March 2017

Seven modes of boosting military and political Datong county enterprises build demonstration village

Datong County continue to push forward the "military enterprises build a model village" as the priority among priorities of the new rural construction, innovative methods of work, and actively take effective measures, the creation of "military enterprises build a model village" seven modes, aims to "military enterprises build a model village" activities into the masses satisfaction project.

point guidance mode . Take the method of "3+1", both the contact point leading the pack guidance, inspection teams of staff guidance, Village Village Township leadership guidance, fully implement the leadership responsibility, joint efforts to assist the 1 contact point of the village to carry out the new rural construction, and the selection of "familiar with the village of love, down-to-earth style, excellent service" for cadres each village set up a working group to participate in the activities, help village contact point to clear thinking, improve the planning and plan, the implementation of the project, formed a joint enterprise active participation, the relevant departments to promote pragmatic, fully cooperate with the masses of the village contact point, a positive response, force push the good situation of the new rural construction. read more

Victory Road Subdistrict Office Park Lane Community Party interpretation of chorus

yesterday morning, Wang Cunzhong came to the early victory Street Office Park Lane community, directing staff to install the background wall. People who know him know, although he is not a community worker, but it is most supportive of community work in the jurisdiction of the unit leader – Qinghai eighth geological and Mineral Exploration Institute party secretary. In order to facilitate the actors to change clothes, he took the initiative to let his office out. Wang Hong, the party secretary of the community, and the actors were all moved. read more

Supply and marketing cooperatives held a people-oriented, diligence to perform their duties, the the

according to the associated party committee, commission for Discipline Inspection, on the joint system to carry out people-oriented, diligence to perform their duties, the theme of education and Publicity Month activities arrangements for the file [2011]20. In July 25th, union convened the company Party branch secretary, deputy secretary of the discipline committee and union organs of all staff of more than and 20 people participated in the anti-corruption situation report lectures by union party Deputy Secretary of the Discipline Committee of the comrades still do qi. The meeting focused on the current task of China’s anti-corruption situation, with a large number of examples of education Cadres should strictly perform their duties the importance of diligence, through publicity and education activities, the supply and marketing cooperatives to further improve the system of Party members and cadres honest and diligent and honest business consciousness, to further build a strong ideological and moral line of defense against corruption, to the actual effectiveness of credibility and the anti-corruption struggle, to promote the "four development", building rich civilized and harmonious new Qinghai ningxinjuli, escort. read more

Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry to carry out the field of food safety special recti

from today (May 17th), the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry in the city to carry out a fifteen day circulation of food safety special rectification activities.

during the event, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau through the inspection business, individual industrial and commercial households inspection and daily market inspections and other measures, standardize management qualifications in accordance with the law, provide food suppliers valid licenses and proof of product quality of the supply agreement to suspend the performance of the major shopping malls, supermarkets, the market can not. At the same time, to further improve the food enterprises established in the key commodity admittance system, invoice system and substandard food delisting system, and establish and perfect the import and sales of expired food to the accounting and registration system in food wholesale enterprises, strengthen the supervision of the food source and destination; industry and commerce at all levels will be in strict accordance with the "the Administration for Industry and Commerce food regulatory standards" and the market inspection requirements, fenpianbaogan, responsibility to the people of the management system on the area of food enterprises, signed the "responsibility" of food safety and food operators to increase the daily inspection of food business behavior, discover and correct all kinds of food in the management of illegal behavior in time, all kinds of food safety risks will be reduced to the lowest level, eliminating the instability in the bud and nip in the bud. (author: Liu Dong) read more

Wang Xiao given instructions on winter heating

With the lowest temperature approaching 10 degrees below zero, the city gradually into the winter. Is it hot? What are the problems of heating? The masses are satisfied with heating services? The masses are always worried about the heart of the party secretary Wang Xiao. Do the winter heating, is a top priority, the livelihood of the drop in temperature, heating should be more awesome. In November 23rd, Wang Xiao made instructions on winter heating work: Recently, low temperature gradually, at the height of attention and timely solve various problems of the masses to ensure the heating, the heating needs of the masses of all ethnic groups. At the same time, we should pay attention to deal with extreme cold weather emergency plan to ensure the health and safety of the people.

