200k spent in August petroleum land rights sale

first_imgFORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – After the provincial government only netted $27,000 during last month’s petroleum and natural gas land rights sale, August’s wasn’t much better.In Wednesday’s auction, the provincial government netted just $201,872.37 from the sale of a single drilling license, which was one of only three parcels of land on the auction block. The 777-hectare parcel is located near Montney, just north of Fort St. John. Stomp Energy Ltd. purchased the parcel for $259.81 per hectare.So far this year, petroleum land rights auctions have brought in just $59,670,245.38. That number, while still more than the roughly $33.6 million paid for land rights in 2015 and 2016 combined, is still well below the $173 million the Province earned last year. The next petroleum land rights sale is taking place on September 12th, when four drilling licenses and two leases will be put up for auction.last_img read more

City council backs Saskatoon lowemissions plan in principle

Saskatoon city council approved city hall’s low-emissions community plan in principle, even as council members differed on what that means.Council voted 7-4 Monday night on a strategy that has sparked considerable debate and speakers ate up almost the entire afternoon portion of Monday’s meeting.The plan includes 40 initiatives to try to reduce Saskatoon’s greenhouse gas emissions by 80 per cent of 2014 levels by 2050.The total cost of the plan, including investment by city hall and the community at large, is estimated at $19 billion with an even bigger payback of $33.6 billion in savings.“It’s not about writing a blank cheque for an astronomical amount of money,” Coun. Mairin Loewen said. Council’s vote approves consultation on the plan along with some preliminary measures.Story continues belowThis advertisement has not loaded yet,but your article continues below.City administration pointed out the $19 billion covers all potential spending in the community and city hall’s portion would be about $6.1 billion.Seventeen speakers, including a 16-year-old high student worried about her future, spoke almost entirely in support of the plan. The Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce has stated its opposition.Many spoke on the urgency of action on climate change, but council also heard from advocates of electric vehicles and solar power.Coun. Hilary Gough admitted the plan was “daunting” and “confusing,” but voted for it because the cost of taking no action was higher.Mayor Charlie Clark stressed that even though the plan includes measures like mandatory building standards, the vote Monday was only about backing consultations.“We are not approving those things today,” Clark said. “Period.”Clark spoke passionately about the cost of not preparing for electric vehicles and renewable energy. He used Wayne Gretzky’s hockey adage about skating to where the puck is going when it comes to addressing climate change.“It’s hard to tackle this issue in Saskatchewan,” Clark said. “I understand.”Coun. Bev Dubois complained that she did not get a “clear answer” to her question about the financial implications of approving the plan. She said the 30-year time span for the plan was too long.Coun. Randy Donauer said he’s become uncomfortable with forecasts at city hall, citing the predicted diversion rate for recycling.“I’m actually considering this a tacit approval (of the plan),” Donauer said. “My colleagues may not see it this way, but I do.”Coun. Darren Hill echoed concern that approving consultation would suggest to residents the plan is moving forward.Coun. Ann Iwanchuk voted for the plan, but pointed out it does not mean the entire plan is going to happen.Coun. Zach Jeffries said all council members approved the emissions target the plan aims to achieve. He said the plan has been plagued by misconceptions about the cost to city hall.“Frankly, that’s fear mongering,” Jeffries said. “That’s not what the plan actually says.”Chris Guerrette, chief executive officer of the Saskatoon and Region Home Builders’ Association, spoke in favour of incentives in the plan, but expressed skepticism about mandating building standards.Council also voted 6-5 to consider spending on preliminary initiatives in the plan during budget talks this THEY VOTEDHere’s how Saskatoon city council voted Monday on starting consultations on the low-emissions community plan.FOR: Coun. Cynthia Block, Mayor Charlie Clark, Coun. Sarina Gersher, Coun. Hilary Gough, Coun. Ann Iwanchuk, Coun. Zach Jeffries, Coun. Mairin LoewenAGAINST: Coun. Troy Davies, Coun. Randy Donauer, Coun. Bev Dubois, Coun. Darren HillRelated Saskatoon gears up for $19-billion low-emissions plan vote Tank: Emissions plan shows steep climate challenge read more

Prolonged cold snap in Peru causes deaths of 60 children UNICEF says

Concerned that children in the area don’t have enough warm clothes or food, the agency is providing them with heavy garments, blankets and basic medicines. At the same time, UNICEF warned that the situation could worsen drastically with the coldest winter temperatures expected around August or September. Indications are that more than 80,000 families have been affected by the severe cold, and around 60 children have died from acute respiratory infections, UNICEF said. Access to affected areas continues to be difficult due to precarious road conditions and altitudes of up to 4,000 metres above sea level. There have also been major losses of livestock as thousands of llamas, sheep and cows – whose meat, milk and wool sustain the indigenous communities in Peru’s Andean highlands – have frozen to death, UNICEF said. Estimates indicate that the severe weather has killed more than 75,000 farm animals, destroyed more than 300,000 hectares of food crops and damaged an additional 347,000 hectares. Most of the inhabitants of the affected areas are poor peasants eking out a living from llama and alpaca herds and subsistence farming. Quoting health officials, UNICEF said the snow has mostly tapered off, but freezing temperatures plunging to -22° C have persisted, causing many children and elderly people to contract pneumonia – more than 400,000 cases of have been reported – and bronchitis. read more

