Now KMC will be responsible for upkeep of Citizens Park

first_imgKolkata: Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) is taking over the maintenance of Citizens’ Park, popularly known as Mohor Kunja, situated on Cathedral Road beside Victoria Memorial.The decision has been approved at the Member, Mayor-in-Councils’ (MMiC) meeting that was chaired by Mayor Firhad Hakim on Saturday. Reliance Industries that had taken over the maintenance of the park in 2015, had written to the KMC a few days ago, expressing its unwillingness to carry on with the park’s maintenance. Also Read – Centuries-old Durga Pujas continue to be hit among revellers”We are taking over the maintenance of Citizen’s Park as the private company associated with its maintenance is no longer willing to continue its upkeep,” said Debasish Kumar, MMiC (Parks & Gardens). It may be mentioned that Reliance Industries had taken over the park’s maintenance in 2015 and was supposed to maintain the urban park for five years. The civic body had made it clear that they will not be able to do any commercial venture out of the park. Also Read – Bengal family worships Muslim girl as Goddess Durga in Kumari PujaHowever, the company wrote to the Director General of the Parks & Garden department of the civic body, expressing its willingness to move out of the contract. When asked about the reason behind Reliance opting out of the contract, Kumar refused to comment. The park, which had started its journey in 2005, was one of the most vaunted projects of the erstwhile Trinamool Congress board, with Subrata Mukherjee as the Mayor. It was named as Citizens Park.last_img read more

Moroccos Net International Reserves Rise by 259 as of June 10

Rabat – Morocco’s net international reserves amounted to MAD 244.1 billion until June 10, 2016, recording a 25.9 percent increase on an annual basis, Bank Al-Maghrib said.During the week of June 9-15, 2016, the central bank injected MAD 6 billion.Over the course of this period, the interbank rate was at 2 percent, the central bank pointed out in its weekly indicators. During the same period, the dirham appreciated by 0.54 percent against the euro and depreciated by 0.84 percent against the dollar. read more

JVP slams appointment of more Ministers

He said that the JVP condemns the new appointments as it also takes place at a time when the Government has exceeded its 100 day mandate. The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) today slammed the decision by President Maithripala Sirisena to appoint more Deputy Ministers.JVP General Secretary Tilvin Silva said that the appointment of new Deputy Ministers is taking place as and when the Government feels like it. Silva noted that there are 82 members in the Government now and this includes 40 cabinet Ministers, 14 State Ministers and 28 Deputy Ministers. He also said that if the appointments are being made to address a social need or to keep the Government in power then it should have been done at the very beginning and not when the Government has no mandate to remain in power.“We feel this is being done with some other objective,” he said. Silva also noted that the 19th Amendment which was proposed by the current Government and passed by Parliament and will become law when the new Government takes office, ensures that only 40 members are in the Government.He said that the current Government should look at telling the people there is no need for a Government with more than 40 members by setting the example instead of proposing one thing and doing something else. (Colombo Gazette) read more

Rival militias withdraw from Afghan city in UNbrokered agreement

Manoel de Almeida e Silva, spokesman for the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), said that all troops of the Jumbesh and Jamiat militias had withdrawn to the city’s outskirts in accordance with an agreement the UN helped broker on 10 April, and a prisoner exchange was essentially complete.An agreement was also reached on 14 April to form a neutral police force to ensure security, including vehicle weapons checks and the issuance of special identification for vehicles coming into the city, and a UN police adviser and military adviser were due to arrive there today, he added.Mr. de Almeida e Silva said UN deminers who arrived in Maimana on Sunday were still actively working on removing live munitions and unexploded bombs which had been found in the streets and homes and were a threat to civilians, particularly children. read more

