COVID-19: Protective gear delivered to medical workers to alleviate scarcity

first_imgA medical worker from the hospital who refused to give her name confirmed that the facility lacked standard protective gear and that she wore only a raincoat and a surgical mask.“Surgical masks are reserved for those who work in the emergency unit. The rest of us wear only fabric masks. The local health agency has yet to distribute the protective gear,” she said.Some medical workers have fallen victim to COVID-19. The Indonesian Medical Association (IDI) announced over the weekend that five doctors had died of the illness. In addition, a nurse died of the virus on March 12.Indonesian Nurses Association (PPNI) chairman Harif Fadhillah said nurses across the country had expressed concern about working without proper protection while handling patients with COVID-19. (aly)Topics : Another Twitter user @andinadwifatma posted on Monday afternoon a picture of her 62-year-old mother, a pediatrician in Jakarta, reporting for duty wearing a raincoat.“She has refused to see her family for a week [to protect them from potential coronavirus infection]. We only communicate through video calls. Sending love and my respect to all health workers,” she wrote. Indonesian companies have been working to make up for the shortage of protective health equipment for medical workers treating COVID-19 patients.Indonesian Textile Association (API) deputy chairman Anne Patricia Sutanto said on Monday that the members of the association were ready to produce more protective gear and masks to fulfill the high demand.Some textile companies have already switched to producing masks and protective gear. Even though the products have yet to be medically certified, Anne said that all members of the API had ensured their quality.“The product is waterproof, windproof, antivirus and antibacterial. It’s better than a raincoat,” she said.The association has been working with the Indonesian Filament Yarn and Fiber Producers Association (APSyFI) to source the chemical materials needed to make the suit antiviral and antibacterial.APSyFI head Ravi Shankar said the material needed to produce masks and protective gear was available in the country. “[Indonesia is] able to produce antimicrobial suits with water-repellant coating and medical-grade fiber. We’re waiting for [the fiber] to get tested and approved,” he said.On Monday, Indonesia received thousands of medical supplies from China. They were transported from Shanghai on a military aircraft that landed at Halim Perdanakusuma Air Force Base in East Jakarta.According to the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB), the government has distributed about 40,000 pieces of protective equipment to the Jakarta administration and another 100,000 to regions in Java and Bali.The Central Java administration has independently produced its own hazmat suits for certain medical personnel.Using spunbonded polypropylene, the Moewardi General Hospital in Surakarta says it is able to produce 200 to 250 hazmat suits each day.Civil society groups have used digital crowdfunding for the purchase of protective health equipment for medical personnel.As of Monday, crowdfunding platform Kitabisa had recorded a total of 513 campaigns for COVID-19 mitigation initiated by public figures, NGOs and members of the general public, with total donations amounting to Rp 24 billion (US$1.4 million), Kitabisa spokesperson Fara Devara said.Since mid-February, Indonesia’s health workers, doctors and nurses have been working overtime to treat COVID-19 cases despite many of them having inadequate protection. Many of the medical workers wore only plastic raincoats modified to approximate hazmat suits.Even after the efforts of various stakeholders, protective equipment is still not evenly distributed. Twitter user @is_pelssy posted pictures on Tuesday of medical workers at the Masohi General Hospital in Central Maluku Regency – which treats people under general monitoring for COVID-19 – wearing makeshift protective gear.“It’s sad to see [these medical workers] wearing only raincoats and duct tape,” he said. @is_pellssy and @andinadwifatma were two of many who posted pictures of medical workers wearing raincoats. Also circulating on social media were posters of hospitals and community health centers (puskesmas) looking for aid to alleviate a shortage of protective gear.Twitter user @cunggun wrote that the Ibnu Sina Private Hospital in Bukittinggi, West Sumatra, was lacking protective gear and that medical personnel had to handle patients while wearing raincoats. However, she tweeted again on Monday night saying that her mother had finally received the proper protective health equipment.Update nih gaes, alhamdulillah malam ini ibuku udah praktik pakai APD lengkap. Semoga tempat praktik yg satunya nyusul dan semua RS se-Indonesia punya stok APD cukup. Aamiin!— Andina Dwifatma (@andinadwifatma) March 23, 2020last_img read more

