From flying planes to finding caches — Interview with cache owner Cliptwings

first_imgGeocaching HQ: What keeps you engaged with the game?Cliptwings: Paying it forward in two ways gives me the most satisfaction these days. First, I try to make the caches I hide as interesting as possible. I give finders a fun puzzle to solve to get inside the container, or make the cache something they have never experienced before, such as an audio or video cache. Second, I do a weekly “Introduction to Geocaching” presentation at our local State park. I love introducing the activity to people who don’t know anything about it. I end the presentation with a hunt for three nearby caches, and it’s great to see a smile on their faces when they find their first geocache. Geocaching HQ: For you, what makes a quality cache?Cliptwings: For me, a quality cache is one in which the cache owner obviously put some thought and effort into making it. It can be an LPC or an ammo can or something totally unique. If the experience leaves you with the feeling of wanting to find more of the same, then I think it’s a quality cache.Geocaching HQ: What’s the best approach to creating a geocache?Cliptwings: I think it depends on what the cache owner wants to convey to the finder.  Are they taking you to a pretty, interesting, historic place? Then a magnetic micro on a stop sign is good enough. A good Mystery cache can be placed lots of places because the object is to challenge the geocacher’s intellect. By the way, I generally stay away from geocaches that force you to think – it makes my head hurt! Generally, I look for a safe, pleasant place to hide a cache, one which gets lots of foot traffic but also has plenty of hiding places.Geocaching HQ: If someone reading this was looking for inspiration, what words of advice would you give them?Cliptwings: I tell the folks in my presentation to start the easy (and cheap) way. Download the Geocaching app® to your smartphone (everyone has one of those, right?) and use the free membership to start. Go for the one and two star difficulty caches until you get comfortable with the process. I don’t think there’s anything more frustrating than spending hundreds on a GPS receiver and failing to find those five star bison tubes. When you find those first few easy ones, I think you’re inspired to try more difficult hides, with better equipment, with a Premium membership. Geocaching HQ: You have a number of complicated and intricate caches. Do you find it difficult to provide maintenance on them?Cliptwings: Most of the time the only real maintenance I need to do is to replace the battery every eight to twelve months. The computer in my Arduino caches is simple and robust, and I try to build in reliability wherever I can. That doesn’t mean they are all fool-proof. I loved building a cache called “Cut the Cheese,” GC6ZHJ7. It was an Arduino cache that sensed methane, the kind of gas people “pass.” Once the gas was “smelled,” a servo would unlock the lid to the container. But I had to archive the thing because people kept sitting on it and busting the container! Here’s a YouTube link.Geocaching HQ: Have you ever had an idea that you thought was impossible?Cliptwings: Not that I can recall, but I set the bar pretty low! I get most of my ideas from the internet. There are hundreds of 10 year old kids out there who come up with brilliant ideas and write the software programs to execute those ideas. I just borrow their talent and adapt them to geocaching.  Geocaching HQ: Do you have a favorite hide of your own active caches?Cliptwings: I have two favorites because they are so different from each other and from others that I’ve found. The first is “The OroValleyan,” GC6G639, based on the book and movie “The Martian,” played by Matt Damon. You are an astronaut stranded on the desolate planet of Oro Valley (my town in Arizona). The only way out is to contact your home base using an old explorer spacecraft, which is stage one. When you activate the “spacecraft,” headquarters sends you the coords for the rescue ship. The spacecraft points to  hexidecimal characters that you then need to translate into coordinate numbers using an ASCII table. The “rescue ship” is the second and final stage. It was really fun to make and was the first Arduino gadget cache where I did the programming myself. Here’s a YouTube link. My other favorite is “Walk With Me,” GC42MWP.  