New Brock research examines how impacts of sporting events are measured

The Jerry McGuire-inspired phrase “show me the money” may have been a hit on the big screen, but determining if and how sporting events benefit communities in real life goes beyond calculating the financial bottom line.New Brock University research says communities’ perceptions of the ways these events impact their social life and physical environment give policy makers and organizers a more complete picture of whether or not to host them.“While economic-impact studies can be considered a valuable tool for evaluating the overall potential of an event, it should not be a leading determinant in the overall decision-making process,” says the latest policy brief by the Niagara Community Observatory (NCO), which was released Wednesday, Feb. 7.“With a trend towards ensuring positive social impacts in a community and limited negative environmental impacts, it is increasingly important that those responsible for deciding on event support add more evaluation tools to their ‘toolbox,’” according to the brief, produced by Brock’s Centre for Sport Capacity.The brief presented a case study of the 2017 Scotties Tournament of Hearts, the national women’s curling championship held in February 2017 at the Meridian Centre in downtown St. Catharines.Sport Management master’s student Chris Charlebois collected data from surveys that asked attendees to agree or disagree with 22 positive and 18 negative statements about the tournament’s economic, social and environmental impacts.Examples of statements included:increased community development investmentsimproved image of St. Catharinesincreased hardship for finding parkingincreased the amount of litter and wasteCharlebois and co-author Julie Stevens, Associate Professor of Sport Management and Director of the Centre for Sport Capacity, calculated the results of the 251 completed surveys.They found social factors were highest for perceived positive impact.“Perceptions are important for politicians and other decision makers,” says the policy brief, titled “More than Money: Leveraging the Benefits of Sport Hosting in Niagara.”“Local residents who believe an event will boost the image of their city provide more cultural opportunities, increase interaction among citizens, or promote healthier living will often be more inclined to support investments into the attraction of sport events.”Stevens says it’s important to factor in what she calls the “people legacy” of an event.“When you have individuals engaged in your community through a sporting event, there is a tendency for people to feel more satisfied with their everyday living in a region and to be more willing to engage again in the future, especially when that experience makes them feel included and part of the community,” she says.Although major events such as the Scotties Tournament of Hearts receive a lot of attention, Stevens says the “bread and butter for the Niagara region when it comes to sport tourism is everyday community sport club or association tournaments that are hosted every week of the year.”“It’s those clubs and associations that are primarily run by volunteers that truly need the support and the help. An event-hosting strategy needs to target them just as much as the big events,” she says.The report recommends a regional group be formed to develop a sport-hosting strategy that spans the region’s 12 municipalities, and that those involved in sport tourism “collectively define and effectively track sport event outcomes.”The brief also summarizes the economic impact of local, national and international sport events on the Niagara economy.“This brief is a conversation starter,” says NCO Director Charles Conteh. “It’s about re-thinking our measurement of the impact of sport. It’s a paradigm shift; we’re going to challenge and shift how we understand, appreciate, measure and evaluate the impact of sport in our community.”Wednesday’s launch of the policy brief comes at a pivotal time, with Niagara region set to host the 2021 Canada Summer Games. In Canada, sport tourism is said to be the fastest-growing segment of the tourism industry. read more

6 Reasons The Hawks Will Beat LeBron James and

The Atlanta Hawks had the best record in the Eastern Conference, but the Cleveland Cavaliers are favored to beat them and advance to the NBA Finals. The disregard for the Hawks is palpable—and misguided. The regular season counts for something—a lot, actually. And here is why they will send LeBron James and the Cavs fishing for the summer.Home City AdvantageAtlanta is party central for the entire NBA. The restaurants, lounges, night clubs, adult entertainment spots… they draw NBA players out of their hotel rooms as if by a trance. The late-night carousing wears on a team’s legs and concentration. In an evenly matched series like this one, that energy edge very well could be a difference-maker. And even if the Cavs decide to stay in their room, they won’t be watching Being Mary Jane. The “entertainment” can—and will—come to them.Best Team AdvantageThe Hawks’ unselfish style of play has been the hallmark of the best season in franchise history. Part of the reason they are disregarded is because they do not have a superstar player. But they have four all-stars, who, if they play to their regular-season stature, far exceed the Cavs, who do not have an injured Kevin Love. Talent wins, and the Hawks have more of it. read more

Amazon launches Electronics TradeIn Store gives you credit for your gadgets

first_imgElectronics trade-in programs are nothing new. Stores like Best Buy have been doing it for a while. Amazon, however, was late to the game, and only just added an Electronics Trade-In Store today. The Electronics Trade-In Store lets customers send off their old electronic devices and get an Gift Card in return. Amazon previously had a trade-in program that bought up textbooks, DVDs, and other non-electronic devices, so this is a big step for the site.Customers can now trade in tablets, cell phones, MP3 players, cameras, and GPS units, among other products. Amazon will give you a special shipping label that you can print out for free shipping. All you have to do is put the product in a box, send it off, and wait to see how much your device is worth.It’s really pretty easy. The user has to look up the product, and then mark its condition: “Like New,” “Good,” and “Acceptable,” each of which gives you a varying amount back. Once you send off the product, Amazon gives it a once over and tells you the true value, which may be less than what it originally quoted you online. An Gift Card will be deposited then into your account. The whole process is pretty speedy–you should see the gift card in less than 48 hours.Gazelle, an online store that buys and sells recycle and used electronics, recently opened up an iPad-only store. Right now, Gazelle will buy the 16GB iPad in perfect condition for $230. Amazon will buy the same iPad for $235. However, Gazelle will buy your iPad that’s in “good” condition for $207, whereas Amazon will give you $200 for it. The difference isn’t that great on either end, but if you’re interested in getting the most bang for your buck, you might want to test out a few trade-in sites before you decide to go with one.If you have a couple of old cell phones, or laptops lying around, the trade-in program may be a good way to get a few bucks while clearing out that clutter. Amazon says that for any electronic items with on-device storage, make sure you erase all your personal data before you ship it. If you can, restore the device to the factory settings. The same thing goes for cell phones. Erase all your apps and personal data, and make sure to take out your SIM card. If you forget to do these things, Amazon says that it or a merchant will wipe the data off the device while they’re inspecting it.Try it out at Amazonlast_img read more