Dutch considering internal risk models to encourage local investment

first_imgInternal risk models could help clear up differences of interpretation on investment policies under the current ‘prudent person’ approach between pension funds and Dutch regulator De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB), according to Tjerk Kroes, chairman of the committee for alternative financing arrangements for the housing market.Stef Blok, the minister for Housing and Government Services, recently asked Kroes to assess whether the DNB’s supervision hindered investment in non-regulated rental property in the Netherlands.In a letter responding to Blok, Kroes said he focused on the importance of internal risk models after holding talks with the three largest pension funds – ABP, PFZW and PMT – as well as the supervisor.He said the DNB was willing to discuss the application of internal risk models and suggested they could reduce differences of interpretation on parameters for investment. In the opinion of pension funds, the caps for returns on alternative investments, such as non-listed property, private equity and infrastructure, have been a problem, Kroes said.“After costs, only a risk-free return remains, whereas these investments carry greater risks,” he said.The chairman added that internal risk models could be useful for assessing whether real and matching assets would fit in the investment mix for inflation-proof pensions under the future hybrid pensions contract.Kroes emphasised that the government should be willing to adjust its own policy to increase the attractiveness of local investment for pension funds.As an example, he recommended relaxing the current rules for the sale of blocks of rental property, as well as allowing an inflation compensation on loans to building societies.Bram van Els, spokesman for the €90bn asset manager MN, pointed out that the application of internal risk models was already possible.“But, because of the often rigid interpretation of the prudent person [rule] by the DNB – in particular, on illiquid investments – many schemes have ceased submitting their models,” he said.In his opinion, Kroes’s letter should generate debate about the issue.The €145bn asset manager PGGM said it was assessing the options of taking over rental property from housing corporations.According to its spokesman, this would approximate a matching asset.“However, these assets are already subject to extra solvency conditions,” he said.“Internal risk models might be a better fitting solution in this case.”Harmen Geers, spokesman for the €337bn asset manager APG, stressed that the prudent person principle in itself offered “welcome leeway” for pension funds to optimise the risk/return ratio at portfolio level.“In the case of an internal risk model – to be approved by the DNB – schemes are responsible for the portfolio construction,” he said.“Within this framework, they can decide on the exact allocation. This way, the freedom of investment under the prudent person principle could remain.”last_img read more

ABP under pressure over €1.5bn tobacco investments

first_imgThe Dutch Federation of University Medical Centers confirmed that all eight Dutch academic hospitals supported Aartsen’s call.Aartsen acknowledged that tobacco companies can produce yields for investors.“But every year, 20,000 people die unnecessarily because of smoking,” he added. “The fact these deaths are happening is more important than the return on investment in tobacco.”Aartsen argued that it was a matter of social and governance responsibility for ABP to exclude tobacco.Other funds had already excluded tobacco investments, he added, including healthcare pension fund PFZW and sector pension funds for GPs and for medical specialists.ABP currently invests €1.5bn in tobacco-related assets, a spokesperson for the fund said. She pointed out that tobacco was legal in the Netherlands and regulated by the Dutch government.The pension fund said it screened tobacco companies for issues involving child labour or unethical marketing practices. It also said it was in dialogue with several stakeholder organisations.In addition, ABP was working on an “inclusion policy”, the spokesperson said. The next few years will see companies consciously chosen for the portfolio based on the criteria of return, risk, cost, sustainability, and accountability.University medical centres are currently employer members of ABP, although there have been attempts to transfer this sector to PFZW, which caters for regular hospital staff.A study by the Dutch Heart Foundation and the Association of Investors in Sustainable Development in March showed that more than two-thirds of pension funds didn’t have a policy in place for tobacco investments, compared to 10% of insurers.It suggested the difference was attributable to the fact that many insurers also sell healthcare policies and have adjusted their investment policies accordingly.The metalworkers pension scheme PME has excluded from its portfolio any companies that get more than 75% of their revenues from tobacco sales.The €22bn multi-sector pension fund PGB is working on a similar policy, following a survey suggesting that just 17% of its participants supported tobacco investments.PFZW ceased investing in cigarette manufacturers in 2013. Employees of the Netherlands’ university medical centres (UMC) have called for their pension fund, ABP, to stop investing in the tobacco industry.Jos Aartsen, chairman of the academic hospital UMC Groningen, spoke out during a conference entitled ‘Aiming for a smoke free health care sector’, organised by the Royal Dutch Medical Association earlier this week.Aartsen complained that employees of academic hospitals as participants in ABP were effectively obliged to invest in the tobacco industry.“I stand here on behalf of 70,000 employees of the eight UMCs. We are ashamed of these investments,” said Aartsen, quoted on the UMC Groningen website. “Investing in tobacco is not what we want.”last_img read more

