12 Joseph’s Coat

first_imgBy Paul A. ThomasUniversity of GeorgiaLike glowing beams of sunshine, Chartreuse Joseph’s Coat(Alternanthera ficoidea ‘Chartreuse’) is a dazzling,trouble-free addition to any landscape.It’s prized for its eye-catching yellow-green foliage, compactgrowth habit, durability and ability to provide nonstop colorfrom early spring until fall frost.Joseph’s Coat is an heirloom plant that was popular in theVictorian era when formal gardens were in vogue. Today there isnew interest in it, thanks to exciting new cultivars from Mexicoand South America, like Chartreuse.Easy to growIt’s a choice plant for today’s part-time gardener because itprovides season-long color with little routine care. It hassmall, greenish-white flowers in leaf axils. But they’re usuallymasked by the foliage and are indistinct.The plants grow in a compact, mounded shape 6 to 12 inches talland 12 to 24 inches wide. The leaves are opposite and linear, ahalf-inch to 1 inch long. Both stems and leaves are brightyellow-green.Chartreuse Joseph’s Coat is brightest when planted in full sun.It will perform well, though, in morning sun and afternoon shade.Moist, well-drained soils are essential. Like other annualplants, it requires scheduled irrigation to keep looking its best.Light pinching of the terminal shoot throughout the season willkeep it compact. In formal landscapes, plants are sometimessheared to provide a uniform shape.By any other nameChartreuse Joseph’s Coat is sometimes confused because it hasmany common names: Golden Parrot Leaf, Golden Alternanthera,Chartreuse Calico Plant. A yellow-green form of Summer Poinsettia(Amaranthus) is called Joseph’s Coat, too. Landscapers call itChartreuse Alternanthera.The plant has many landscape uses. It’s a favorite in formal knotgardens or as edging to define plant beds. Theme parks, likeDisney World in Orlando, Fla., use it to create intricate,eye-catching designs in the landscape.Landscapers call Chartreuse Joseph’s Coat an “echo plant” becauseit tends to enhance or echo other colors. It makes them look morevibrant. That’s particularly true with magenta, purple or blue.There’s moreIt’s a favorite in container gardens, too, and in baskets whereit spills over the side like froth from a bubbling stream. In formal beds where plants will be sheared as one unit for masseffect, set plants 12 inches apart. In beds where the plants willbe seen as individuals, space them 18 to 24 inches apart.Fertilize Chartreuse Joseph’s Coat with a complete, slow-releasefertilizer such as Osmocote 18-6-12 at planting time. Follow thelabel directions. You shouldn’t need to fertilize again.Adding 2 to 3 inches of a fine-textured mulch, such as pine strawor pine-bark mininuggets, at planting will help keep the soilmore uniformly moist. Don’t be tempted to water every other day.The plant can handle dry periods and even long-term drought withinfrequent watering.(Paul Thomas is an Extension Service horticulturist with theUniversity of Georgia College of Agricultural and EnvironmentalSciences.) Volume XXIXNumber 1Page 12last_img read more

Burlington Airport Announces Plans to Add Parking

first_img$45 million project would add two floors and 1,400 spaces without taxpayer costAt a press conference on Wednesday, February 11, 2009, Brian Searles, Director of Aviation at Burlington International Airport, unveiled plans for a major expansion to the airport s parking facilities. The need for additional parking at the airport has become acute, said Searles. Enplanements for Calendar Year 2008 were up 7.3% over 2007. In 2008, the existing garage was filled to capacity at least once nearly every day from February through October. Searles added that when the primary lot is full, vehicles must be moved to the Park & Shuttle location, or even to off-site temporary lots. The result is inconvenience to customers and lost revenue.To be completed in phases, the new project would ultimately add two floors and 1,400 parking spaces. The addition will also incorporate a variety of creative energy-efficiency features. The phases are scalable, depending on economic conditions. The full build-out cost for the project is estimated to be $45 million. To pay for the construction, the airport is asking Burlington to seek voter approval in March for a Revenue Supported General Obligation Bond.Searles added, It is critical to understand that this project will not result in any increase in Burlington area residents taxes. I can t stress that strongly enough. The project will produce sufficient revenue increase to repay the bond without raising taxes. Searles also noted that voter approval does not commit the city to actual sale of the bonds, nor to spending at any particular level.Source: Burlington International Airportlast_img read more

Keeping the faith – a letter from our CEO

first_img April is the month when traditionally many golfers and their clubs come out of hibernation.The clocks have changed, the weather improves and The Masters whets the appetite for a new season.I’m no different to every other golfer in England who loves this great game of ours.Normally I’d be looking forward to this weekend’s County Foursomes at Chippenham Golf Club.In a fortnight, myself, county colleagues and many friends from clubs around Wiltshire would be ready for the County Championships at Tidworth Golf Club.I’d have been cramming for these ‘exams’, playing with my friends at Marlborough Golf Club and trying to shake off the winter rust.Instead, we have all been living through difficult times and golf courses remain closed as we all play our part by staying at home to protect the NHS and save lives.However, golf WILL return. We will get to enjoy our sport again, our friendships, our rivalries and experience all the highs and lows that come as part and parcel of this wonderful game.Since the 23 March shutdown, the sacrifices we have all made in our daily lives have helped to play a part in a huge national effort to combat COVID-19.The way everyone in golf has rallied together in these uncertain times fills me with great optimism for the future.Now is the time for us all to keep the faith and see this through until the end.The way golf clubs and golfers have played their part at a time of national crisis has been exemplary. The spirit shown has reinforced just why this game is so precious to so many.At England Golf we made the responsible call to close courses and we are unwavering in this decision. This is a stance made in the national interest and validated by government.Throughout these challenging times, England Golf has collaborated like never before with our colleagues in golf administration and presented a united front during many conversations with government.This collective approach has continued this week as we work with government to try and find the right conditions under which golf can return.‘Play Safe, Stay Safe’ is the message and, as mentioned in my letter last week, proposed guidelines to prepare for when golf returns will soon be sent out to all clubs and counties.I would like to thank everyone who has dealt with the frustrations of the last five weeks by acting to save lives.We must continue to do the right thing in the belief that when it is safe for golf to return we can look back with pride at how our community of golfers handled a situation that turned our sporting world on its head.Please remain optimistic, keep the faith as we will Play Safe and Stay Safe on the fairways together again soon.Jeremy TomlinsonChief Executive, England Golf 29 Apr 2020 Keeping the faith – a letter from our CEO Tags: Coronaviruslast_img read more