Sudan UN envoy optimistic about slow steady improvement in Darfur

“I have seen improvements in terms of far less breaches of the ceasefire agreement, more commitment to political talks…step-by-step progress and the trends show that optimism is warranted,” Jan Pronk, head of the UN Mission in Sudan (UNMIS) told reporters on his just-concluded two day visit to Darfur, where the 28-month-old civil war has killed nearly 180,000 people and driven more than 2 million from their homes.Mr. Pronk acknowledged a UNMIS report yesterday that widespread looting was continuing in Darfur, but stressed that there would always be those that would take advantage of any opportunity to stoke tensions. He was also concerned that the huge amounts of money donors have poured into Darfur since 2003 would dwindle in the coming year as new challenges on the African continent emerged. Still, he stood by his optimism for steady progress overall “given the indications that show the situation improving and stable.” The main focus of Mr. Pronk’s visit was to follow up on his earlier meetings with the commanders of the Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM), one of Darfur’s two main rebel factions – the other is the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) – to discuss ways to keep the peace process on track following the signing of a preliminary agreement with the Government in July aimed at ending the fighting.On the African Union-led peace talks which were suspended after the accord was reached but set to restart in late August, Mr. Pronk said that the SLM commanders were more serious and more united in their decision to continue the talks. “They have proposed a postponement to the talks to enable them to convene and organize themselves and be more united and to prepare an agenda.” Recalling that the previous round of talks had ended on a positive note, it was his view that there should now be “lengthy and substantial” talks, perhaps two more rounds after this short postponement. “Then they hold their convention and then hold the final seventh round of talks somewhere around October to be in time for the date I suggested of the end of the year for the signing of a comprehensive peace agreement for this area,” he said.The Darfur conflict erupted in February 2003 when the two rebel groups demanded an end to economic marginalisation and sought power-sharing within the Sudanese state. read more

UN Security Council extends terms of judges serving on Rwanda genocide tribunal

Highlighting Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s recent call for “early action in order to provide the Tribunal with the continuity, stability and certainty necessary for the efficient and effective planning of trials,” the Council unanimously extended the terms of office of the judges until 31 December 2008.Tribunal President Erik Møse had requested the extension in a letter in which among other things he noted that new trials examining those accused of the 1994 Rwandan genocide will continue well beyond May 2007 and should certain judges not be re-elected in next year’s stipulated ballot it would be impossible for the 2008 deadline to be met.The judges are: Charles Michael Dennis Byron (Saint Kitts and Nevis); Asoka de Silva (Sri Lanka); Sergei Aleckseievich Egorov (Russian Federation); Mehmet Güney (Turkey); Khalida Rachid Khan (Pakistan); Erik Møse (Norway); Arlete Ramaroson (Madagascar); Jai Ram Reddy (Fiji); William Hussein Sekule (United Republic of Tanzania); Andrésa Vaz (Senegal); and Inés Mónica Weinberg de Roca (Argentina).Today’s resolution also requested that Member States “continue to make every effort” to ensure that their nationals who serve as permanent judges on the Tribunal remain available to serve in their positions until the end of 2008.Last week Mr. Møse told the Security Council it was “vital” for Member States to cooperate in the Tribunal’s work but added that it remains on course to complete the trials of 65 to 70 persons by the end of 2008 as indicated in its Completion Strategy. read more

UN lauds special chemistry of the periodic table kicking off 150th anniversary

The decision two years ago by the UN General Assembly to hold this year-long celebration aims to recognize the importance of the periodic table as “one of the most important and influential achievements in modern science, reflecting the essence not only of chemistry, but also of physics, biology and other basic sciences disciplines”. The launch event held in Paris brought together scientists and representatives of the private sector, and was opened by UNESCO’s Director-General, Audrey Azoulay, featuring notable guests such as Mikhail Kotyukov, Russia’s Minister of Science and Higher Education, Pierre Corvol, the President of the French Académie des Sciences, and Professor Ben Feringa, 2016 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry.UNESCO will present its educational initiative, 1001 Inventions: Journeys from Alchemy to Chemistry, designed to help young people in schools all over the world improve their understanding of chemistry and its numerous uses.Other notable activities organized throughout the year include symposiums in Paris, France, and Murcia, Spain, and an online competition to test the knowledge and stimulate the curiosity of secondary education students on the subject. An interactive exhibit is also planned until Wednesday at UNESCO’s headquarters in Paris. read more