the heating temperature of the heat for the livelihood of the people. The morning of November 25th, municipal committee, vice mayor Wang Ping chaired a special meeting to make arrangements for the party committees and governments at all levels and the relevant units to take a deep feelings of the people’s livelihood, to do a good job in the winter heating work, the heating of the people’s livelihood work done finer, more real, more in place, and effectively solve the existing heating tens of thousands of people, let the house to warm warm heart. read more

Xining city traffic police detachment to pay close attention to passenger safety

Spring Festival, Spring Festival is approaching, in order to effectively prevent and resolutely curb serious road traffic accidents, to create a good environment for the operation of passenger vehicles, Xining city traffic police detachment of a multi pronged, pay close attention to the responsibility to implement, implement the management of highway passenger traffic safety norm, comprehensively promote road passenger safety activities carried out.

increase the intensity of road patrol control. Detachment is required each brigade according to their characteristics, clear passenger vehicles governance key sections, scientific adjustment service arrangements, the noon and night to strengthen field squadron and other key periods of service inspection. In the area to set up a temporary checkpoint, strict implementation of 7 or more passenger cars by car registration system to ensure that when the passenger traffic regulation in place, do not get out of control for 24 hours. read more

This year, Xining will build 30 community elderly day service site

February 26th from the city’s civil affairs work conference learned, with the city to speed up the pace of entering the aging society, the Civil Affairs Department of the city actively explore the deepening of pension services, decided this year introduced a series of preferential policies and increasing the old pension service system, to live in the city, the elderly comfortable satisfaction the age of life.

according to the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau responsible person, there will be a new breakthrough and innovation of our city endowment service work this year, one is based on the actual population of our city, vigorously develop the cause of aging and social charity, implement the elderly social preferential policies, improve the elderly living allowance system; two is to continue to promote home for the construction of old-age old-age welfare service system based, community-based care and support institutions to complement the selection conditions of the subdistrict office and city community, to build 30 elderly service center and day service site, through the pilot, to promote community service work; three is to complete the social welfare relocation work, establish and perfect system, strengthen internal management, create a "warm homes"; the four is to improve and implement policies to support private pension institutions, pension for grassroots exploration Socialization mechanism, promote the socialization of social welfare. read more

Province to test the water pollution rights auction

December 8th, in the province of administrative services and public resources trading center, there is no sound of landing, only the sound of the computer keyboard sound emissions of major pollutants in Qinghai, the right to bid is underway. 12 companies for new or expansion projects, are competing to compete in the form of chemical oxygen demand, ammonia nitrogen, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides indicators. The bidding transaction, marking the province’s emission rights paid use and trading system reform and pilot work into the normalization stage.
it is reported that the essence of emissions trading, is the use of economic means to solve environmental problems, the emissions as a commodity trading, allow enterprises to become the main pollution remediation and environmental protection, and pollution emission behavior of their own choice. The same day, 12 enterprises in the price and time priority principle to participate in the auction in accordance with the transaction, the total turnover reached 11 million 160 thousand yuan.

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Qinghai Lake rally today rally in Xining

August 1st, the reporter learned from the provincial mountaineering sports management center, the 2013 National Conference on the Qinghai Lake in the foot of the General Assembly on August 2nd to 6 in the beautiful lake of Qinghai. By then, there will be 500 people from all over the country with a wealth of outdoor hiking enthusiasts to participate in this hiking activities, a glimpse of the beautiful Qinghai Lake, a passion of the lake tour.

the walking festival organized by the State Sports General Administration of Sports Management Center mountaineering, Qinghai Province Sports Bureau of Qinghai Province, Qinghai Lake scenic area development and Utilization Management Bureau, Qinghai province mountaineering management center contractor, road mileage of 121 kilometers on foot. Members of the team to participate in the hike on August 2nd in Xining, a collection of reports, starting from Xining in August 3rd, began a 4 day hiking trip. In addition, the Organizing Committee on foot along the tent camp, the players can further close to nature. Considering the actual number of applicants, in ensuring the safety of the premise of the activities, the number of members of the Organizing Committee on the relaxation of the quota, from last year’s 300 people increased to this year’s 500. read more