Greek police storm Acropolis protesters

first_imgThe scuffles, watched by astonished tourists, erupted when police burst into the grounds of the landmark attraction through a side entrance. They used tear gas to disperse media covering the event as they tried to corner the protesters and empty the site.Protesters clung on to the gates, defying repeated orders to clear the entrance.At least 30 government workers had occupied the Acropolis overnight, barricading themselves inside and changing the padlock on the main gate to keep police out.Wielding batons and firing two rounds of pepper spray, police pushed protesters away from the entrance and grabbed at least two employees who were whisked off in handcuffs.A squadron of police officers remained at the gates, allowing tourists free entry to the 2,500 year old monument, Greece’s biggest tourist attraction.“A prosecutor was called in and orders were issued to clear them out,” Deputy Culture Minister Tylemachos Hytiris told the Athens-based Skai Television network.Speaking after the operation, one of the leaders of the striking workers, Nikos Hasomeris, said the protests would continue.“The authorities must accept their responsibilities,” he said. He also accused the authorities of damaging the archaeological site.Minister Hytiris offered to talk to the protesters but said he could not promise them permanent contracts.The strike is part of an on-going dispute between the Ministry of Culture and its employees who work at the Acropolis.Dozens of workers had shut down the Acropolis on Wednesday demanding two years of back-pay.The protesters said they intended to blockade the Acropolis, Greece’s most famous tourist attraction, until 31 October. As well as the back-pay issue, the workers are angry that about 320 temporary staff will lose their jobs when their contracts expire at the end of the month. They want the staff to be given permanent contracts.Sources: BBC, AFP, AP Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Golden Dawn leader refused appeal for release

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram The Council of Appeals Court Judges rejected an appeal by Golden Dawn leader Nikos Michaloliakos for his release from Korydallos Prison, where he is in custody pending trial on criminal charges.The ultra-right party condemned the decision, saying that Michaloliakos “is being held hostage by an anti-Greek regime without any incriminating evidence whatsoever.” It added that it would take legal action.Meanwhile an Athens court postponed until September 2014 the trial on charges of violating anti-racism laws of Alekos Plomaritis, a former parliamentary candidate for Golden Dawn, who was captured on a Channel 4 documentary threatening dark-skinned foreigners at an Athens street market and calling for all immigrants to be made into soap.last_img read more

Les 8 actus sciences que vous devez connaitre ce matin

first_imgLes 8 actus sciences que vous devez connaitre ce matinUne supernova extrêmement lointaine, un poilu identifié et un adorable bébé pieuvre, voici votre concentré d’actualités scientifiques pour ce 21 février. – Des chercheurs français se sont intéressés à l’association entre l’alcool et la démence. Selon leur étude, une consommation excessive serait liée à un risque trois fois plus important de développer une forme de démence. Une nouvelle preuve des dommages causés par l’alcool sur le cerveau.- La supernova la plus distante jamais découverte vient d’être identifiée. La lumière de cette énorme explosion cosmique a voyagé durant 10,5 milliards d’années pour nous atteindre. En plus d’être extrêmement lointaine, la supernova ferait aussi partie des plus lumineuses, la rendant d’autant plus rare.- Les hominidés auraient parlé plus tôt qu’on ne pensait. C’est du moins ce qu’affirme Daniel Everett, un scientifique américain. Selon lui, Homo erectus, premier ancêtre du genre Homo, aurait inventé le langage il y a plus d’un million d’années. Une faculté qui lui aurait permis de chasser et naviguer. – Faire le ménage pourrait nuire à la santé des femmes. Une étude menée sur plus de 6.000 sujets montre que l’utilisation régulière de produits ménagers affecterait leurs poumons et leur capacité. En revanche, aucun effet négatif semblable n’est apparu chez les hommes.  – Le rover Opportunity a récemment fêté ses 5000 jours de présence sur Mars. Une belle performance alors que la mission du robot de la NASA ne devait initialement durer que 90 jours. Quatorze ans après son atterrissage, Opportunity continue même de faire des découvertes. À lire aussiInfection, gaspillage et Facebook, les actus sciences que vous devez connaître ce 29 août- Un soldat de la Première Guerre mondiale identifié un siècle après. Grâce à une analyse ADN, une équipe a réussi à mettre un nom sur un squelette découvert en 2015 dans la région de Verdun. Il s’agirait du sergent Claude Fournier mort le 4 août 1916 à 35 ans. – Les premières plantes terrestres seraient apparues plus tôt qu’on ne le pensait. Selon une étude, les plantes auraient commencé à apparaitre il y a 500 millions d’années. C’est 80 millions d’années plus tôt que ne le suggérait le plus ancien fossile de plante découvert.  – La vidéo d’un adorable bébé pieuvre fait fondre le coeur des internautes. Il faut dire aussi qu’il ne s’agit pas de n’importe quel spécimen mais d’une pieuvre Dumbo. Cette créature n’a été observée pour la première fois qu’en 2005. Depuis, son drôle d’aspect l’a rendu célèbre.  Le 21 février 2018 à 11:07 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

