Do business is to let the customer forget 3 15

3· 15 can be said to be the biggest shops and brand the most horrible thing, and now consumers are also very good at using such weapons. Due to the media publicity and supervision of industry and commerce, the brand dealers also pay great attention to the quality of their products, to ensure the timely exchange of critical commodities, so it is easier to open shop business. Daily operation, I also pay special attention to adhere to regular inspection, and then communicate with the salesman in a timely manner, the goal is: no expired goods store, so that my customers forget 3· 15.

even so, something unpleasant or at the end of period.

the weather during the awesome good business, when the sixth morning are busy, the clerk brought two pieces of a well-known brand of rice pudding gift box. This brand of rice pudding usually sell well, packaging is no problem, the price is right, who is not known, but thinking of the large flow of people is also reasonable, so hurry to pay up. Usually remember to make a phone call to ensure sales, then busy business, also did not want to.

also put in the gift shop, was living with two acquaintances of a community by selling a mention, when the heart is still behind the money does not seem so difficult to buy a gift, the aunt came to the door. Aunt pulled me aside and whispered: "little Xia, you see this is a treasure I just bought, the grandson opened, mother found the rice pudding is expired. I clearly see is just sent goods, how, how?"

I thought I was bad, and fooled. Quickly open the other boxes to see, indeed, is expired. Aunt Wang, I’m so sorry! I was too careless, did not carey check the delivery date. Do you think this is good, the gift box is 8 cans, the general installed in the tank, I’ll give you change into the general assembly, you do not need to add money, the impact of the new year, the mood of your heart, to give you compensation is not 12. Do you like it?" "Girl, we believe that you are not interested, aunt. Thank you!"

of guilt to bid farewell to the king aunt, I immediately contacted another to buy rice pudding boxes with neighbors, he explained the situation or withdraw or change, by choice, and expressed sincere apologies, you better believe in store, attitude is also very tolerant, told me a lot of thanks. Go back to the shop, I’ll pack up the rest of the box, because the clerk did not know, and no contact, these two pieces of eight treasure porridge still at the entrance of the warehouse, each into the warehouse, I will take a look, tell yourself all the time to be vigilant.

if I’m trying to make money, I’m afraid I can’t do that, and it’s no doubt that the customer is unhappy. In short, the recall of goods sold, not sold goods shelves, the only way to peace of mind. Despite the economic losses, but

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