First thing you do is download an mp3 file which is in the description, and upload it to your phone or player. Then go to the set of coords listed in the description. This is your starting point. From there, the mp3 recording will tell you where to go and what to look for. I tell you some stupid jokes along the way and add in some inspirational music from the Indiana Jones movies. You end up at an object that will provide you the numbers for the final stage coords. It was a blast to make and I love reading the comments from the finders’ logs.We love hearing about local cache owners who put a creative twist on their caches! Let us know your favorite geocache creators in the comments below!Share with your Friends:More For cache owner ‘Cliptwings’ geocaching isn’t just a hobby, it’s a new opportunity to realize that even if he can’t fly anymore, the wings of passion prevent him from being cooped up. A former Airforce and commercial airline pilot turned creative gadget cache engineer. Travelling the world on planes Cliptwings says there wasn’t a place that didn’t have a cache nearby. First introduced to the game by his wife, Princess Pooh Pooh, who thought of him when a geocacher explained the game to her. They went out to find a cache in a park and got hooked. To him, it felt powerful to have GPS technology in his hand because airlines still used ground-based navigation at the time. Since then Cliptwings has hidden a number of amazing caches that take some time and creative juice to create. Geocaching HQ: What’s your background outside of geocaching?Cliptwings: I flew C-130 and Gulfstream aircraft for the US Air Force for 26 years, then I flew for American Airlines, in many places and airplanes, for 16 years. Now I’m retired.  There wasn’t a place I visited that didn’t have some kind of cache nearby!Geocaching HQ: How and when did you hear about geocaching? Cliptwings: My wife, Princess Pooh Pooh, was a Flight Attendant with America West Airlines. She flew with a Captain who would run off as soon as the crew arrived at their layover hotel. Being naturally curious, She asked him what he was doing with his spare time. He explained the concept of geocaching to her, and she thought to herself, “Hmm, what a nerd! My husband would LOVE this nerdy stuff!”Geocaching HQ: Which cache got you hooked?Cliptwings: My very first find! It was just a standard hide in a local park, but to me there was just something magical about satellite navigation. At the time we still used ground-based systems to navigate the airplane, so to have a tool in your hand that could get you within ten feet of a 35mm film canister was unbelievable! I know how Dave Ulmer must have felt. After that, the ability to visit interesting, historic, or beautiful places by geocaching really got me interested.  Geocaching HQ: What is the story behind your username?Cliptwings: I was briefly laid off from American Airlines after the tragedy of September 11, 2001. I was looking for something to do while searching for another job, and my wife came up with the geocaching idea. Since I was no longer flying, my “wings” were “clipt.” I thought it was a natural fit, so I became Cliptwings. It’s not very imaginative, and certainly not as good as many I’ve seen out there. Geocaching HQ: What are your favorite caches you’ve found?Cliptwings: I have two, both found while on flying layovers. Both are virtuals, and I forget the GC numbers. The first was in downtown Baltimore, and the GPSr took me to an old cemetery among the tall buildings. To log the find, I had to identify a particular resident of the cemetery at the GZ. Lo and behold, when I arrived at the tombstone, I was looking at the grave of the famous author Edgar Allen Poe! I never would have known he was there without geocaching taking me there. My other favorite was in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The cache took me to a beautiful park right along the shore of the bay.  To log the find, I had to identify an “out of place” object at the GZ. Well, my GPSr took me to the corner of a very old, red brick church. As I looked up at the corner, I noticed a cannonball wedged in between the bricks! It seems that during the War of 1812, the British bombarded this area from their ships, and one of the cannonballs landed in the wall of the church! The people of the parish just left it there. Now that’s some interesting history!   SharePrint RelatedVom Fliegen bis zum Finden von Caches – Interview mit dem Cache-Besitzer CliptwingsJuly 19, 2019In “Deutsch”Van het vliegen van vliegtuigen naar het vinden van caches – Interview met cache-eigenaar CliptwingsJuly 19, 2019In “Local stories”The OroValleyan — Geocache of the WeekJuly 10, 2019In “Geocache of the Week”last_img read more