What You Need To Know For Upcoming Borough Elections

first_imgProposition No. 1General Obligation Bonds to Pay the Local Required Match Portion of the Costs of the Kachemak-Selo New K-12 School (to be voted on by all voters) Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享Polls will be open for the Kenai Peninsula Borough Regular Municipal Election on October 2, from 7am to 8pm. Early voting began on September 17. To register to vote in the local election you must be at least 18 years of age registered as a resident of the Kenai Peninsula Borough at least 30 days before the election.,There are three propositions that will be on the upcoming ballot for residents of the Kenai Peninsula for the municipal election on October 2. For Kenai City Council: There are two open seats on the council: Incumbent Bob Molloy will face off with Teea Winger and Robert Peterkin II. For the seats open on the Kenai Peninsula Borough assembly: For District 1, K-Beach: incumbent Brent Hibbert is unopposed. For District 6, East Peninsula: incumbent Kenn Carpenter is unopposed For District 9, South Peninsula: incumbent Willy Dunne will face off with Troy Jones of Homer. Board of Education: Three seats are open: One incumbent, Mike Illg of Homer, will go into the election unchallenged. In the Kenai area incumbent Tim Navarre will face off with Matthew Morse to represent District 2 on the board. Proposition No. 1General Obligation Bonds to Pay the Local Required Match Portion of the Costs of the Kachemak-Selo New K-12 School (to be voted on by all voters) The proposed new area of the Central Kenai Peninsula Hospital Service Area as should “the common boundary line between the Central Kenai Peninsula Hospital Service Area and the South Kenai Peninsula Hospital Service Area be moved south by about 15 miles to Barbara Drive in Ninilchik?” For Soldotna City Council: There are three open seats- with three candidates: Two incumbents, Paul Whitney and Justin Ruffridge will retain their seats. Jordan Chilson, filed for the third open seat. The proposed new area of the Central Kenai Peninsula Hospital Service Area as should “the common boundary line between the Central Kenai Peninsula Hospital Service Area and the South Kenai Peninsula Hospital Service Area be moved south by about 15 miles to Barbara Drive in Ninilchik?” To required match for the borough is a $5,450,000 issuance bond for the Kenai Peninsula Borough to pay the local required match portion of the costs of ohe Kachemak-Selo new K-12 School construction project. There are three propositions that will be on the upcoming ballot for residents of the Kenai Peninsula for the municipal election on October 2. Proposition No. 3Expanding the South Kenai Peninsula Hospital Service Area to Include the Land South of Kachemak Bay Excluding the City of Seldovia (to be voted on by voters in the South Kenai Peninsula Hospital Service Area and the new proposed area) Proposition No. 2Amending the Code to Move the Common Boundary Between the Central Kenai Peninsula Hospital Service Area and the South Kenai Peninsula Hospital Service Area (to be voted on by voters in the Central Kenai Peninsula Hospital Service Area and the Proposed new Area) The proposed new southern area of the South Kenai Peninsula Hospital Service Area will be asked “shall the southern boundary line of the South Kenai Peninsula Hospital Service Area around Kachemak Bay be moved south?” Proposition No. 3Expanding the South Kenai Peninsula Hospital Service Area to Include the Land South of Kachemak Bay Excluding the City of Seldovia (to be voted on by voters in the South Kenai Peninsula Hospital Service Area and the new proposed area) Proposition No. 2Amending the Code to Move the Common Boundary Between the Central Kenai Peninsula Hospital Service Area and the South Kenai Peninsula Hospital Service Area (to be voted on by voters in the Central Kenai Peninsula Hospital Service Area and the Proposed new Area) The proposed new southern area of the South Kenai Peninsula Hospital Service Area will be asked “shall the southern boundary line of the South Kenai Peninsula Hospital Service Area around Kachemak Bay be moved south?” To required match for the borough is a $5,450,000 issuance bond for the Kenai Peninsula Borough to pay the local required match portion of the costs of ohe Kachemak-Selo new K-12 School construction project.last_img read more

Twitter Rolling Out Analytics Tool

first_imgIn the last five years, Twitter has grown to 100 million monthly users, says the company, with about half of them logging in at least once a day. The analytics tool was debuted at the TechCrunch Disrupt event where Twitter’s director of Web business development April Underwood said the platform is driving 100 million clicks per day to sites across the Web, reports TechCrunch’s Leena Rao.Underwood told attendees that the analytics tool will be free. The company also plans to make the Twitter Web Analytics API available to developers to incorporate it into their products.TechCrunch has video from Underwood’s announcement at the Disrupt show. On Tuesday Twitter announced that it’s launching a new analytics tool that will initially be available to a select group of partners as a pilot program, but will be made available to everyone in the “next few weeks.”The tool will enable Web site developers to more accurately measure Twitter traffic referrals and how well the Twitter features they’ve integrated into their sites are performing.The tool is essentially the result of Twitter’s acquisition of BackType in July. According to the company’s announcement yesterday, the tool will have three core functions: the ability to understand how content is being shared across Twitter; the ability to measure the traffic Twitter is sending to a site; and measuring the effectiveness of the Tweet button integration.last_img read more

Oppn parties protest in Delhi demand release of leaders

first_imgNew Delhi: Opposition parties, including the Congress, the Trinamool Congress and the DMK, protested on Thursday to demand the release of political leaders under detention in Jammu and Kashmir. Congress leader P Chidambaram’s son Karti Chidambaram also joined the protest at Jantar Mantar. P Chidambaram was arrested by the CBI on Wednesday night in connection with a money laundering case related to INX Media. Also Read – BJP launches anti-AAP campaign to save Delhi Advertise With Us Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad, CPI(M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury, CPI general secretary D Raja, SP leader Ramgopal Yadav, Loktantrik Janata Dal’s Sharad Yadav, RJD’s Manoj Jha and TMC’s Dinesh Trivedi were among those who attended the protest. The leaders raised slogans demanding the restoration of normalcy in Jammu and Kashmir, resumption of telecom services in the Valley and the immediate release of all political leaders who have been detained. Also Read – In his first after abrogation of Art 370, Army chief to visit Srinagar today Advertise With Us The National Conference, whose leaders Farooq Abdullah and Omar Abdullah are among those detained after the Centre revoked Jammu and Kashmir’s special status on August 5, was present too. Karti Chidambaram, who arrived in Delhi from Chennai on Thursday morning, had told reporters at the airport that he would join the protest.last_img read more

