‘Burning Buses Not Solution to Accidents,’ -Sekou Kamara

first_imgOne of the ‘Killer Bean’ bus on Johnson Street yesterday in MonroviaSekou Kamara, a driver of one of the yellow American school buses popular known as ‘Killer Bean,’  says angry residents burning buses whenever there is a tragic accident is not the solution to the problem.In an interview with the Daily Observer yesterday following the resumption of operation of the buses which were grounded after angry commercial motorcyclists razed one on Battery Factory Road on Monday, Kamara said such an action does not ease the pain of the tragedy.Kamara said bus owners and stakeholders held meetings on Wednesday and Thursday, and the owners agreed to put their buses back on the road.He said the buses have third party insurance coverage and so whenever there is an accident, common sense should lead everyone involved to dialogue in order to resolve the problem.“In the incident on Monday, the motorbike rider ran his bike in front of the bus and because it is a large vehicle, the bus driver could not avoid what happened,” he said.Kamara rejected claims that because ‘Killer Bean’ buses are huge, their drivers don’t provide space for other road users.Sekou Kamara appeals to Liberians to avoid mob action because it does not solve the problem“Sometimes other vehicles and motorbikes try to overtake when the bus driver is not aware of their action,” he said. “So other road users should make sure that whenever they are behind any such large vehicles they should allow some space between them.”Kamara said overtaking any huge vehicle when that driver is unaware is extremely dangerous, “and they must work hard to avoid that.”He said he regrets the death of Victor Morris, who was crushed to death after reportedly crossing in front of the bus on Monday evening.Kamara said all yellow buses were back on the streets early yesterday morning plying their normal routes, including trips to Red Light, Gardnersville, New Georgia, Topoe Village – all on Somalia Drive, and destinations on Bushrod Island.The temporary withdrawal of the buses from the streets caused enough transportation difficulties for commuters, who appealed to commercial motorcycle riders to avoid mob action and allow the Liberia National Police to handle such cases.“The Liberia National Police must be vigorous against mob action,” a commuter told the Daily Observer in an interview on Johnson Street in Monrovia.The yellow American school buses got the name ‘Killer Bean’ from Killer Bean Forever a 2009 computer-animated action film that tells the story of an anthropomorphic coffee bean assassin named Jack Bean, known as Killer Bean, who was a no-nonsense killer who made light use of his enemies. Like the movie, the yellow American school bus “is like a Roadmaster that exerts its position on the road so that vehicles, motorbikes and other road users always stay clear when it is coming,” said a young woman who spoke to the Daily Observer last night. “When the yellow bus, with its huge side, is moving down the road, all vehicles give way,” she said.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Disposable cups and plastic bags levies proposed

first_imgThe Irish government has proposed new levies on plastic bags, disposable cups and waste disposal.The Republic of Ireland Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment Richard Bruton confirmed the measures.He said they were aimed at encouraging more sustainable behaviour and were a key part of the Government’s Climate Action Plan. Under the proposals announced today (Weds), the existing plastic bag levy will increase from the current rate of 22c to 25c.It will also be extended to include medium weight plastic bags, which are often referred to as a ‘bag for life’.A waste recovery levy of €5 a tonne would apply to the three key waste recovery options: landfill, incineration and export.An increase of the landfill levy by €5 per tonne to €80 per tonne has also been proposed. Perhaps, most controversial of all is a new levy on disposable cups.The rate is to be determined following market research, but likely to be 10c, 15c or 25c, according to the department.The new and increased levies will be in place either next year or in 2021.Disposable cups and plastic bags levies proposed was last modified: November 6th, 2019 by Staff WriterShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Kurtenbach: Six takeaways from the Warriors’ schedule release

first_imgSo welcome to peak offseason content — I’m about to break down the Warriors’ 2019-2020 schedule, which was released Monday.Here are my six takeaways:It’s seriously backloaded(Nhat V. Meyer/Bay Area News Group)We don’t know when Klay Thompson, who tore his ACL in Game 6 of last … The schedule is here, the schedule is here!In all of its glory:The Warriors’ 19-20 schedule. Plan your life accordingly. pic.twitter.com/MFjzQEX1AY— Dieter Kurtenbach (@dieter) August 12, 2019last_img read more

