The whole – cake stripping technique

at home and make a cake of people generally feel this is just to do very beautiful cake, but when taken out of the mold will be found because not good release becomes can not bear to look, beautiful cake will be destroyed in the last release stage.

a, cake demoulding concept

this is better understood. Will put the cake batter baked in the mold when we bake the cake, so cake to be cooked, the cake will adhesion with the mold wall, then we will give the cake demoulding, if removal is not good, the surface of the cake will be injured, that was a perfect shape of the cake will become very in a disastrous state ugly. So today, let’s talk a little bit about cake demoulding knowledge.

two, how to mold cake

everyone is using bottom mold, mold bottom cake now commonly used two methods, respectively, to introduce below:

1. tool stripping method:

can use the knife for stripping cake, along the wall draw a circle, you can release, but this method if the tool is not comfortable or improper use of easily scratched the surface of the cake, affect the appearance.

2. manual stripping method:

this method is also more common. This method is to use hand slowly around the cake, the cake body and the side walls are separated, and then by hand against the bottom of the mold gently push, the cake will be easily removed from the mold. Because the cake and the tray at the bottom of stick will be more strong, so you can use a knife along the gap a little open, gentle, wait a minute, this can release the perfect cake.

three, the cake when the note

1. hand stripping cake will be pressed deformation, do not worry at this time, the success of the cake rebound effect will be very good, a little shake can be restored to the original. So this is also a test of our Chiffon Cake internal organization is a perfect standard oh.

2. different cake demoulding time are different, such as chiffon, Sponge Cake need to buckle down and cooling after demoulding; light cheese and yogurt cake, cheese cake is best to use non stick mould (or pad paper or mold brush oil) after baking, so very easy to release.

3. described above are bottom mold release, if you are using solid bottom mold, the bottom pad paper, this release will be more convenient, but also more successful


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