EPA Says Superfund Task Force Left Behind Little Paper Trail

first_imgPhoto via Twitter @US_ag_policyThe Environmental Protection Agency says an internal task force appointed to revamp how the nation’s most polluted sites are cleaned up generated no record of its deliberations.EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt in May announced the creation of a Superfund Task Force that he said would reprioritize and streamline procedures for remediating more than 1,300 sites. Pruitt, the former attorney general of Oklahoma, appointed a political supporter from his home state with no experience in pollution cleanups to lead the group.The task force in June issued a nearly three dozen-page report containing 42 detailed recommendations, all of which Pruitt immediately adopted. The advocacy group Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, known as PEER, quickly filed a Freedom of Information Act request seeking a long list of documents related to the development of Pruitt’s plan.After EPA didn’t immediately release any records, PEER sued.Now, nearly six months after the task force released its report, a lawyer for EPA has written PEER to say that the task force had no agenda for its meetings, kept no minutes and used no reference materials.Further, there were no written criteria for selecting the 107 EPA employees the agency says served on the task force or background materials distributed to them during the deliberative process for creating the recommendations.According to EPA, the task force also created no work product other than its final report.“Pruitt’s plan for cleaning up toxic sites was apparently immaculately conceived, without the usual trappings of human parentage,” said Jeff Ruch, the executive director of PEER. “It stretches credulity that 107 EPA staff members with no agenda or reference materials somehow wrote an intricate plan in 30 days.”The recommendations adopted by Pruitt include prioritizing cleanup sites that can be redeveloped for new construction or where nearby residents are under threat from spreading pollution. EPA held no public hearings about the plan.“Task force members were all volunteers from EPA staff with no selection criteria,” Johnny Walker, a Justice Department lawyer representing EPA, wrote to PEER last month. “The Task Force recommendations were intended to provide guidance to EPA staff. As such, there was no plan for public review and comment on the recommendations.”Pruitt has pledged to make mitigating decades-old pollution EPA’s core mission, even as he has moved to block or delay Obama-era regulations aimed at curbing ongoing contamination from coal-fired power plants and fossil-fuel production.President Donald Trump’s proposed 2018 budget seeks to cut the program by 30 percent. Congress has not yet approved a budget for the current fiscal year, which began in October.The task force was led by Albert “Kell” Kelly, whom Pruitt hired at EPA as a senior adviser at an annual salary of $172,100. Kelly was previously the chairman of Tulsa-based SpiritBank, where he worked as an executive for 34 years.The Associated Press reported in August that Kelly was barred by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation from working for any U.S. financial institution after officials determined he violated laws or regulations, leading to a financial loss for his bank. The FDIC’s order didn’t detail what Kelly is alleged to have done. Without admitting wrongdoing, he agreed to pay a $125,000 penalty. Sharelast_img read more