The satisfaction rate of 93% Xining city 100 shops promotion interview style construction

recently, Xining City Administration Bureau organized a "hundred shop interview", on the first half of the four district law enforcement officers work style, the performance of their duties, the administrative law enforcement and solicit the opinions and suggestions of the service object, accept the supervision of the masses of the people and the review.

activities with "learning oriented, service-oriented, efficient, honest and innovative" as the theme, take the way of questionnaire and symposium, administered questionnaires to the four district 500 commercial stores, visited 180 households due to violation of the laws and regulations of urban management and subject to administrative penalties for business, management, environment the health City city urban administrative law enforcement work of investigation. read more

Xining Municipal Health Bureau supervision of health supervision and management services to promote

In order to further implement the health supervision Association service projects, promote health supervision and assisting work, solve the power of grassroots health supervision institutions is relatively weak, further completion of horizontal edge, vertical in the end, health supervision network system covering urban and rural areas

in order to further implement the health supervision Association service projects, promote health supervision and assisting work, solve the power of grassroots health supervision institutions is relatively weak, further completion of horizontal edge, vertical in the end, health supervision network system covering urban and rural areas. October 29th to 30, the Xining Municipal Health Bureau deputy director Zhao Xiuqiong led the city medical center, Institute of health inspection and Supervision Bureau of law department is responsible for leadership of the East District, Chengzhong District, West District, North District to promote the health supervision Association service projects carried out supervision and inspection. read more

Xining Seismological Bureau to preach the spirit of the central provincial government 1 document, th

is the spirit of the central and provincial Party committee propaganda Document No. 1, adhere to the farmers and do practical purposes, according to municipal Party committee "on the organization to carry out propaganda activities to the countryside cadres notice" spirit, by the Municipal Bureau of SMG, Association for science and technology, science and Technology Bureau, Health Bureau, Seismological Bureau jointly organized the opening exhibition of Xining city "three rural areas special service activities in March 28 sunset under the curtain.  
"culture, science and technology, health" three rural service team line of 50 people went to the green forest in Datong County Township, Huangzhong County treasure Township, Da Cai Xiang Shang Hou Gou Cun, La village, Pemba village, Huangyuan County, Dahua town and other 16 villages for 14 days of special service activities nearly 2000 km journey. Activities, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Seismology combined with its own business characteristics, targeted for the preparation of rural services and content. Show pictures of earthquake science knowledge panels 12, to help people understand the correct shock method and first aid knowledge; and to carry out earthquake knowledge consultation activities, benefiting the masses nearly more than 20 thousand people. In view of the unreasonable structure of the earthquake resistant design of the rural residential buildings and the status quo of the current situation, the author has published more than 3000 books of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction and earthquake safety home building.
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School teachers and students in the form of memory of martyrs

September 30th is the first national memorial day, on the same day, the city’s primary and secondary schools to carry out various forms of activities to celebrate the national day and cherish the memory of revolutionary martyrs, the majority of teachers and students, offering martyrs, sing songs, and the message signature flag with a shadow and other activities through the Internet, in the memory of the martyrs of the affectionate blessing at the same time, the great motherland more thriving and prosperous, have to inherit the behest of the martyrs, make contributions to the motherland rich, strong and prosperous. On the same day, the city primary school organization Mafang about 700 teachers and students to carry out the National Day salute the flag raising ceremony, followed by a half mast to the memory of the martyrs, martyrs, a minute of silence to the revolutionary martyrs oath and other activities. Hongxing primary school organization 1150 student school launched the "Red Star Song fly, blessing of the motherland" "activities, teachers and students by singing the 38 red songs, in the memory of the revolutionary martyrs valiant record at the same time, also expressed the best wishes to the motherland. Yu Jing Xiang primary school organization job, retired teachers who hold high the flag, flag, flag to carry out mountaineering activities. Following the Dongguan Hui women’s primary school held to celebrate the National Day songs chorus, I Yucai School, primary school, primary school, Bridge Street liberal Jia Xiaozhuang primary school, primary school, primary school tiger Taiwan Xiaoquan, Bayi Road Primary School is to carry out the memory of the martyrs, valiant record series of activities to celebrate the national day. The reporter understands, three counties and four districts of the city education department recently on school the first memorial day, to celebrate the National Day activities carried out the arrangements, such as City District Education Bureau also dedicated to the school issued a notice in writing.   read more