Raising pension age will not increase disability claims, study says

first_imgThe largest union, FNV, has made freezing the retirement age at 66 conditional to its support for reform of the Netherlands’ pensions system.Until now, Wouter Koolmees, minister for social affairs, has refused to accommodate demands for a limited increase to the retirement age.According to FD’s report, the CPB expected that, at an AOW age of 70, the percentage of 69-year old men with a labour disability would not be higher than at present – 17% of 64-year olds are currently in such a position.However, the CPB also said that, without any health progress, more workers would drop out before they reached 70. In that case, the percentage of of 69-year olds with a labour disability could rise to roughly 26%, it said. Increasing the Netherlands’ retirement age for the state pension (AOW) is unlikely to lead to a significant rise in the number of workers with a disability, the country’s Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis (CPB) has suggested.Citing a recent study, financial daily newspaper FD said that the CPB expected a “limited” increase of disability support claimants in the wake of a retirement age increase “as people not only live longer, but also stay healthier for longer”.The CPB findings removed an important argument from parties opposing the increase of the AOW age to 67 and three months in 2022, with a further rise planned if life expectancy increases – as has already been decided by the Dutch government.Both employers and trade unions have opposed the gradual increase of the official retirement age, arguing that many workers – in particular those in physically hard jobs – can’t keep working for that long and so would boost the number of benefits claimants.last_img read more

Floods in Somalia awakens the country to Imminent El Nino

first_imgFlash floods in Somalia have destroyed thousands of makeshift homes, as well as latrines and shallow wells, the United Nations said, predicting that up to 900,000 people could be hit by the strongest El Nino weather phenomenon in decades.The floods, which have made roads impassable and cut thousands off from aid, could reverse many of the humanitarian gains made in southern Somalia since 2011 when the Horn of Africa nation was devastated by famine, experts say according to the United Nations“Flash floods have affected thousands of people in the low lying areas of the southern and central parts of Somalia.” the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said in a statement late on Tuesday.Residents in Mahaaday, Middle Shabelle region have confirmed heavy rains were experienced in the region. The Shabelle River broke its banks and most of the families living near the river have begun moving to higher grounds according to CCTV’s Abdulaziz Billow, adding that no flooding has been reported in Jowhar, but heavy rains is still being experienced in most parts of south and central Somalia.Billow reports that locals and officials in Middle Shabelle region say that the Shabelle river risks breaking its banks and will affect the agriculture industry in the part of the country. No flooding in Mogadishu and its environs reported at the moment.River banks are being strengthened and displaced people in the capital, Mogadishu, have been moved to higher ground.“Protection efforts include a particular focus on internally displaced (IDP) given that many of the existing IDP settlements are located in areas prone to flooding, with shelters providing insufficient protection against heavy rains and winds,” OCHA said.Source – Abulazzi Billow CCTV– Thomson Reuterslast_img read more