Carbon County Jail Bookings May 27 – June 2


GIY Growing tomatoes successfully and a pitta pocket recipe

first_imgGIY: Growing tomatoes successfully and a pitta pocket recipe Growing tomatoes successfully in Ireland is about cheating our climate, writes Michael Kelly. Share Tweet Email9 Saturday 1 Apr 2017, 12:30 PM Apr 1st 2017, 12:30 PM 6 Comments By Michael Kelly Source: Shutterstock/GooDween123As the hungry gap really starts to kick in, and the range of veg available from the garden narrows, I’m on the hunt for recipes that use a single veg and some store cupboard ingredients to good effect.  This is a great example from River Cottage Veg Every Day, using up some of our remaining carrots for a lovely light supper or lunch.  I used a sourdough bread instead of the pitta bread, spreading a little yoghurt instead of butter and heaping the carrot mix on top. You can also add a little crushed cumin seed to the yoghurt for an added kick. Delicious. Ingredients50g butter1 tablespoon rapeseed or olive oil1 heaped teaspoon cumin seeds4 large carrots (about 500g), peeled and cut into 2–3mm thick slices1 large garlic clove, finely slicedFinely grated zest of 1 orange, plus a good squeeze of juice1 teaspoon hot smoked paprika400g tin chickpeas, drained and rinsed4 pitta breads or freshly cooked, soft flatbreads4 heaped tablespoons plain (full-fat) yoghurt or soured creamSea salt and freshly ground black pepper  Short URL Grower Directions Heat the butter and oil in a frying pan over a medium heat. Add the cumin seeds and let them fry for a minute or two. Add the carrots and fry for about 8–10 minutes, stirring often, until tender and starting to brown, but still with some bite. Add the garlic, orange zest, paprika and chickpeas and cook until the chickpeas are hot. Remove from the heat, season with salt and pepper and add a good squeeze of orange juice. Taste and add more salt, pepper and/or orange juice as needed. Spoon some of the chickpea mixture into the pocket of a warmed pitta (or into the middle of each flatbread) and top with a spoonful of yoghurt or cream. Fold flatbreads, if using. Serve straight away.Michael Kelly is founder of GIY and GROW HQ. Click here for more GIY tips and recipes. Michael Kelly 361 Views TIMING IS ALWAYS important in the veg patch, but with the growing of tomatoes it is even more so. Tomato seeds are sown in February and coaxed and nurtured along various phases of growth with a view to planting out into a greenhouse or polytunnel in April or May. A healthy cherry tomato plant can produce literally hundreds of tomatoes – it goes without saying that it takes a lot of energy to produce that much food, and so the plant has a lot of growing to do before it can undertake this super-human task.  So, growing tomatoes successfully in Ireland is about cheating our climate, and starting them indoors in February so the plants have enough time to grow big and strong before producing fruit in July. SowingIn previous years, I started tomato seeds off in 10cm pots, sowing 10 seeds per pot. A few weeks later, after they germinated, I took each tiny seedling and put it into a module tray to grow on.  Then when they outgrow the module tray I put each seedling back in to its own 10cm pot, before finally planting out in the soil in the polytunnel in May.  Needless to say this 4-stage process was a little time consuming (not to mention expensive with all that extra compost) – but on the other hand it served me well to get the plants good and strong. Last year I upped the stakes considerably by buying a big commercial tunnel and cramming it with nearly 100 tomato plants. The good news is that it meant endless supplies of tomato sauces and soups for the freezer. The bad news is that it meant our workload increased dramatically.  Taking advice from Richard our Head Grower here at GROW HQ (formerly a commercial organic grower), this year I am trying to cut out two of those phases.  I sowed the seeds directly in the module trays and am hoping to get them straight from there into the soil.  This is where the timing issue comes in. Richard in his wisdom waited until almost the end of February to sow his tomatoes which means his will be fine in the module trays until mid April when they can be planted out in the tunnel.  In my eagerness, I sowed mine in early February which means they are now bursting out of the trays but it’s still too early to plant them out. So this week I had to plant them up in to bigger module trays to hold them for another few weeks. Another timing lesson learned for next year. The Basics – Transplanting Tomatoes  Unlike say carrots or parsnips, tomatoes don’t mind a little handling at the seedling stage – moving them to bigger pots or module trays shouldn’t harm them. Did you know that the little fuzzy hairs on the stem of a tomato seedling can become a root if planted under the soil?  Burying the seedlings a little deeper than normal will help to develop a larger, deeper root system and therefore healthier, sturdier plants.  When transplanting tomatoes, water them well the day before. This makes them easier to remove the next day. If they are coming out of module trays, just pop the little plug plant out of the module.  If they are coming from a pot or tray, hold the leaf of the seedling carefully and use a plant label to ease it out of the soil, bringing as much root with it as possible. Make a hole in the compost in the new pot or module tray and pop the little seedling in carefully.  Firm it in gently. If your seedlings are a bit leggy you can remedy this by burying up to 2/3 of the plant, including the lower sets of leaves. GROW HQ Courses – Beginners Guide to Growing, April 9 Have you always wanted to grow your own food, but don’t know where to start? Do you get confused by all those weird horticulture terms and Latin names for plants? This course for beginners with GIY Founder Michael Kelly will get you started on your GIY journey. Learn how to make a simple yearly plan for your veg patch, the most common veg to grow, and how and when to sow a variety of seeds as well as lots of tips on keeping your plants and soil healthy, managing pests and disease, and simple techniques to get the most out of your veg patch. Take home a variety of veg growing guides, and lots of other information to get you growing. Sunday April 9, 10am to 4pm.  Price €65 including a delicious lunch at GROW HQ.  Book at or call 051 584422. Recipe of the Week – Spicy Carrot and Chickpea Pitta Pocket  Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

