts of strange things are on the tricksof. And follow the trend, but how to do wrong. With the exception of hard, but still not recognized.

see the other as bilingual kindergarten kindergarten, kindergarten do see other wall paintings, to see the other kindergarten with abacus, follow up. Fear of parents said: how others have you? For fear of what is missing, resulting in the loss of parents, and so on, like a patch, like today, and the original system is not related to the characteristics of the course.

Tomorrow is

in simple and elegant style hall do a bar like tree sculpture, kindergarten more and more become neither fish nor fowl. Does not know that this is a taboo, the market rules of survival, it is different, not the same.

a kindergarten first want to know their position in the end is what? Who is the main target customer group? Their demands are clearly understood and grasped? What is the core idea of kindergarten? And then around the main line, and gradually establish their core characteristics or core competitiveness.

there are benefits to the main theme, environment, teaching, characteristics, gradually adding, slowly strengthening, the characteristics, and from the main line, the so-called popular so-called parents’ request, to resolutely reject, refuse the temptation not every kindergarten are the various conditions of superiority.

many of the principal worry about their own shortcomings, such as outdoor small, such as deep location, such as the classroom is not good, etc.. Whenever the parents of these questions are very guilty, do not know how to deal with.

and solve these problems, not by virtue of communication skills on it. The key is to create

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