Louisville vs Boston College Postgame Quotes Jan 16 2019

first_img(Any update on Ryan and what happened on that play) “They landed on his lower leg. I don’t think it’s anything too concerning. He was asking, “hey Fred (Hina) can I play tomorrow,” so that’s always a good sign. Other than that, I don’t really know a whole lot. I haven’t talked to Ryan, talked to Fred, he felt like he should be okay. As with any injury you just got to see what happens over a good night’s sleep.” (On how much better the offense is when all five players are scoring) “It starts with him (graduate guard Christen Cunningham). He’s the floor general. He goes eight assists, one turnover. He gets in the lane, he finds guys. Obviously, (sophomore forward) Jordan (Nwora) played as good as an offensive game as I’ve seen from a guy and I’ve had some really talented offensive players. There were a few times where he made the ‘one-more pass’ as we like to call them, which is not really a ‘one-more,’ it’s the right one and he got (graduate guard) Khwan (Fore) a couple open looks because going to make the right play. I think our team plays that way. Our inefficiency on offense had nothing to do with taking bad shots or not passing to one another. They gave us a look that we hadn’t always seen, and we didn’t handle it very well. We need to be a balanced team. We got to get a little more from (redshirt junior center) Steven (Enoch) than we did tonight. We’ve got to be a team that can score inside. We need to be a team that can do it from the outside as well.” (On Dwayne Sutton’s ceiling and progress) “He’s a jack of all trades. I don’t think anyone would call him elite in any one area; except being a competitor. He gets the job done. He gets loose balls, he makes the right play, and hits big shots. He does anything for his team to win. I’m not smart enough to know ceilings. I just know if you want a guy on your team who cares about winning, you can’t find one that cares more than Dwayne.”  Print Friendly Version Story Links (Do you see them turning a corner after the North Carolina win on the road?) “You’ll have to ask Chris (Mack). They looked good before that. This is a tough league. Everybody’s going to have nights where the ball doesn’t go in. They’re making threes right now, made 12 threes tonight, they shot the ball extremely well against Carolina. They’re improving as an offensive rebounding team. They’ve got some really good offensive pieces and their defense is obviously getting better…more of what Chris wants, I assume, but you’d have to ask him. I thought they were very good before Carolina. The Pitt game… those games happen. So on the road this league is not easy, I’ve been to three out of four on the road, trust me.” (On Jordan Nwora’s and the team’s defense) “I think we learned a tough lesson at Pitt, I felt like Pitt played harder than our team. You can throw the names out, past records, who’s coaching; the team that has the hungrier disposition on any given night is going to put themselves in a position to win. I felt like our mindset versus Pitt’s mindset, were two very different levels. I don’t think that has been the case the last two games. We have to continue that. With success, people pat you on the butt. Compliment you. Tell you “wow, what a game” I can imagine our guys are hearing it on campus fifty times more than I am because I just stay in my office and watch film. They have to maintain that hunger and play with it on the defensive end.”center_img (About Jordan’s ability to find open shots and convert them) “I want to talk about Jordan’s defense, first and foremost. I think everyone recognizes what a talented player he is on the offensive end. He’s got so much confidence in his individual game, but I think he’s finding his shots within the flow of team concept, which is what good players do. But on the defensive end, he got switched onto Ky Bowman more than a handful of times. And I don’t think Bowman ever went around him to the point where it was an uncontested layup. As I’ve told him, he’s played marginal players a heck of a lot worse than that. Guys that maybe average 5, 6 points a game go right down the lane and score on him. And I didn’t see that tonight. He was also a big part of our help defense, because he wasn’t necessarily guarding one of their primary scorers, and I thought he did a really good job of recognizing when to help one on the five men rolling. His closeouts kept the ball in front. Really, really pleased with how he played defensively. Offensively, I just felt like he let the game come to him. I mentioned before, he made a couple extra passes to open teammates. And that’s what good teams do. The ball finds the open man.”(On Nwora raising his stock) “Well, I think the last two games, he’s played as well as he has defensively all year. But, I tell  our team all the time, not just Jordan. You’re judged on next practice, next game, next drill. That’s what the great players do. That’s what the good teams do. Anybody can have it for a day or two. He has to continue to be a guy we really depend on defensively. Because if one player on our team breaks down, whether it’s Jordan, whether it’s Enoch, whether it’s CC (Christen Cunningham), then we’re getting scored on. With our team, we have to be a team that values that on the floor. Gets stops, like we have really the last two games. I know Boston College scored 70 but a lot of those were in transition off our miscues there for a while in the press.” Louisville head coach Chris Mack(Opening Statement) “Well, life in a new league for me, in the ACC. I thought, for a stretch, our guys were rolling. Thought we were playing well, the run that we had to end the half, and then carried over. You give Boston College credit. They changed defenses, and we obviously didn’t handle it very well. It became a tight game down the stretch, but at the same time, I give our guys credit for being able to withstand a heck of a push and a heck of a run by BC and still have the fortitude and calm enough nerves to make a few shots and get a few stops in the last four minutes.” (On Boston College’s late run) “We talked about attacking versus their three-quarter-court press. We had a few guys in that hadn’t played a whole lot up until that point—that’s what got their run going. It was indecisiveness, we didn’t run or attack, and that sort of spilled over to the guys who started the game as well. Fortunately, we were able to break out of it. We have to be better. You’re always in a tough situation, you have 23, 24 (seconds), this isn’t the NBA. You want to run clock, but you also want to be able to get an efficient offensive possession, a good look, and we didn’t always get that. We turned the ball over and got rattled a few times versus their pressure, and they got a little bit of momentum and (Boston College senior guard Jordan) Chatman hit a couple of shots that were tough. Again, as I always say, every experience has to be one that we learn from. We’ll be better against three-quarter-court stuff, and quickly be able to flow into whatever we’re running.” (On officiating consistency) “That’s not a new phenomenon. Coaches don’t like referees; referees don’t like coaches. It’s funny because in the handshake lines we always say ‘hey, how are you, good to see you,’ and then four minutes later we are all yelling at each other. Those guys did a good job. I’m just trying to win a game. I don’t take anything personal, except one referee I won’t name. I don’t take anything personal. I had a guy apologize to me about four or five games ago and said that he missed a call. I said ‘I don’t even remember you refereeing a game.’ I don’t. I know all those guys names, but I don’t keep a running diary about who called what and where.”Boston College head coach Jim Christian (What keyed the late game run?) “I think we picked up our pressure. We turned them over. We pressed them, we trapped them, we forced some turnovers and it led to some baskets. That’s what happens. You guys are asking me, you’ve seen it for 15, 17 years before – you’ve seen pressure. That’s what it looks like. We were in a situation where we had to increase the pressure and we were fortunate enough to turn them over.” (What was Jordan Nwora specifically doing to be so effective tonight?) “He’s just a tough guy. He’s a hard guy to match up, because he doesn’t need much space. His body is totally different than last year. He’s without question the most improved offensive player in this league from what I’ve seen. He’s tough. He doesn’t need much space, he can drive the ball, he’s confident, he shoots the ball with range. He’s a good offensive rebounder, he’s got the whole facet. They do a really good job of getting the ball at the right time. And I think that’s one of the things that’s underrated is (Christen) Cunningham for them, he gets the ball to guys at the right time and that’s what a point guard does. He does a really good job.”last_img read more