WATCH Greece tourism film wins at the 2017 World Tourism Organisation Awards

first_imgGreece has been honoured at the recent United Nations World Tourism Organisation’s (UNWTO) 22nd general assembly in Chengdu, China on 15 September. Greece – a 365 Day Destination has won the top prize in the European category of the UNWTO international video competition. The film was submitted by the Greek National Tourism Organisation (GNTO) and was directed by Andonis Theocharis Kioukas, who has masterminded numerous documentaries and videos about Greece in recent years.Neos Kosmos caught up with the talented Mr Kioukas in July at Cine Manto in Mykonos, just before he was due to fly out to a film shoot in Cyprus. He told us about the competition and his hopes the video would win the award. Fast forward a few weeks and his hopes and those of the GNTO have been justifiably realised.The short film showcases cities, traditional villages, breathtaking nature, our rich culture, archaeological sites, mesmerising islands and culinary treats and recipes from a fascinating destination. With visitor numbers to Greece at an all time high, the video and award is a timely reminder that Greece is at the forefront of tourism and cultural experiences in Europe.Other winners at the 2017 awards include Chile, Tunisia and Indonesia.Watch the award winning video here: Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

La maladie dAlzheimer pourrait être freinée par la pratique du bilinguisme

first_imgLa maladie d’Alzheimer pourrait être freinée par la pratique du bilinguismeSelon une nouvelle étude publiée par des chercheurs canadiens, la pratique régulière voire quotidienne du bilinguisme permettrait de retarder l’apparition de la maladie d’Alzheimer.Cette étude publiée dans la revue Neurology explique que la pratique quotidienne du bilinguisme pourrait permettre à certaines personnes de bénéficier d’un sursis pouvant aller jusqu’à cinq ans avant l’apparition des premiers symptômes de la maladie d’Alzheimer. Les chercheurs canadiens de l’institut Rotman se sont appuyés pour leurs recherches sur les dossiers médicaux de 200 patients touchés par la maladie dégénérative.Après recherche et étude concernant les patients ne parlant qu’une seule langue et ceux en parlant deux, voire trois, ils sont parvenus à la conclusion suivante : “Nous ne disons pas que le bilinguisme peut prévenir la maladie d’Alzheimer ou d’autres désordres cérébraux, mais il peut contribuer à créer des réserves cognitives dans le cerveau qui semblent retarder l’apparition de symptômes d’Alzheimer pendant un bon bout de temps”. Les symptômes de cette maladie sont la perte de mémoire, la difficulté de prévision, de résoudre des problèmes et une tendance à la confusion mentale.Le 10 novembre 2010 à 19:01 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Comment la mise à jour vers Windows 8 vatelle se passer

first_imgComment la mise à jour vers Windows 8 va-t-elle se passer ?Si rien n’est encore officiel, les journalistes de Zdnet ont réussi à se procurer ce qui devrait constituer les modalités de mise à jour des anciennes versions de Windows vers le prochain et très attendu Windows 8.Cette année 2012 marquera un sacré changement pour les utilisateurs de Windows avec l’arrivée du nouvel OS Windows 8. Mais cette mise à jour pourrait être un sacré casse-tête pour ceux qui disposent des anciennes versions, Windows 7, Vista et XP. Les journalistes de Zdnet ont réussi à réunir les informations concernant les modalités de mise à jour, même si rien n’a encore été officialisé par Microsoft. Ainsi, les utilisateurs de Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Home Basic et Windows 7 Home Premium pourront passer sur Windows 8 en conservant à la fois leurs paramètres, leurs applications et leurs données personnelles. Ceux qui travaillent sur Windows 7 Pro et Windows 7 Ultimate auront les mêmes avantages pour passer à Windows 8 Pro. De leur côté, les utilisateurs de Windows 7 Pro et Windows 7 Entreprise auront également beaucoup de facilités à transférer leurs données sur Windows 8 Entreprise. La donne change pour ceux qui sont toujours sur Windows Vista. Les bénéficiaires du Service Pack 1 pourront passer sur Windows 8 en conservant leurs données personnelles et leurs paramètres, seules les données restant pour ceux qui n’ont pas installé le SP1. Quant aux utilisateurs de Windows XP, il faudra le Service Pack 3 pour passer à Windows 8, mais il ne leur restera que leurs données personnelles. Petites notes supplémentaires, il sera impossible de basculer d’une ancienne à une nouvelle version dans des langues différentes en conservant la moindre information sauf à recourir au setup de Windows 8 pour pouvoir sauvegarder les données personnelles. Enfin, la mise à jour entre deux architectures différentes (32 ou 64 bit) sera complètement impossible à effectuer. Reste désormais à attendre que Microsoft officialise ces informations, ce qui ne devrait pas tarder à être fait. Rappelons que toutes personnes qui achètera un ordinateur fourni avec Windows 7 entre le 2 juin 2012 et le 31 janvier 2013 pourront bénéficier d’une mise à jour vers Windows 8 professionnel pour 15 euros, lorsque la nouvelle version sera disponible.Le 2 juillet 2012 à 09:06 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Former Ireland GK criticizes Southgate