To promote the overall harmonious development to create a new relationship between teachers and stud

campus corner (Chen Wenyuan photography)

campus miniature sand table (Chen Wenyuan photography)

to meet the party’s eighteen victory, the CPC Xining municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department organized the central green and provincial news media in recent years, economic, people’s livelihood, education and other aspects of the development of a focus on the interview. November 2nd morning, reporters follow the City Board of education propaganda department staff, came to Qinghai Huangchuan middle school ministry interview, Qinghai Huangchuan middle school principal Zhang Jianguo received us. read more

The National Day is expected to Xiqianxinju Xining city four district 859 low households to low rent

The morning of September 28th, Xining city housing security and the housing authority according to the minimum of three county four district housing tenants to apply, in accordance with the "low rent housing Shiwupeizu allocation scheme" relevant conditions in east area, West District, North District, Chengzhong district four district, the unification of the 2012 urban minimum living family of low rent housing Shiwupeizu Yaohao allocation. The same day, the city’s 859 low-income households into low-cost housing, the National Day holiday is expected to be able to stay in these new homes. read more

Xining City, east of the rural land tax organization to visit the elderly in Xining

in the construction of "Qinghai civilization" in the process of Chengdong District Local Taxation Bureau with their own advantages, and actively carry out charity activities, recently organized more than sixty never go out of the mountains of the rural elderly visited the capital of Xining.

County, Huangzhong, Ma Long village is the East District tax bureau counterpart helping village. Not long ago, in the village of Ma long long life, never went to the city of Zhao old man to the village cadres to express the desire to visit Xining. In that old people’s wishes, has been concerned about the development of Ma Long Cun, Chengdong District Local Taxation Bureau leadership immediately contacted the relevant departments decided to organize the village more than 60 old people go to Xining, and arranged for 4 staff accompanied by changes to the old people on the Xining city in recent years. read more

Qinghai has invested 2 billion 400 million yuan to carry out the construction of plateau towns beaut

reporter recently learned from the Provincial Department of housing and urban construction, from the beginning of 2014, the province’s annual arrangement of project funds 800 million yuan, through the improvement of planning, strengthen infrastructure construction work, focus on building the 16 plateau beautiful town, plans to use 5 years, invested 4 billion yuan to build 80 plateau beautiful town. As of now, has a total investment of 2 billion 400 million yuan of 48 towns of the province to carry out the beautiful towns of all 34.3% towns of the plateau. Further improvement of urban public services and municipal infrastructure. read more

Xining city tourist vehicles and more than 1000 km bus line 2 to 5 a.m.

eleven holiday is coming, Xining will focus on inspection of road transport operating vehicle safety technical conditions, driver qualification, during the holiday, passenger transport work arrangements. At the same time, strengthen the dynamic monitoring of the whole process of road transport vehicles, carried out the hidden sleeper bus to focus on remediation, especially tourist vehicles and thousands of kilometers above line bus vehicles, strictly implement the rest stop system at 2 pm to 5 pm. read more

Xining black smelly water is expected to be eliminated

Walk on the clean street, suddenly appeared a large exudes the smell of sewage, really spoil the enthusiasm like a piece of black smelly water, scar, destroyed the scenery of the city. The day before the introduction of relevant national regulations, requirements of governance throughout the black smelly water, in accordance with the requirements to the year after the end of Xining City, is expected to be basically eliminated black odor water.

Xining emergency medical treatment program to start multi point prevention and control of a joint fl

September 21st, the Xining Municipal Health Bureau launched an emergency based on a flow of medical treatment scheme, health law enforcement and supervision departments to act quickly, strengthen health and safety inspections of medical institutions, schools, hotels, hotels, construction sites and other crowded places, to prevent the spread of swine flu.

it is understood that the health supervision departments at all levels will be to carry out a comprehensive medical waste disposal, registration of infectious disease report, the fever outpatient triage setting norms, medical equipment and disinfection, personal protective measures for medical staff, school absenteeism, morning afternoon inspection, registration of infectious disease, infectious disease prevention and control knowledge training, the implementation of prevention and control system of infectious diseases the classroom, ventilation and disinfection of public places practitioners of infectious disease prevention and control knowledge, disinfection of environment and goods, supervision and inspection personnel in the registration key. read more