Food investment is to do direct or join

2016 is coming to the end, how hard in the catering sector of your life, in this year we have reviewed the prospect of catering market, all in indicates a catering in the future is still a good, last year’s data in 2015, the public catering visible before the eyes, the rise of Internet development the mainstream, catering to occupy 150 billion of the market share, an increase of 15%. Such a small thing that will be in the end of 2016 will be better. Now more and more people pay attention to the food and beverage market, join the food and beverage industry, the founder of the brand to do direct or do join it?.

for: the founder to do direct sales brand or do join it? Such a small problem to support the latter, the main reasons are the following:

food and beverage franchise is a contractual relationship between the headquarters and the franchisee. Headquarters to provide a unique business to join the franchise, and give the personnel training, technical training, business management, commodity procurementguidance and help the franchisee to pay the corresponding fees to the headquarters. To join the business venture capital and reduce the cost of time, capital and other start-up costs.

1, brand


headquarters has brand, trademark, management techniques can be used directly, rather than to their exclusive business, both in terms of time, money and mentally relieve a lot of burden, for no business experience of people, can be conducted in a relatively short period of time, directly reduce the early advertising and product development cost.

2, with successful experience

brand outlets will put a join based on do success, it will have a brand store each link of standardization system and accumulated many years of successful experience, this will make the franchisee detours, reduce the time and cost of capital.

3, to provide new counseling

excellent headquarters, in order to improve the goodwill of the entire chain, will always be the development of specialized, high value-added products, product differentiation to lead the competition, the franchise can not be set up by the development sector. In addition to product development, kitchen technology training, the franchisee can get management guidance, because the headquarters staff have received professional training, catering processes such as 4D management, which is just for the start-up is welfare.

4, advertising advantage

brand food and beverage has a mature brand market, whether it is the product or visual hammer has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, to join the brand without considering the brand market, directly into the

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