first_imgShay Given believes the England national team manager “got into the head” of youngster Declan Rice and know the 19-year-old doesn’t know where to play19-year-old West Ham United footballer Declan Rice is under the spotlight after he’s undecided which country to represent.He has played in friendly matches with the Ireland national team, but he was born in London and could play for England.And now, former Ireland goalkeeper Shay Given has criticized England’s boss Gareth Southgate for putting ideas in the mind of the young defender.“He’s played three games for Ireland but I think Gareth Southgate or someone from England has got into his head,” he was quoted by Goal.Jadon Sancho, Borussia DortmundCrouch: Liverpool could beat Man United to Jadon Sancho Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Peter Crouch wouldn’t be surprised to see Jadon Sancho end up at Liverpool one day instead of his long-term pursuers Manchester United.“I think once you pull on the senior jersey for your country that should be it – your colors nailed to the mast and you should play.”“But the rules are not tied down to that,” he explained.“It’s a big decision, he’s a young man and I’m sure a lot of people would be in his ear about playing for England.”“But we would love him to play for Ireland, of course, we would,” he continued.“When Roy [Keane] says something it’s big news and the media jump all over it, that’s the problem, but no, I don’t think Declan Rice is scared of anybody.”last_img read more

Three Lions coach pleased with debutants

first_imgHead coach of the England senior national team, Gareth Southgate says he is impressed with debutants Jadon Sancho and Ben Chilwell.Borussia Dortmund’s Jadon Sancho made history when he came off the bench to become the first player born this millennium to represent England and Southgate was also pleased with the returning Ross Barkley.“They’re hugely proud to play in the shirt,” the England manager said, according to Sports Mole.“We talked just before the game… it’s not an easy pitch either, especially in that final third. A lot of people just slipping with their footing.”“So, that quality in the final third, at times the ball bouncing up at the wrong moment, but good teams adapt and good teams, whatever the circumstances or the atmosphere or the pitch, find a way of playing.”Jadon SanchoMerson believes Arsenal should sign Sancho Manuel R. Medina – September 14, 2019 Borussia Dortmund winger Jadon Sancho might be the perfect player to play for the Gunners, according to former England international Paul Merson.“I was really pleased that the players did that tonight.”“I was particularly pleased with Ben Chilwell. I thought that was a super debut, very composed with his defending against some top-quality players.”“He was patient, he made good interceptions, his use of the ball was very composed, got forward well.”“I also thought Ross Barkley coming back into the team had a very good impact on the game as well.”“We’re disappointed to leave here not having won, but I have to focus on the way that we play and tonight I thought we played well.”last_img read more

AMBER Alert cancelled for 8yearold girl from Cape Coral

first_imgCAPE CORAL, Fla. (WSVN) — Police have cancelled an AMBER Alert for an 8-year-old girl who went missing from Cape Coral.A search was underway for Juliet Odierna after investigators said she might be in the company of 34-year-old Jennifer Odierna and 37-year-old Theodore Moschovas.Cape Coral Police cancelled the alert on Friday morning after locating Odierna.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

Loch Ness monster real Couple spots mysterious creature expert says footage is

first_imgA view of the Loch Ness Monster, near Inverness, Scotland, April 19, 1934. The photograph, one of two pictures known as the ‘surgeon’s photographs,’ was allegedly taken by Colonel Robert Kenneth Wilson, though it was later exposed as a hoax by one of the participants, Chris Spurling, who, on his deathbed, revealed that the pictures were staged by himself, Marmaduke and Ian Wetherell, and Wilson.Keystone/Getty ImagesA couple named Gloria and Ian Davison has apparently captured a mysterious monstrous creature in the water while driving alongside Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands, and they believe that it could be the Loch Noss monster, a mythical water giant depicted in Scottish folklore.The video seems very creepy, and it shows a black creature emerging from the water. Interestingly, this creature remains motionless in the water, and we can also see water splashing around it.Even though shot from a considerable distance, Gloria claims that this creature has a distinguished head and neck.”I could definitely see its back and it was a fair size. It disappeared after a minute beneath the water. I had hoped there was something Nessie in the loch – you always want to believe in something. All I can say is that we saw something we cannot explain. But it was animated and it was definitely not a seal,” said Gloria, reports.After analysing the sighting, Gary Campbell, a Nessie expert and recorder of the Official Loch Ness Monster Sightings Register revealed that this sighting is legit, and the footage clearly shows the monster roaming in the water.Campbell revealed that this is the seventh sighting of the year, and he assured that these are all credible captures.A few months back, Neil Gemmell, a professor at the University of Otago and his team visited Scotland and carried out several experiments to determine whether Loch Ness monsters are real. As per the latest updates, the research team is expected to reveal details of their findings next month. “We’ve tested each one of the main monster hypotheses, and three of them we can probably say aren’t right and one of them might be,” said Gimmel in a recent interview with the Scotsman.last_img read more

