What are the basic principles of opening

Many people believe that

should have a consumer experience, such as the opening of new stores, all kinds of concessions, so in the opening day to the consumer, but because too many people, the shop is a strength of the popularity, the service is very poor, basically uninterested two consumption. In fact, for the shop, in order to make the opening day higher popularity, in fact, a lot of things are losing money, the result is thankless. In fact, the shop also needs to follow a basic principle, which will be beneficial to the development of late. So, what are the basic principles of opening?

G restaurant has a store around a business district. Carefully prepared for several months, finally opened. G restaurant prepared a grand opening ceremony, also launched the opening of all the dishes will be half price concessions. One time. The crowd was crowded around the restaurant packed.

Miss Gao also saw a preference to go to dinner with friends, but too many guests, waiting for the seats are occupied, Miss Gao and friends can stand outside the restaurant waiting. And so on for more than an hour, two people stand tired, watching the people have gradually got a seat, Miss Gao questioned how the waiter. The waiter explained the wrong order, and immediately arranged a seat for miss gao.

sat down, because friends love to eat boiled fish. So Miss Gao on behalf of a friend for a boiled fish. Vegetable land continued to come up, but urged a few times, boiled fish have not come up, around the impatient impatient guests also heard. At this time a friend said to go to the bathroom, they stood up and turned around, when the accident occurred, the waiter holding a boiled fish with Miss Gao’s friend is a.

so a reeky turtles deducted to the desktop, a mess. Miss Gao and his friends were shocked, fortunately not in a friend, or do not burn to the hospital ah. Miss Gao and friends are angry, anger from the door out, no matter how the manager apology two people are determined not to eat, but left the restaurant red.

In the case of

, all the errors are in the restaurant. So many guests have to wait for the guest registration card, so as not to serve correctly, no matter how anxious to be careful around, pay attention to the safety of guests. The so-called "good things do not go out, bad news travels", the shop opened at the beginning of such a rush, a full range of services will give the customer a bad impression. Bad news travels 10 times faster than good news. No matter how delicious the food in G restaurant is, Miss Gao and her friends will not patronize.

opened early to patronize guests, of course, are all your customers for the first time, if you can’t give them a good impression, they certainly don’t want to come again, and this bad message will quickly pass.

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