How many megapixels can the human eye capture?

first_imgOne of the characteristics in which we look more when buying a camera, is in its resolution. Every year, cameras and even those with mobile phones, have many improvements that allow us to capture the most realistic images. However, none of them are able to recreate the image that we can see. Image: iStock To get a camera to capture the same images we see through our eyes, it would have to be 576 megapixels, but even so, the image we would capture would not reach the sharpness we are able to see.A camera, even if it has a good lens and one of the best sensors, cannot be compared with all the complex features and elements that make up an eye. In addition, there are also different factors that affect our vision and that with a camera would be impossible to recreate.Our vision can capture an image of 576 megapixelsAn example of this is the morphology of our eyes. This morphology allows us to correctly see the things that are in front of us at all times, while the surroundings look more blurred. In addition, there are other factors that decrease the quality of our vision at some times, such as the blind spots of our eyes or the part of our nose that makes us always have things in between.That said, we can confirm that the resolution that our eyes capture varies at any moment and that although our vision can capture an image at 576 megapixels, at other points it can be compared with a resolution of only 7. This fact although it may seem a bit odd It has its logic: everything we observe is transmitted directly to the brain and continuously, so even if we see in some moments we see badly, what we perceive is a processed and correct image of reality.center_img One of the things we look at in a camera is its resolutionThe resolution of a camera cannot be compared with that of the eyeslast_img read more

Turkey anticipates 40 million tourists USD 30 billion income in 2018

first_imgTurkey’s tourism sector has made a fast start in 2018, as the recent positive early booking figures and demand across the globe suggests that the country expects 40 million tourists and over USD 30 billion in tourism revenue this year. Taking into account the favourable demands from Europe, which is defined as the country’s main market, and the Commonwealth of Independent States, tourism experts predict that Turkey is to witness record-breaking arrivals in 2018.  Firuz Bağlıkaya, Chairman of Travel Agencies Association (TÜRSAB) said as a result of a favourable demand from abroad this year, the sector expects to see an all-time high.Bağlıkaya also added that within the scope of the tourism revenue at the end of 2018, they anticipate that the average tourism income per capita will reach USD 750. While the country welcomed 32.4 million last year, according to Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat) data.Numan Kurtulmuş, Minister Of Culture and Tourism, Republic of Turkey stated that Turkey tourism’s next five-year target is to welcome 50 million tourists and generate USD 50 million income by 2023.  According to the Culture and Tourism Ministry, Turkey welcomed 3 million foreign visitors in the first two months of 2018 during its winter period, which increased by 34.91% year-on-year in the first two months. Bağlıkaya revealed that demands from Germany and Russia, which are Turkey’s main tourism market, are very positive. Germany’s demand increased by 60% whereas Russia’s by 30%. From its European neighbours, Turkey expects the number of visitors from the UK and the Netherlands to rise. In terms of outbound arrivals to Turkey from Russia, the country is forecasting an increase of 20%. According to British flight search app, Skyscanner data, April 30 – May 9 flight bookings from Russia to Istanbul have increased by 102% compared to the same period last year.last_img read more