Lightning kills 2 farmers in Chuadanga

first_imgTwo farmers were killed and another was injured in a lightning strike at Boleshpur village in Alamdanga upazila in Chuadanga on Monday evening.The deceased were identified as Zahid, 30, son of Nazrul Mandol, and Tariq, 32, son of Kalu Sheikh of the village.Akram Hossain, officer-in-charge of Alamdanga Police Station, said a thunderbolt struck a group of three farmers in the evening while they guarding a fish enclosure.They were taken to Sadar Hospital where doctors declared Zahid and Tariq dead.last_img read more

EC assures parties of action but no action so far

first_imgElection CommissionApart from expressing his ‘embarrasment’ and ‘regret,’ the Chief Election Commisioner (CEC) has failed to take any effective action against the violence and attacks on opposition leaders ahead of the national parliamentary election. Jatiya Oikya Front leader Kamal Hossain in a press briefing on Sunday alleged that the EC did not investigate or take any effective measures in response to the attacks on the leaders and activists of Oikya Front.Incidentally, a case has been filed against several leaders and activists of the ruling Awami League’s 14-party alliance over the attack on Kamal Hossain’s motorcade on 14 December.Syed Abu Bakar Siddik of Dhaka-14 constituency filed the case on Sunday. Asked about the proceedings, deputy police commissioner of Mirpur Division Masud Ahmed told Prothom Alo, the police have started investigating the attack. “Efforts are underway to arrest the persons involved in the incident, “ he added. Individuals involved in the electoral process expressed their apprehensions that a fair election would not be possible if such atrocities continued. They called upon EC to take necessary action to stop the violence and attacks on rival candidates immediately. The chief election commissioner (CEC) KM Nurul Huda, however, told the media on Sunday that everything was under control.He expected to hold a completely fair election. There have been attacks and violent incidents in more than hundred different places across the country. In most of the cases, Jatiya Oikya Front leaders and activists are victims of such attacks conducted allegedly by ruling AL activists. So far, the poll-time violence claimed two lives, both of whom are AL activists. There have been attacks in the campaigns of BNP leaders including the party’s secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, Moudud Ahmed, Mirza Abbas, Moyeen Khan, Amir Khasru Mahmud Chowdhury, Afroza Abbas, Mahbub Uddin and Oikya Front leader Abu Sayeed. BNP and Oikya Front leaders have file official complaints to EC everyday. Also, the Left Democratic Alliance filed complaints to the EC alleging that its campaign in Dhaka-12,13,14, Patuakhali-4, Kushtia-3 and Satkhira-1 have been obstructed several times. EC, on the other hand, said an electoral inquiry committee comprising joint district judges, assistant judges and executive magistrates are working on preventing pre-election irregularities. EC assured that effective action would be taken against those responsible or involved in attacks and violence. No visible action has been taken yet. According to electoral code of conduct, it is forbidden to obstruct the rallies, campaign and meeting of the opponent candidates. Those who violate the code of conduct will be sentenced to six months in jail or Tk 50,000 fine or both, the rules further dictate. According to the Representation of the People Order (RPO), 122 electoral inquiry committees were constituted on 25 November, in coordination with the joint district judge and assistant judge.If anyone appeal is submitted to the election commission or if any allegations are filed regarding pre-election irregularities, this can be sent on to the electoral inquiry committees. But for immediate action, these allegations can be sent to the returning officers or presiding officers or law enforcement agencies for action. Yet, the EC only refers to the election committee. The law enforcement agencies also remain inactive till now.EC secretary Helaluddin recently told the media that the inquiry committee carries out investigation and found no evidence of violence or irregularities in several constituencies. However, the secretary did not clarify in which constituencies they conducted the investigations.The election commissioner Shahadat Hossain Chowdhury told BBC Bangla, the EC is monitoring these incidents very seriously and violence is not acceptable in any circumstance. The EC ordered the police force to take stern action and several officers have been transferred already, Chowdhury added. CEC also mentioned the electoral inquiry committee on Saturday. He admitted that it would take time to get the investigation report. CEC has promised to send a letter with directives to the police to prevent such violence.last_img read more