Northern Cape sinkhole offers up underground mysteries

first_imgA 300m long sinkhole in the Northern Cape that opened up after heavy summer rains is revealing some interesting discoveries for inquisitive locals and adventurous spelunkers.The 300m long sinkhole in the Northern Cape, caused by heavy rains has cave explorers intrigued. (Image: Hendrik van Hunks, Facebook)CD AndersonThe sinkhole, situated on the Mount Carmel farm, close to the R31 road between the towns of Kuruman and Daniëlskuil, Northern Cape, was formed two weeks ago by rainwater erosion.While the ravine may look insignificant compared to something like the Grand Canyon in the US, it appears that what lies beneath the surface, at various openings along the ground, may offer up some new, significant discoveries.SpelunkingTwo South African spelunkers (cave explorers) Karin Human and Gerrie Pretorius visited the site recently, attempting to explore beneath the surface.“[We] climbed 4m down into the first hole in the ground,” Human told travel news website, News24 Traveller. The two climbers were able to explore a narrow passage inside of a cave, the walls of which Human said were smooth, “almost like boulders in a river, there were no sharp edges.”The 300m long sinkhole in the Northern Cape, caused by heavy rains has cave explorers intrigued. (Image: Hendrik van Hunks, Facebook)On the boulders, the team discovered formations of crystals, created over thousands of years, collected from a combination of groundwater and mineral build-up.Human was able to move further through the narrow cave passageway, discovering a larger cave chamber and another 1m wide connecting passageway.The explorers say there is flowing water in the cave, moving to an underground reservoir further beneath the surface.The team hope to explore further along the ravine with better equipment at a later stage, intending to map the underground area topographically to get an idea of its full area size.The Cape of CavesThis Northern Cape region is known for its karst topography, namely land formations caused by the dissolution of soluble rocks, including limestone, dolomite and gypsum. Underground drainage systems gradually create sinkholes and caves in the rock over thousands of years.In a South African Broadcasting Corporation news report, experts have noted that while the area is full of these formations, this latest opening is described as “monster hole [with rain] water continuing to flow into it, creating small waterfalls.”Watch footage of the waterfalls at the Mount Carmel site below:Boesmansgat, meaning in English “Bushman’s Hole”, is also a natural sinkhole and, at almost 300m, believed to be the sixth-deepest freshwater cave in the world. It is less than 10km from the new Mount Carmel opening. Boesmansgat is home to a number of cave diving world records.View from the droneThe 300m long sinkhole in the Northern Cape, caused by heavy rains has cave explorers intrigued. (Image: Hendrik van Hunks, Facebook)Meanwhile back at Mount Carmel, aerial photographer Hendrik van Hunks filmed the surface size of the new sinkhole using a camera-drone.Watch the footage below:Continued rain at the site have spiked fears that the ravine may, over time, reach and destroy the nearby R31 road. The Department of Roads and Public Works have closed off the road until a full survey of the area can be completed, and a workable solution found to stem this bizarre, yet perfectly natural occurrence.Source: News24 Would you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See Using Brand South Africa material.last_img read more

Tumblr Unveils Leader Board & Topic Navigation

first_imgTop Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… marshall kirkpatrick Tumblr, one of if not the largest blogging and curation platform on the web, today launched a new way to explore content by topic and discover the most popular Tumblr users on the hot topics of the day. Called Tumblr Explore, the feature is intended to make the huge quantity of content on the site easier to navigate and new content easier to discover. The company also framed the feature in its announcement as a way for users to get more readers on their own blogs.Who’s the hottest Tumblr on the topic of food right now, for example? That would be Rachel Lauren Spence, author of SheSalty. Egypt and Libya are newly hot topics and the most popular curator across the Tumblr network on both those topics is Joshua Nguyen, who just happens to work for Tumblr. Six of the twenty six hottest blogs on the hottest topics listed on Tumblr Explore right now are written by Tumblr staff members. Related Posts In the contest to determine what the best recommendation and discovery method of a content-stuffed web is, score one vote here for recent media by popular topic, followed by content curators with the most popular history of curation or content creation. It appears there’s no single human editor of Tumblr Explore, nor is there a way to surface the most popular content on a particular topic. It’s all one big vote on topics and people and from that vote follows the most recent stream of what’s new. It’s very different from the way content is surfaced on sites like Reddit or Techmeme. Will it work well? Time will tell, but it’s sure to be fun to wander through. Tags:#Blogging#web 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Useful tips to help you reduce mobile data usage and save money

first_imgAdvertisement Believe it or not, your smartphone is literally of no use without internet connectivity. Millennials have become addicted to Snapchating, Instagraming, Facebooking and Tweeting (not in that order), while cloud storage has picked up popularity and more & more people have become inclined to use streaming apps like YouTube and Netflix.And now with most carriers offering 4G internet, that’s way faster than the 3G speeds we’ve become accustomed to. 4G speeds mean quicker use of the data you’re allowed to. And that means you have to buy more data than you would have budgeted to use.May be hard to accept for some people but your smartphone has become indispensable. So let’s see how to cut down on mobile data usage without hindering your mobile experience – with the right apps and a change of habits. – Advertisement – Use WiFi at home and work All smartphones or tablets have a WiFi radio which allows it to connect to a home wireless network just as you would connect a laptop or desktop PC. This will help you save on your data usage, as long as it doesn’t expire first.Some carriers also offer hotspot networks of their own. MTN Uganda offers connectivity through a network of hotspots available through out the city, and your device should automatically connect to these when you’re in range.Turn off Mobile Data when not in use Turn off your Mobile Data when you are not using it, like when you are driving or sleeping. This will help to avoid excessive data usage. For Android users, go to the notification panel on your smartphone and turn the mobile data option off as shown in the picture.Strictly use WiFi to update your Apps Visit the Play Store on your android phone and then go to the settings option and check the Auto-update apps option. Please ensure that the Auto-update apps on Wi-Fi only option is selected or highlighted as shown in the image here.You also have the option to not auto update the apps at all. However, if you do that, you will have to update the apps manually and that could be time consuming and even frustrating at times.Disable auto play videos on Facebook Facebook recently added a feature that automatically plays videos in your newsfeed, regardless of if you wanted it to or not. These videos have been known to consume more data and you’ll probably want it off.Facebook Left Navigational Panel > Settings > (General Settings) Auto-Play videos on Wi-Fi only.Save data across apps with Opera Max The apps installed on your smartphone (plus the ones you’re yet to install) are known to consume mobile data heartlessly. Mobile games like Clash of Clans, Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat are heavy data consumers. How to go around this? Don’t download these apps, but who’re we kidding? Meet Opera Max.Opera Max lets you compress data by up to 50% across most of the apps on your Android. Opera Max gives you the option you to restrict particular apps from using your mobile data and keep them to Wi-Fi only, plus stop apps from using data in the background.The iOS equivalent of this is Onavo Extend app designed to compress your data and potentially extend your data plan. It doesn’t work with streaming audio or video apps and VoIP apps, but it will help reduce the impact of images and text.Image credit: Quartzlast_img read more