Duterte ‘neutral’ on ABS-CBN franchise renewal – Palace

first_img“The congressmen must vote according to their conscience,” he reiterated. Duterte is leaving it up to the members of Lower House, which was the one mandate to provide franchises to networks, according to his spokesperson Harry Roque. “Hindi po kami perpekto. Wala pong news organization na perpekto. Sa kabila ng mga pagi-ingat at pagbabantay, inaamin po namin na nagkamali rin po kami. Gayunpaman, agad din po kaming umaaksyon,” she added. MANILA – President Rodrigo Duterte maintained his neutral stance ahead of the House of Representatives Committee on Legislative Franchises impending voting on whether to grant ABS-CBN Corp. a fresh 25-year legislative franchise. During the Monday hearing, the ABS-CBN Integrated News and Current Affairs insisted that the broadcasting network always keeps its biases in check and it corrects any errors as needed. The House Committee on Legislative Franchises and the Committee on Good Government and Public Accountability have finished their joint hearing on Monday evening and is set to vote on the network’s franchise renewal on Thursday. “As journalists, we strive to keep biases in check and to report on newsworthy events, persons, and issues in an accurate, fair, and balanced manner,” ABS-CBN INCA head Regina Reyes said.center_img The ABS-CBN has been off the air since the National Telecommunications Commission issued a cease and desist order against the network following the expiration of its franchise on May 4./PN This was after former Health Secretary and now Iloilo Rep. Janette Garin lambasted ABS-CBN’s news and current affairs team for its coverage of public health issues, particularly on Dengvaxia. “Neutral ang Presidente, respetuhin natin ang kapangyarihan ng Mababang Kapulungan,” Roque said in a virtual press conference on Tuesday. “Halatang halata na ginawa ang inyong broadcast network, lalapit lang sa empleyado niyo para makapasok. Do you look at this as responsible journalism?” the Ilongga lawmaker asked. According to Garin, some of the resource persons tapped by the network to speak on public health issues were not even health experts. She cited that officials from the Public Attorney’s Office were featured to speak on the issue of Dengvaxia.last_img read more

Premier League refuse to drop Black Lives Matter badge

first_img Southampton legend Matt Le Tissier questioned whether he would continue wearing the badge after criticising the movement’s “far-left” calls to defund the police. But the 51-year-old decided to keep the pin on to fight racism. He told MailOnline: “I just don’t agree with some of the points of that movement – specifically the defunding of the police and the anti-capitalist points are things I do not agree with. “They are the two main points for me. I am quite happy for them to have their point of view, but that is mine and that is where I sit. read also:Premier League approves kneeling protests, ‘Black Lives Matter’ on shirts “I think a lot of people in the country would agree with me. “I will still wear the badge because I do of course believe black lives matter. It’s a simple thing. “I agree with the cause but there are parts of the organisation that I just cannot support.” FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Premier League chiefs will not ditch the Black Lives Matter badge on club shirts – despite a growing backlash against the aims of the movement. Loading… A player-led call for an official response to the death of unarmed George Floyd in the USA saw players “take a knee” at kick-off when the Prem resumed after the coronavirus lockdown. The names of players was replaced by “Black Lives Matter” for the opening 12 games while all shirts have been adorned by a BLM badge designed by Watford ace Troy Deeney and his partner. But in recent days the movement has attracted controversy and led to questions for Prem chief executive Richard Masters. BLM leaders have posted their beliefs in defunding the police, overthrowing capitalism and “targeted sanctions in line with international law against Israel’s colonial, apartheid regime”. Sky Sports pundits Patrice Evra and Jamie Redknapp ditched their BLM badges during yesterday’s coverage of Manchester United’s win at Brighton, after the logo had been worn by all presenters since the restart. A spokesperson for Sky Sports told The Sun Online: “Sky’s support is for the moral cause and campaign, that black lives matter, rather than for any political organisation. “Our presenters and analysts on-screen are free to make their own choice as to whether they wear supportive badges or not.” Promoted ContentWhy Go Veg? 7 Reasons To Do ThisCouples Who Celebrated Their Union In A Unique, Unforgettable Way7 Universities Where Getting An Education Costs A Hefty PennyBest Car Manufacturers In The World7 Facts About Black Holes That Will Blow Your MindBest & Worst Celebrity Endorsed Games Ever Made6 Ridiculous Health Myths That Are Actually True7 Ways To Understand Your Girlfriend BetterWhat Is A Black Hole In Simple Terms?10 Risky Jobs Some Women Do8 Shows You Didn’t Want To Watch At The End9 Facts You Should Know Before Getting A Tattoolast_img read more