Warhammer 40ks Eisenhorn Xenos dives deep into hardboiled narrative

first_imgThe Warhammer 40k setting was originally used for a tabletop strategy game where the “grim darkness” of the distant future provided an excuse for armies of Space Marines and Orks to wage endless war against one another. Fans wanted to know more about the world outside the battlefield, and the makers of Warhammer, Games Workshop, obliged with numerous novels based on the game. Among the most widely acclaimed novels set in this universe is the Eisenhorn trilogy. These books follow Gregor Eisenhorn, an Inquisitor for the Imperium of Man. Eisenhorn is a psychic space cop with the legal authority to do just about anything he wants — and the brute force to match. In the upcoming game, Eisenhorn: XENOS, players will control Eisenhorn and his retinue of companions as he investigates an interstellar conspiracy. We played the first two chapters to see how the Warhammer franchise fares when the strategy is replaced by a hard-boiled narrative.Eisenhorn: XENOS is a third-person action game, and the demo we played had few strategic elements. It is developed by Pixel Hero Games, who previously made only one other game, the iOS title Spiral Episode 1. Eisenhorn: XENOS is releasing on mobile platforms as well as PC. We tried the PC version, but its mobile roots are on display in the simplistic combat system. There are dedicated buttons for melee attacks, guns, dodging, and psyker Will powers. Guns and melee have a basic rhythm-based combo mechanic, and the Will attack is akin to a Force push from Star Wars.The combat is acceptable, but the real draw for this game is the story and voice acting. Eisenhorn is voiced by Mark Strong, who Warhammer fans might recognize as Titus, the main character from Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine. As Eisenhorn investigates the frigid planet of Hubris on his quest to hunt down criminals, he has an inner monologue akin to classic detective stories, but with a grimdark science fiction spin.Many of his lines are taken verbatim from the books, and there are some terrific moments, like when Eisenhorn warns a blustering bureaucrat that “My patience isn’t limitless, like my authority.” When not firing off one-liners, Eisenhorn will explore the world, and players are sometimes given multiple tactical choices when they encounter enemies. There is a Psychic Vision skill that allows Eisenhorn to sense nearby enemies, and then use stealth to pick them off one-by-one. He also has multiple ways to distract guards, thereby avoiding combat altogether.Eisenhorn: XENOS seems to follow the first book quite closely, so fans might want to keep an eye on this project. People who haven’t tried a Warhammer game yet might find this game to be a good way to learn about the franchise. It arrives on iOS, Android, and PC on May 19. We’ll dive back into the grimdark world once the game releases.last_img read more

Just to spread love

first_imgDiwali comes in happy boxes and baskets at Hyatt Regency Delhi’s Sidewalk. This year Sidewalk has taken a selection of traditional Indian sweets, homemade chocolates, nuts and more to create a celebratory gift hamper!  Go ahead and make this festival of lights truly a festival of delights! Sidewalk has made the decision to choose a hamper for your loved ones easy. The flavour of this Diwali season is a blend of traditional and contemporary; the brightly coloured and beautifully packaged hampers will leave a lasting impression. They come in three different sizes in both contemporary and traditional designs. You can also create your own hamper. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Where: Sidewalk, Hyatt Regency Price: Rs 1750 – 4550 Spread happiness this Diwali with specially crafted gift hampers from Jaypee Greens Golf and Spa Resort. Cherish relationships and create new bonds on this auspicious occasion with an array of bespoke treats. From chocolates to contemporary-style diyas, to an assortment of finely crafted gourmet delicacies, guests can also tailor their own gift basket as per their need.Where: The Old Baker @Jaypee Greens Golf and Spa Resort Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixPrice: Rs 3500 – 4500 + taxesShangri-La’s – Eros Hotel, celebrates the festival of joy with an array of Diwali hampers from UNO2GO, the hotel’s patisserie. Gift your loved ones the bespoke Diwali Hampers, available in an exclusive assortment or tailor made to their very own special composition of delectable joys. It has created an elegant, sophisticated and contemporary four choices of hampers called – Jade Hamper, Diamond Hamper, Macaroon trinket box and Gold Hamper. Exclusive bespoke Hampers are available and can be personalised based on one’s requirements. Where: UNO2GO, Shangri-La’s – Eros Hotel Price: Rs. 2500 plus taxes onwardsFilled with tons of treats and gifts as The Imperial gives you a choice to select yours hamper with or without wine! From chocolates, signature souvenirs to gourmet favourites, there is a range of carefully selected eats and memorabilia, handpicked to create lasting pleasures. Pick up yours for your loved ones.Where: The Imperial Price: Rs 6000 – 8000 + taxes Living up to the vibrancy of the festive season, Eros Hotel, Nehru Place, presents an array of breathtaking Diwali Gift Hampers with an exquisite assortment. So create your very special composition of delectable joys and surprise your loved ones with a unique hamper that has been crafted especially for them! The gift hampers have been customised according to the needs and exude impeccable style and innovations. They offer hampers in various range and sizes – Superior Box, Traditional Indian Box, Tea Box, and Premium Wine Box.Where: Eros Hotel, Nehru PlacePrice: Rs 1,999 – 3,499Gift your near and dear ones , the finest expression of love this festive season with the Diwali hampers brought by Mithai Shop, Sheraton New Delhi. It includes – delicious nut and raisin, farmlite oat and almond, Kitchens of India – mango saffron, Dark Fantasy vanilla biscuit, KOI strawberry and mint, Dark Fantasy choco biscuit, moong dal halwa, KOI dal bukhara, matar paneer, paneer darbari and a lot more. Where: Mithai Shop, SheratonPrice: Rs. 5000 – 7500last_img read more