Google Groups Joins Google Apps in Battle for the Enterprise

first_imgGoogle Apps is adding Google Groups to its enterprise suite of applications, another example of Google’s commitment to developing an online application environment that is compelling enough for users to move off the Windows platform.Google Groups has to this point been a consumer service. As part of Google Apps, it now integrates with Google Docs, Google Calendar, GMail, Google Sites and Google Video.Adding Google Groups is another shot across Microsoft’s bow. Striking is the speed in which companies like Google can innovate with web-based applications, compared to Microsoft’s long development cycles. Designing for the browser is so much more efficient that you have to wonder how much of a lead Microsoft can hold in face of the fast development cycles from Google and others in the enterprise collaboration space.In 2007, Google Apps had three products: Gmail, Google Docs and Google Calendar. Today, Google Apps includes 24 products. The cost for Google Apps is $50 per user/per year. In the current Microsoft desktop model, the costs to develop products make it seemingly impossible to keep licensing costs as low as Google Apps. The customer investment is magnified by the technology investments that IT departments need t make in order to keep desktop applications running inside the enterprise. 3 Areas of Your Business that Need Tech Now alex williams IT + Project Management: A Love Affair Related Posts Cognitive Automation is the Immediate Future of… Tags:#enterprise#news#NYT#Products This not to say that Google is lacking any weaknesses of its own. The addition of Google Groups adds another level of functionality to its enterprise suite. Still, the features are fairly simple, compared to the Windows platform.FeaturesGoogle is adding groups to address the challenges for both the IT administrator and the user. In Google’s view, managing groups is a significant administrative burden for IT. The user, in turn is dependent on IT to create the groups.Google’s answer is to create a group environment that can be controlled by the user or the IT department. The IT department can control all groups that are created or it can give complete control to the user.This will all sound familiar if you have ever set up your own Google Group. The process is pretty straight forward. The time it takes to set up a group is minimal. You give the group a name and create a group email and web address. You then add a short description and set controls for who has access.Members are added by sending an email with an invitation. Massive Non-Desk Workforce is an Opportunity fo… Google Groups for the enterprise is designed for users to collaborate on projects. For example, Google Docs and shared folders may be added to a group as can mock ups from Google Sites. Calendar items can be added or a testimonial using Google Video. Dependence on email is its weakness. All changes or additions are sent through email, just as in the consumer version of Google Groups. The saving grace is Google search, which makes it easier to find information in the email.Activity streams are all the rage and seem like they would potentially fit if the groups were designed differently. But you can see why email is the default. Google Groups on the consumer side is designed for email as a distribution mechanism so it makes sense it would be the same for the enterprise.In ConclusionAdding Google Groups is not a dramatic improvement to Google Apps. But it will be compelling to watch how the collaboration market unfolds in 2010 in the face of rapid feature enhancements from Google and a host of competitors competing for a piece of the enterprise market.last_img read more

Kaushal Manda tells his fans that his wife is recovering from surgery

first_imgKaushal Manda with his wife Neelima in the press meetScreenshot of YouTube videoKaushal Manda who grew as one of the most-trailed celebrities after his appearance in Bigg Boss Telugu 2 had made an announcement that his wife Neelima Kaushal is diagnosed with cancer, had updated that his wife underwent surgery and is recovering quite well.”Because of all your love and God’s blessings Neelima’s surgery went successfully. The tumour has been removed and the treatment will start soon. Thank you all for the love and support”, Kaushal wrote sharing a picture of Neelima on the hospital bed post surgery.Earlier, Kaushal shared an update regarding his wife’s condition and made an announcement regarding her surgery. Kaushal Manda also wrote an emotional note which says, “My wife, my mother half- Neelima has been there in my life since the past eight years. She’s there with me through everything I’ve been through- the good and the bad. She’s my every breathe and has been there through every step and decision”, Kaushal wrote about Neelima.Neelima Kaushal came into public scenario after Kaushal appeared on the controversial show Bigg Boss Telugu 2. Neelima played a great role in Kaushal’s win during the Bigg Boss season. During a recent controversy, Kaushal made an announcement in front of the media that his wife is diagnosed with cancer. Kaushal’s announcements regarding his wife Neelima’s health has drawn mixed responses. After the recent controversies, Kaushal has been called a sympathy-gainer and other names. Neelima’s name was dragged in the middle of the controversies too.Whatever it is, we are happy that Neelima Kaushal is recovering. We appreciate her fighting spirit.last_img read more

