Bissan’s Trading supports Buxton CC Cricket Camp

first_imgFor the 13th year in the village of Buxton, the “Carl Hooper” cricket camp started out on Tuesday to teach the gentleman’s game to young children and better the skills of those who are already involved.With massive support from Bissan’s Trading, the camp set out with its mandate of community development at the Buxton Ground on the East Coast of Demerara from as early as 09:30h.For the next two weeks, the camp will be home to children between the ages of 7-19. The participants are not only from Buxton but also the surrounding communities.Speaking on the initiative, Buxton Cricket Club’s President Essie Peters disclosed that the club will cater to 40 students and is strictly for their benefit. “The Camp is not ‘make money’ but to instil good values to the youths them and keep them away from doing the wrong things when they have so much free time now school isBissan’s Trading proprietor Bissoon Singh presents the sponsorship cheque to Club President Essie Petersclosed,” Peters explained.He further disclosed that the registration fee has been waived owing to the fact that many of the participating students hail from single-parent homes, hence requesting a fee from them would be counter-productive to the intended purpose of the camp. He went on to state that any costs arising out of the camp would be covered by the sponsorship provided.The daily sessions will take on a school-like approach, running between the hours of 09:00h and 15:00h. The capable staff on board will be teaching technical, practical, and physical lessons coupled with off-field activities. Additionally, the Camp will feature sessions with the likes of national youth cricketer Clive Andries, who played in Guyana’s champion three-day U-19 team in St Kitts in 2008 and former national U-19 and Berbice senior inter-county off-spinner Sean Devers.The Buxton Cricket Club was founded in 1992 and was involved in many tape-ball competitions before being officially launched as the Buxton Carl Hooper Club in 2002 when Hooper was appointed as Captain of the West Indies cricket team.last_img read more

Way cleared for teachers’ promotion in 2017

first_imgAfter almost two years in limbo, teachers can finally be promoted following the ruling made by acting Chief Justice Yonette Cummings-Edwards.The GTU during one of its protests against the TSCThe Teaching Services Commission (TSC), during its monthly statutory meeting on Tuesday, agreed to review the 2015/2016 Promotion List for School Administrators in the new school term.Teachers were not promoted for the years 2015 and 2016 thus far, owing to the conflict between the TSC, the body responsible for the promotions, and the Union.Last year, the Guyana Teachers Union (GTU) filed an injunction in the courts blocking the TSC and the Education Ministry from executing the promotions.According to the GTU, the reason for the injunction was to force the two bodies to review their process of promotion, since the Union strongly believed it was severely flawed.The TSC was using the assessments given by education officers, head-teachers, Regional Education Officers and not the provision of the Rule Book governing the promotion of teachers.The Union believes that the TSC’s method was defective, since those officials and headteachers could have exhibited favouritism in their assessment of teachers’ performance.The Union also believed that some officials and headteachers deliberately skewed assessments to stymie the development of teachers with whom they had personal conflicts.But the TSC decided to challenge the matter, contending that all of its promotions were above-board.The acting Chief Justice finally ruled on the matter in favour of the GTU, and the TSC has decided to not appeal the decision.The TSC explained that it was strongly advised by three Senior Counsels to appeal the court order, but since the pursuance of the appeal would result in a long and time-consuming process, the body decided to comply with the court’s decision “on humanitarian grounds”.“The TSC wishes to state that their decision not to appeal was primarily to avoid any further suffering of the affected teachers which would ultimately also affect the nation’s children,” the body said in a statement to the media.The TSC explained that it would have a “Special Full Commission” meeting in January 2017 to plan the review process.The organisation highlighted that the exercise would take a few months since a thorough examination of approximately 5000 applications would be done.last_img read more