Sony Now Predicts a 11 Billion Loss Shuts Down PC Business

first_img Problem Solvers with Jason Feifer Hear from business owners and CEOs who went through a crippling business problem and came out the other side bigger and stronger. February 6, 2014 Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. 3 min read Sony is shuttering its computer business, refocusing its TV division on high-end units and laying off 5,000 people. It is also predicting a massive loss of 110 billion yen, or $1.1 billion, for the fiscal year, a drastic change from its prediction three months ago of a 30-billion yen profit ($294 million).There was a time, long ago, when it looked as if Japanese electronics companies — and foremost among them Sony — would take over the world. But no longer. Apple and Samsung dominate the consumer market for tablets and smartphones, and Sony is now being forced to undergo costly restructuring to survive.Sony’s TV business has long been a loser. It has cost the electronics giant $7.8 billion over the past decade, according to Reuters. Sony plans to spin it off into a subsidiary company by July of this year, hoping to streamline processes and return it to profitability by the end of the fiscal year ending March 31, 2015.To some observers, this move could look like preparation for disposing of the TV division altogether. But Sony chief Kazuo Hirai told reporters in Tokyo that “we have absolutely no plan” to sell off the TV business, according to Reuters. The way forward, Hirai thinks, lies in high-end models, especially ultra-high-definition 4K TVs, which have yet to go mainstream.Related: 10 Thoughts on Tech, Trends and Innovation at CES 2014Sony will be posting a net loss for the fifth time in six years. As part of restructuring, the Japanese electronics maker will let go more than 3 percent of its global work force by March 2015. The company expects the layoffs to save 100 billion yen, or $1 billion, in annual costs. As of September 2013, Sony had 145,800 employees.Sony’s computer business is also a goner. After spring 2014, when its final lineup of personal computers will launch, Sony will stop manufacturing and selling computers. Its PC business will be sold to Japan Industrial Partners, an investment fund, and about 250 to 300 Sony employees will move to the new company which the fund will set up to manage the PC business.Even Sony’s successes are somewhat muted. Its Playstation 4 gaming console is on pace to beat sales expectations of 5 million units by the end of March. But this latest iteration of the popular Playstation was so expensive to develop that it will take two years to break even on the console, Sony said.One Sony division is performing admirably, however. The financial services unit did so well in the fiscal quarter from October to December 2013 that Sony managed to post an operating profit of more than 90 billion yen, nearly twice the previous year’s amount.Related: This New Startup Aims to Revolutionize Selling Your Old Electronics Listen Nowlast_img read more

MIT Students Win Hyperloop Competition Where Musk Makes Surprise Appearance

first_img 4 min read February 1, 2016 This story originally appeared on Fortune Magazine A student-led Hyperloop design team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was named the winner on Saturday of a SpaceX-organized competition to build passenger pods for the futuristic transportation system known as the Hyperloop. Teams from Delft University in the Netherlands, The University of Wisconsin-Madison, Virginia Tech and University of California at Irvine rounded out the top five finishers.Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX first publicized the idea of a Hyperloop in 2013 in which pods would carry passengers and cargo through tubes at up to 700 miles per hour. The pods would levitate on either air cushions or magnetic fields while they travel though tubes that are kept at low pressure to reduce air resistance.SpaceX organized the Hyperloop Pod Competition Design Weekend at Texas A&M in College Station to help accelerate development of a functional Hyperloop. A total of 22 student teams, and one non-university team organized through online forum Reddit, advanced through the first phase of the competition and will test their pods this summer on a SpaceX-built Hyperloop test track in Hawthorne, Calif. The field included 115 teams that had been winnowed from more than 1,000 applicants.Twelve awards were also given to teams that focused on particular subsystems and design concepts.After the finalists were named, the crowd got a surprise when Musk himself strolled onto the stage to give an unscheduled pep talk to the jubilant crowd.“I have a good feeling about this,” he said about the competition. “I think the work you guys are doing is going to blow people’s minds.”The competition results were based on concept designs, and teams will spend the next six months building their pods at roughly half scale. Musk encouraged the teams to take a hands-on approach.“You want to do a lot of dry runs with your pod,” he said. “Test it out very thoroughly, as close to the competition conditions as possible.”Peter Chamberlain, a member of the winning MIT team, acknowledged that the construction and testing phases will be at least as challenging as the initial design. All of the teams will need to raise significant funding to build their pods, and he said his team is already actively looking for sponsors. It’s also considering a crowdfunding campaign.“Now we have to do a lot of thinking,” echoed Keio University team member David Chew. His team, like a rival team from Delft in the Netherlands, will have the additional challenge of getting its multi-ton pod across an ocean.Prizes for the teams with the best performance on the test track have not been finalized, but Musk provided new details of exactly how the next phase of the pod challenge will work. “The basic idea of the competition is that we want to get to the highest possible speed,” he said. The test track in Hawthorne will have a large display showing each pod’s speed, for what he anticipates will be a large audience.“And then, of course, you have to slow down before the end,” continued Musk, laughing. “There’ll be a bit of tension — will it brake in time?”Also finishing in the top 22 were teams from Carnegie Mellon University, Japan’s Keio University, Oral Roberts University and Texas A&M itself. According to judges, between three and 10 more teams will also be invited to the finals after further review.In addition to the student teams, private companies have begun work on various aspects of the Hyperloop project. The most progress has been made by Hyperloop Tech, whose chief technology officer, Brogan BamBrogan, said in an interview at the event that the Hyperloop will be roughly as energy efficient as a conventional train, and much more efficient than high-speed rail or conventional magnetic levitation trains –while moving faster than any of them.Musk went on to answer questions from the audience for about 20 minutes, in what has become his signature style — relaxed, forthright and slightly awkward. He reiterated his desire to colonize Mars, and expressed some surprise that the Hyperloop concept has sparked such fascination, including from hundreds of members of the public who came to the event from as far as Dallas. He also gave a glimpse of what could be his next big idea.“I’ve been thinking about the vertical takeoff and landing electric jet a bit more,” Musk said. “I think I have something that might be close.”“I’m quite tempted to do something about it.” This hands-on workshop will give you the tools to authentically connect with an increasingly skeptical online audience. Free Workshop | August 28: Get Better Engagement and Build Trust With Customers Now Enroll Now for Freelast_img read more