FHFA Raises Maximum Loan Guarantee Limits

first_imgFHFA Raises Maximum Loan Guarantee Limits Conforming Loan Limit Fannie Mae FHFA Freddie Mac 2016-11-23 ScottMorgan1 The Federal Housing Finance Agency on Wednesday announced that it will raise the amount Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac can guarantee on mortgage loans next year.The new maximum conforming loan limits for mortgages acquired by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in 2017 will increase from $417,000 to $424,100 in most parts of the country. It will be the first time the baseline loan limit has increased since 2006.The baseline of $417,000 had been set by the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008, with the requirement that the limit be adjusted annually in order to reflect the changes in the national median home price.  The recession, however, got in the way. A long period of declining home prices nationally stifled the growth of the baseline, and HERA stated that the loan limit could not rise again until the average U.S. home price returned to pre-decline levels.“The 2017 conforming loan-limit increase announced today was prompted by the fact that house prices have surpassed the pre-decline level established in the third quarter of 2007, according to the FHFA index. Nominally, the price recovery is officially complete, but in real purchasing-power adjusted terms, houses prices are still far below the pre-decline peak. The underlying story is consumer house-buying power is better than it has been in a generation,” said Mark Fleming, chief economist at First American.Along with the news of the baseline increase, FHFA published its third quarter 2016 House Price Index, showing that for the first time since Q3 of 2007, U.S. average home values are finally in a place where the baseline limit can increase. According to the FHFA, that average for Q3 of this year was roughly 1.7 percent above the value for the third quarter of 2007. this allows the baseline loan limit will increase by that percentage.According to FHFA, the prerequisite for increasing the maximum limit occurred in all but 87 U.S. counties in Q3.The new limit of $424,100 is the limit for most of the country, but some high-cost areas will see an accordingly higher ceiling. Areas were local median values are between 115 and 150 percent higher than the national median, the limit will rise to meet the higher price point. FHFA capped the baseline at $635,100 for properties in Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.In its September 2016 Mortgage Monitor released in early November, Black Knight Financial Services discussed the possible effects of the FHFA raising the conforming loan limit for GSEs.“Our analysis shows that there are approximately 17 times as many originations—roughly 100,000 in total over the past 12 months—right at the conforming limit compared to preceding dollar amount buckets, and that originations drop off by about 70 percent immediately above the limit,” Black Knight Data & Analytics EVP Ben Graboske said. “In addition, the data shows that a GSE loan originated right at the conforming limit is nine times more likely to carry a second lien than one that is not. One example scenario shows that, with all else being equal, raising the conforming loan limit by $10,000 could result in a one percent increase in originations—approximately 40,000 new loans and $20 billion in new loan balances.” November 23, 2016 660 Views center_img Share in Daily Dose, Headlines, News, Secondary Marketlast_img read more

New Zealandbased fruit company Seeka Limited NZX

first_img New Zealand-based fruit company Seeka Limited [NZX:SEK] has announced a new capital raising strategy to be implemented over the course of the next three years.The scheme includes a Rights Issue, an issuance of shares under a new Grower Share Scheme and an issuance of shares under Seeka’s existing Employee Share Ownership Scheme.The purpose of this capital raising strategy is to strengthen its balance sheet and provide Seeka with the financial flexibility and freedom to pursue its growth strategy of becoming New Zealand’s leading orchard-to-market business, the company said in an NZX filing.Seeks to raise approximately NZ$50 million of new equity via a pro rata 1 for 1.5 Rights Offer at NZ$4.25 per share.The company also announced it would introduce a new Grower Share Scheme and Employee Share Scheme in the first quarter of 2019, as many employees and grower suppliers are shareholders.“We are excited about Seeka’s plans for growth and our continual pursuit towards being New Zealand’s leading orchard-to-market business,” said Fred Hutchings, chairman of Seeka.“Seeka will use the capital raised to strengthen our balance sheet, repay bank debt, undertake planned capital expenditure and give us greater financial flexibility and freedom to deliver better value for our shareholders.”Further sales of the Northland orchard portfolio are expected to take place in the next twelve months, which together with other initiatives will further reduce net debt during the 2019 financial year.Photo: November 13 , 2018 NZ: Seeka’s profits soar in 2018 as kiwifruit volu …center_img You might also be interested inlast_img read more