Lightning kills 2 farmers in Chuadanga

first_imgTwo farmers were killed and another was injured in a lightning strike at Boleshpur village in Alamdanga upazila in Chuadanga on Monday evening.The deceased were identified as Zahid, 30, son of Nazrul Mandol, and Tariq, 32, son of Kalu Sheikh of the village.Akram Hossain, officer-in-charge of Alamdanga Police Station, said a thunderbolt struck a group of three farmers in the evening while they guarding a fish enclosure.They were taken to Sadar Hospital where doctors declared Zahid and Tariq dead.last_img read more

Modi assures Bangladesh of resolving Rohingya crisis

first_imgForeign minister AK Abdul Momen meets Indian prime minister Narendra Modi in New Delhi Thursday morning. Photo: BSSIndian prime minister Narendra Modi on Thursday assured New Delhi’s cooperation in resolving the longstanding Rohingya crisis in Bangladesh.His assurance came when visiting Bangladesh foreign minister AK Abdul Momen sought India’s support for early repatriation of Rohingya people to Myanmar’s Rakhine state as he met the Indian premier in New Delhi Thursday morning.As Momen thanked prime minister Modi for India’s humanitarian assistance to Rohingyas, the premier said India is always with Bangladesh and will remain beside it, a press release issued by Bangladesh mission in New Delhi said.During the meeting, the Indian prime minister mentioned that the partnership between Bangladesh and India is flourishing under the visionary leadership of prime minister Sheikh Hasina.He reaffirmed India’s sincere commitment to Bangladesh’s prosperity and development and viewed that Bangladesh-India relations are a model between the two neighbouring countries which need to be showcased for wider audience around the world.The foreign minister expressed his satisfaction on the excellent bilateral relations that exist between the two countries which had grown and prospered, especially with the statesmanship of prime minister Sheikh Hasina and prime minister Modi.He stressed that Bangladesh would continue her resolve in further strengthening and deepening her relations with India in the coming days.Momen recalled that the two countries amicably resolved the longstanding problems, which is much appreciated by the respective peoples.He also thanked prime minister Modi for extending congratulations upon the victory of Awami League in the parliamentary elections, held in December 2018 as the first foreign leader.The foreign minister mentioned the remarkable progress Bangladesh has achieved during the last few years in the socio-economic sectors under the Awami League government led by prime minister Sheikh Hasina.He also elaborated on the road map of prime minister Sheikh Hasina to realize the dream of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman to build Bangladesh as Sonar Bangla.Later, foreign minister Momen called on the former Indian prime minister Manmohan Singh and deputy leader of opposition in the Rajya Sabha Anand Sharma.He conveyed greetings of prime minister Sheikh Hasina to Manmohan Singh.They expressed satisfaction at the excellent state of bilateral relations between Bangladesh and India.Manmohan Singh conveyed congratulations to prime minister Sheikh Hasina for being elected as the prime minister for the third time. He noted that early repatriation of Rohingyas is a priority and assured that they will be supporting the government of India in any initiative to expedite repatriation of Rohingyas to Rakhine state.He hoped that both countries would be able to resolve the remaining outstanding issues between the two countries including the Teesta water sharing soon.Momen is visiting New Delhi on his maiden official tour abroad as the foreign minister of Bangladesh to attend the 5th meeting of India-Bangladesh Joint Consultative Commission Friday.The meeting would be co-chaired by the foreign/external affairs ministers of Bangladesh and India.After the JCC meeting both sides are expected to sign few MoUs. Foreign minister is expected to return to Dhaka on 9 February 2019, the release added.last_img read more