How to change the properties of VirtualBox virtual machines

first_imgHow to change the properties of VirtualBox virtual machines by Martin Brinkmann on January 02, 2018 in Misc, Tutorials – Last Update: January 11, 2018 – 14 commentsIt is quite easy to set up virtual machines using VirtualBox and other virtualization programs. You configure a few parameters such as disk size or memory, select an ISO image of an operating system, and wait for the program to create the virtual machine and install the operating system on it.Virtual machines are useful for many different tasks. You can use them to test updates or new software programs, to browse the Internet, and to chain VPN connections.VirtualBox users may change some properties of a virtual machine using the graphic user interface and others only from the command line. This guide looks at both options.Here is a list of situations where you may need to change the properties:The disk size of the virtual machine image is not large enough or is too large.You want to enable or disable clipboard sharing or drag and drop.You want to increase or decrease the memory of the virtual machine.You need to increase or decrease video memory.VirtualBox SettingsYou open the Settings of any virtual machine image in Virtualbox by right-clicking on it and selecting settings from the context menu.General > Advanced: Shared Clipboard and Drag and Drop.System > Motherboard: Change base memory and boot order.System > Processor: Change number of processors.Display > Screen: Change video memory, monitor count, and scale factor. Enable 2D and 3D acceleration.Display > Remote Display: enable server mode.Storage: Add or remove storage attachments.Audio: Enable or disable audio, and configure it.Network > Adapter: add network adapters.Serial Ports: Add serial ports.USB: Change the USB controller and add device filters.Shared Folders: Manage shared folders.And a lot more. You may have noticed already that you cannot change some virtual machine properties using the GUI. It is for instance not possible to change the size of the virtual hard drive; that’s reserved to the command line.VirtualBox command lineVirtualBox supports many different command line options to change the properties of a virtual machine image.These commands use VBoxManage modifyvm ImagePath as the base command followed by the actual command.The following instructions are for Windows. Linux and Mac users should not have issues figuring this out for their devices though.VBoxManage.exe is a file in the root directory of the VirtualBox installation on Windows. You find it under C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox by default.Start by opening a new command prompt window and navigating to the VirtualBox folder.Tip: if you use the command regularly, consider adding it as a system path so that you can run the commands from anywhere.Make sure the virtual machine that you want to modify is shut down.Tap on the Windows-key, type cmd.exe, and hit the Enter-key to start a command prompt window.Type cd C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox to switch to the VirtualBox root directory.Here is a short list of important commands:Resize virtual machine (VDI and VHD)Command: VBoxManage modifyhd “PathTOVDIImage” −−resize Example: VBoxManage modifyhd “C:\Users\Martin\VirtualBox VMs\windows 7\windows 7.vdi” −−resize 40000Explanation: This changes the size of the virtual hard drive to 40000 MBMove virtual machine imageCommand: VBoxManage modifymedium “PathTOVDIImage” −−move Example: VBoxManage modifymedium “C:\Users\Martin\VirtualBox VMs\windows 7\windows 7.vdi” −−move “C:\virtual”Explanation: This moves the virtual machine image to the new location.Cap Virtual CPUsCommand: VBoxManage modifyvm “PathTOVDIImage” −−cpuexecutioncap <1-100>Example: VBoxManage modifyvm “C:\Users\Martin\VirtualBox VMs\windows 7\windows 7.vdi” −−cpuexecutioncap 50Explanation: Caps the CPU use to 50%.Change memory allocationCommand: VBoxManage modifyvm “PathTOVDIImage” −−memory Example: VBoxManage modifyvm “C:\Users\Martin\VirtualBox VMs\windows 7\windows 7.vdi” −−memory 2048Explanation: Sets the memory to 2048 MB.SummaryArticle NameHow to change the properties of VirtualBox virtual machinesDescriptionVirtualBox users may change some properties of a virtual machine using the graphic user interface and others only from the command line. This guide looks at both options. Author Martin BrinkmannPublisher Ghacks Technology NewsLogo Advertisementlast_img read more