Atletico Madrid pair face fitness race for Champions League return

first_imgAtletico Madrid face an anxious wait over the fitness of Thomas Partey and Croatian international Sime Vrsaljko, ahead of their Champions League clash with RB Leipzig on August 13. The Ghanaian international came off in the second half of Atletico’s final La Liga game of the 2019-20 season, with Simeone confirming he was struggling with a muscle injury.Advertisement Loading… Read Also: Video: Chelsea legend breaks glass Russian Cup during celebrationsIf he is passed fit to face the Bundesliga side next month, Partey is set to line up in midfield alongside Koke and Saul Niguez.Partey played a key role in Atletico’s last 16 two legged win over defending champions Liverpool.FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Reports from Marca claim Partey missed the club’s first training session following a brief end of season break, alongside Vrsaljko, who is battling a knee problem. Partey has been linked with a move to Premier League side Arsenal in recent weeks, with Atletico rumoured to be determined to hold out for his full €50m release clause. Promoted ContentCouples Who Celebrated Their Union In A Unique, Unforgettable WayWhat Is A Black Hole In Simple Terms?Birds Enjoy Living In A Gallery Space Created For ThemYou’ve Only Seen Such Colorful Hairdos In A Handful Of AnimeTop 9 Scariest Haunted Castles In EuropeWhich Country Is The Most Romantic In The World?Insane 3D Spraying Skills Turn In Incredible Street Art13 kids at weddings who just don’t give a hoot5 Of The World’s Most Unique Theme ParksThe Runner Who Makes Elaborate Artwork With His Feet And A Map8 Weird Facts About Coffee That Will Surprise YouThe 10 Best Secondary Education Systems In The Worldlast_img read more

Lady Bulldogs Split With Lady Squires

first_imgThe 7th Grade Lady Bulldogs dropped a tough game at home last night to the South Dearborn 24-21.  The Bulldogs were down 13-6 at half time, but battled back with 12 points in the 4th quarter to make it an exciting finish.Billie Puente led the Bulldogs with 5 points; followed by Elena Kuisel 4 points; Kaylin Hinners 3 points; Elaney McGuire 3 points; Rachel Lamping 2 points; Josie Meyer 2 points; and Alyssa Nobbe with 2 points.The Lady Bulldogs fall to 4-5 on the season and will be back in action next Tuesday at Sunman Dearborn Middle School.  Come out and support the Bulldogs on the road!!!Courtesy of Bulldogs Coach Chris Weiler.The 8th Grade Batesville Lady Bulldogs defeated the Lady Squires of South Dearborn last night 35-17 to raise their seasonal record to 7 wins against 2 loses.  The Lady Bulldogs used an early aggressive defense to build a lead, and they did not give it up. Defensively it was the best team defense they have played for an entire game.  Offensively the Lady Bulldogs were lead by Makayla Granger with 9 points.  Other scorers for the Bulldogs were Ava Hanson with 8, Timbrè Davies added 6, Cora Deputy and Sophie Myers each scored 4 points, Emma Weiler had 3, and Megan Meyer chipped in 1.The Lady Squires were lead in scoring by Macie Teke with 6.  Other scorers for the Lady Squires were Lauren McHenry with 5, and received 2 points each from Ava Slayback, Kierstein Dixon, and Rebecca Hughes.The Lady Bulldogs will return to action on Tuesday when they travel to Sunman-Dearborn to battle the Lady Trojans.  The 7th grade game will tipoff at 5:30.Courtesy of Bulldogs Coach Jack Smith.last_img read more